Chapter 41: Good Brother, Shangguan Yan

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Liu Yingying had no idea when the collar of her clothes had popped open.
Thinking back, it should have been when she was asking Gong Ziliang about it.

It could not be helped.
Her assets were really… too big.

How annoying!

Why were they so big!

Gong Ziliang paused for a moment and pondered as he said, “In terms of fortuitous encounters, there weren’t any.
I said just now that I met the Fire Cat King and was lucky enough to kill it before obtaining the Fire Cat King’s spirit core.”

Liu Yingying revealed a surprised expression when she heard this, and she took a slight step back.
She pointed at Gong Ziliang and shouted in surprise, “No way, Senior Brother Liang.
You… you actually killed that Qi Refinement Realm Fire Cat King? As expected, you’re definitely one of the elites!”

“Prodigy? No, no, no.”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand repeatedly.
How could he be a prodigy? Wasn’t it just a few minor realms in three days?

However, with just himself, Gong Ziliang asked himself, could it be that after he had the Legendary System, he really became one of the elites?

Liu Yingying continued, “Senior Brother, then you absorbed the Fire Cat King’s spirit core, right? I’ve heard from my father that the spirit core is extremely expensive.
Many families will not hesitate to spend a large amount of money to purchase it for their disciples to absorb.
It’ll be easy for them to advance from the Martial Body Realm to the Qi Refinement Realm.”

Liu Yingying guessed that the reason Senior Brother Gong Ziliang could advance to the second-stage Qi Refinement Realm in the short term was definitely related to the Fire Cat King’s spirit core.

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“Yes… yes.”

Gong Ziliang touched the back of his head and continued, “I’ve been doing missions all these years to earn spirit stones to increase my strength.
Now, I happen to have such a Fire Cat King’s spirit core.
It’s exactly what I want, so I’ll naturally absorb it.” Gong Ziliang said lightly.

In fact, he had not done the mission previously to earn a spirit stone but was just attempting to activate the system.

Now, the ingots in the game could be exchanged for spirit stones to absorb.
What he needed the most was copper coins.

After all, he was invincible with copper coins!

“As expected of you.
Alright, alright.
Senior Brother Liang is tired from the long journey.
Go back and rest first.
I’ll inform First Elder Liu immediately.”

As Liu Yingying spoke, she went to call the other junior sisters to replace her and quickly walked to First Elder Liu’s residence.

Gong Ziliang also returned to the outer sect of the Profound Heaven Sect.
In any case, he had not completed the third-grade mission this time and obtained nothing.
What else could he do other than go back and sleep?

However, just as he stepped into the outer sect courtyard, a figure quickly passed by and directly hugged Gong Ziliang’s neck.

In comparison, Gong Ziliang did not resist, because if it was anyone else, they would feel shocked and wonder why this person was so fast.

However, in Gong Ziliang’s eyes, the speed was slightly slow.

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This person was his good brother, Shangguan Yan.

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According to the memories of his previous life, the ones who joined the Profound Heaven Sect with Gong Ziliang were Shangguan Yan and the other person, Lin Xiao.

As the saying went, birds of the same feather flock together.

When they entered the sect back then, they had agreed to marry the saintess and kick the prodigies.

However, after coming to the Profound Heaven Sect for so long, he had always been an outer sect disciple and had always been doing some chores.

Forget about marrying a saintess, he could not even match even a single hair on a genius’s leg.

In the past few years of the Profound Heaven Sect, he had been squeezed dry and worn down by the cruel and realistic life,

However, the three of them were like brothers.
No one belittled each other.

Among the three of them, only Shangguan Yan was more optimistic.
It was fine to carry bricks, so what?

If anyone asked, they would say that he was the manager of the basic materials for the construction project.

If not for the fact that Gong Ziliang had obtained the Legendary System five years ago and wanted to earn money to activate it, he might not have been able to survive until now.

Because of this, some time ago, because he was really tired of this life, he disappeared for a short period of time to heal his mind.

At this moment, Shangguan Yan approached with a smile and said, “Oh! Isn’t this our handsome Young Master? You’ve disappeared for so long, I thought you died from working?”

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“However, it’s better not to die suddenly.
If you die suddenly, Little Xiao and I will have to deal with your funeral.”

“It’s been a few days since we last met, and our Young Master has become handsome again.
However, you’re still a little inferior to me.”

Why did Shangguan Yan call Gong Ziliang ‘Young Master’?

It was because he felt that such a title was nicer!

Gong Ziliang glanced at Shangguan Yan and replied with a smile, “Heh! Isn’t this our handsome and elegant Little Brother Shangguan Yan? Although you’re talkative, at least you’re handsome.”

The two of them praised each other immediately.
Among them, Gong Ziliang was right to say that Shangguan Yan was talkative.

Once they started on a topic, his mouth would start to fire non-stop like a Gatling gun.

At this moment, Shangguan Yan frowned and sized up Gong Ziliang from head to toe.
He pinched Gong Ziliang’s muscles and took a step back in surprise, shouting, “Damn! Young Master, what have you been doing recently? It’s only been a few days since we last met, and you’ve already broken through to the Qi Refinement Realm.”

“Oh my god, this speed… is really unprecedented!”

“In the past, the three of us needed to spend a long time to break through a stage.
Now… it’s really unbelievable!”

“Could it be that you encountered a fortuitous encounter when you went down the mountain this time?”

“Quickly tell me where we met.
If I go over now, will there still be time?”

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Gong Ziliang’s expression showed that he was bored.
He was already used to Shangguan Yan’s chatter.

“I only absorbed one spirit core.” Gong Ziliang said calmly and walked towards his residence.


“Spirit core?”

“What spirit core can break through several stages? Unless it’s a Qi Refinement…”

“Eh? A Qi Refinement Realm spirit core? You absorbed a Qi Refinement Realm spirit core? Oh my god! Young Master, did you rob a mountain bandit?”

“A Qi Refinement Realm spirit core is almost worth 100 million copper coins, but you only get 100,000 copper coins for a sect mission.
The difference is too great.”

“If you say that you didn’t rob someone, not only will I not believe you, but if I tell Little Xiao, he won’t believe you either!”

While they were talking, Gong Ziliang had already entered his residence.
He had not returned for a few days and was still so clean.
It seemed that in the past few days when he was not around, this kid, Shangguan Yan, had definitely helped him clean up.

He sat down and poured out two cups of clear water.
After drinking one cup, Gong Ziliang slowly said, “Fire Cat King’s spirit core.”

Just as Shangguan Yan was about to speak in shock, Gong Ziliang interrupted, “Of course, I definitely can’t defeat the fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm Fire Cat King alone.
Fortunately, other chivalrous people passed by and helped me.
Otherwise, I could only return to see you as a soul..”

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