Calculating the time, his system would complete the restart at that time.

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The half a month of waiting could be left for Mo Zhongtian to set up a sect temple in the Monet Dynasty.

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang hesitated for a moment before telling him about the curse of the Heavenly Dao.

The power of faith he absorbed from those ancestral temples was to resist the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul.

In the end, even if the curse could not be removed,

to Gong Ziliang, it would not affect him much.

However, the Monet Dynasty, which provided human path providence, was very likely to suffer a backlash.

Gong Ziliang could completely hide this information.

However, he felt that if he did that, he would not be able to get past his conscience.

He hid some things about the Primordial Dynasty and only said that he was cursed because he had comprehended too much Heaven and Earth Intent and triggered the jealousy of the heavens.

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After Gong Ziliang finished speaking in a serious tone, everyone in the imperial study fell into extreme shock.

Cursed by the Heavenly Dao?

It sounded very impressive!

It was different from the others’ ignorance.

As a mighty figure who had once stepped into the peak of the Heaven Deity Realm, Xing Feng knew very well how terrifying a talent was needed to trigger the jealousy of the heavens.

At the same time, he knew that the consequences of resisting the Heavenly Dao curse were very serious.

Even the Monet Dynasty could not withstand it.

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However, Xing Feng did not say this.

It was not that he wanted Mo Zhongtian to agree to Gong Ziliang’s request and watch the Monet Dynasty jump into the fire pit.

Instead, he understood.

Gong Ziliang must have the confidence to resist the Heavenly Dao curse to make such a request.

On the other side, at this moment, Mo Zhongtian was in a dilemma.

Although he did not know much about the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul,

However, even Gong Ziliang was extremely serious when he mentioned it.

This made him understand that the decision he made next was very likely to bring unpredictable consequences to the billions of people of the Monet Dynasty.

After thinking about it, Mo Zhongtian still could not make up his mind.

Therefore, he raised his head to look at Gong Ziliang and said, “Mr.
Liang, if I agree to help you resist the Heavenly Dao curse, how will it affect the Monet Dynasty?”

Gong Ziliang raised his brows.

Even if Mo Zhongtian did not ask, he would tell him later.

Now that Mo Zhongtian took the initiative to ask, Gong Ziliang naturally would not hide anything.
He directly told him about the various consequences that might arise if he failed to eliminate the Heavenly Dao Curse.

Once they failed, the entire Monet Dynasty would be implicated.

The providence of the dynasty would never recover.

Spiritual qi flowed, and natural disasters continued.

All cultivators who came from the Monet Dynasty would also be ostracized by the world and find it difficult to break through.

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As for those mortals, they would even be unable to produce descendants.

When he thought of these terrifying situations, Mo Zhongtian subconsciously wanted to reject Gong Ziliang.

“However, if I successfully remove the Heavenly Dao curse in my soul, not only can I help the Monet Dynasty devour the Flat River Dynasty, we can also promise that after dealing with the Bi Fang Empire, we’ll let the Monet Dynasty establish an Empire!”

At this moment, every word that Gong Ziliang said hit Mo Zhongtian’s weakness, instantly tempting him.

As the monarch of a dynasty, how could he not think of letting the Monet Dynasty become an empire in his hands one day?

However, the problem was that if he wanted to become an Empire, he had to have at least a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure holding down the fort to intimidate the dynasties below.

Twenty years ago, after the Supreme Elder of the Monet Dynasty died under Xing Feng’s sword,

The Monet Dynasty did not even have a Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator, let alone the Heaven Deity Realm.

However, now, Gong Ziliang’s promise gave him a trace of hope.

It was not only because of the monstrous talent that Gong Ziliang had displayed previously.

There was also the Five Elements Sacred Sect behind him.

The expression on Mo Zhongtian’s face changed from tense to relaxed.

Gong Ziliang could already guess Mo Zhongtian’s decision.

“In that case, I’ll gamble with Mr.

“Let’s fight the heavens!”

Mo Zhongtian looked at the wolf.
When he spoke, his aura devoured everything like a tiger.

The answer was not out of Gong Ziliang’s expectations.

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Gong Ziliang’s smile carried incomparable confidence as he said, “Monarch Mo, don’t worry.
I won’t bring the Monet Dynasty to a dead end.”

His confidence was not groundless.

Before the battle of the Primordial Dynasty, he had already condensed the Divine Flame.

As long as he could resolve the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul, even without the system, with his Divine Body and many methods, he did not dare to say that he could kill a Heaven Deity.

However, if anyone below the Heaven Deity Realm came, he would kill them all!

Coupled with the enhancement brought about by Gong Ziying, Yi Yi, and Jade Water in the system,

it was not impossible to fight a Heaven Deity!

Apart from that, there was also Xing Feng.

After the latter resolved the knot in his heart, his strength would recover soon.

When Xing Feng returned to the peak of the Heaven Deity Realm, even the Bi Fang Empire would not be able to stop him from joining forces with Xing Feng.

“The Bi Fang Empire even has a strange item like the ancient Bi Fang’s descendant.
There are definitely many other treasures.”

“There’s also gold, silver, and treasures.
There’s definitely more.
Looks like my next stage of Body Tempering is settled.”

Gong Ziliang muttered in his mind.

His eyes lit up with a green light.

Seeing this, Mo Zhongtian suddenly recalled the experience of being taken away by Gong Ziliang for tens of trillions of copper coins.
He immediately shivered.

Two days passed quickly.

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Two days ago, the monarch of the Monet Dynasty who had not ascended the throne for several days suddenly ordered the assembly to begin again.

On an early morning, the court officials walked into the unfamiliar throne room.

They were shocked to discover that the Third Prince, Mo Shaoyun, who they had been using to attack the monarch, had actually appeared in the hall openly.

When they realized that something was amiss, a group of Golden Armor Guards who had rushed into the hall had already placed their sabers on their necks.

After listening to it in fear, Eunuch Cao, who was beside the monarch, read the news of the retreat of the Flat River Dynasty from the front line.

They understood that everything was over.

On the day, heads rolled in the throne room.

In just one morning, 70% of the civil and military officials of the Monet Dynasty were killed.

Mo Zhongtian did not say a word the entire time.

After he stepped into a pool of blood and left the hall, the remaining courtiers looked at the corpses in the hall and the back of Mo Zhongtian as he left.
The same thought appeared in their minds:

Their ruler was back!

After using a grand slaughter to eliminate the traitors in the royal court and take back the imperial decree, in the next two days, Mo Zhongtian did not stop and issued decree after decree.

The chaos a few days ago had a huge impact on the Monet Dynasty.

Many organizations in the dynasty fell into a standstill.

Coupled with the fact that 70% of the civil and military officials had been killed, the Monet Dynasty urgently needed to promote a group of capable people to stabilize the situation.

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