Shaoyou should still be with Mr.

“If we go this way, it’s foolproof!”

As Mo Zhongtian thought, he was about to pass by the Qinglan Hall where Xing Feng lived.


A domineering sword intent suddenly rose from the depths of the palace in front of him.

In an instant, Cao Tianzheng, who was following behind Mo Zhongtian, suddenly stopped.

He looked at the void above the palace that was cut by sword intent.

In his mind, the tragic memories of twenty years ago surged out like a tide, crazily attacking his mind.

Not far away, Cang Ji felt the sword intent rising from the palace ahead.

It vaguely resonated with the sword intent in the sky of another palace in the distance.

His pupils constricted violently as he cried out, “There’s actually a second Sword Dao expert hidden in the Monet Dynasty?”

Then, he looked at Mo Zhongtian in shock.

The latter’s mouth was widening bit by bit.

His face was filled with confusion.

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It was as if it was even more surprised than him.
Why would another sword intent jump out here?

From Mo Zhongtian’s reaction, Cang Ji quickly smelled that something was amiss.

He was looked at by Cang Ji.

Mo Zhongtian’s heart skipped a beat as he realized that something was amiss.

However, before he could move, the aura of the Spiritual Sea Realm had already erupted from Cang Ji’s body.

Then, Cang Ji directly summoned his soul and attracted a large amount of spiritual qi in the world.

In the blink of an eye, a ten thousand feet tall Dharma Idol condensed from spiritual qi stood behind him.

The Dharma Idol supported the heavens and the earth.
Above his head, there was a surging river that was like a heavenly river.

“What’s that?”

“A Spiritual Sea Realm Dharma Idol! The Heavenly River Phenomenon!”

“Oh my god, what happened in the palace? Could it be that a Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure erupted in battle?”

In all parts of the imperial city, countless people raised their heads and saw the avatar manifested by Cang Ji.
They immediately let out trembling voices.

At this moment, Cang Ji ignored those existences.

Two terrifying gazes looked up at the nine heavens and down at the nine hells, respectively fighting towards the two palaces with rising Sword Intent.

“Oh no!”

Mo Zhongtian’s expression changed drastically.

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At this moment, he already understood: The sword intent from before was not created by Xing Feng.

It was Gong Ziliang’s Sword Intent!

Although Mo Zhongtian could not understand how Gong Ziliang could comprehend a Divine Power Realm Sword Intent other than the four Five Elements Intent, this was no longer important compared to the current crisis.

Once Cang Ji discovered the Heaven Deity sword cultivator he had thought of previously

was only at the Profound Realm, Mo Zhongtian did not even dare to think about what extreme things he would do in his anger.

What worried Mo Zhongtian even more was that if Cang Ji discovered Gong Ziliang’s talent, it would be above Cang Liu’er’s.

At that time, it was very likely that Cang Ji would kill Gong Ziliang and kill him to prevent him from threatening Cang Liu’er in the future.

In Mo Zhongtian’s opinion, with Gong Ziliang’s status as the Holy Son of the Five Elements Holy Sect,

Cang Ji might not dare to take the risk of triggering the anger of the Five Elements Sacred Sect to attack Gong Ziliang.

But what if?

The Canglan Dao Sect had placed such high hopes on Cang Liu’er.
As long as one was not blind, they could tell.

In order to let him walk a path that surpassed his predecessors, the Sect Master of the Canglan Dao Sect did not hesitate to personally participate and send out letters to let the various dynasties open their inheritance cultivation techniques for Cang Liu’er.

There was also Cang Ji.
As an existence that was like the support pillar of the Canglan Dao Sect, he gave up on cultivating and came to be Cang Liu’er’s Dao Protector.

Compared to this, the investment in other cultivation resources was not worth mentioning.

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