Cang Ji did not dare to delay any longer.
His Spiritual Sea Realm spiritual sense spread out and protected Cang Liu’er’s body.

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At the same time, he kowtowed in the direction of the palace where Gong Ziliang was and said anxiously, “Mr.
Xing, what happened previously was my fault.
It has nothing to do with our Holy Son.”

“If Mr.
Xing wants to punish someone, please punish me!”

Gong Ziliang’s spiritual sense saw Cang Ji with a generous and dignified attitude.

If not for the fact that he had communicated with Mo Zhongtian previously and knew how arrogant Cang Ji was when facing Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng, they might really be tricked by Cang Ji’s performance and let them go.

“Hmph, can’t I tell right from wrong? Do you still need to tell me?”

The reprimand from Gong Ziliang’s soul landed in Cang Ji’s ears, causing cold sweat to roll down his face.
He hurriedly explained, “Mr.
Xing, calm down.
That’s not what I meant…”

However, Gong Ziliang did not give him a chance to explain and directly interrupted, “I’m not interested in knowing what you mean.”

“I’m here to do three things.”

“First is to ensure fairness!”

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“Second is also fairness!”

“Third, it’s still about fairness!”

Under the urging of Gong Ziliang’s soul power, almost every word smashed into Cang Ji’s mind, causing him to see stars.

However, after stabilizing his mind, a trace of joy silently flashed in his eyes.

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In Cang Ji’s opinion, since Mr.
Xing emphasized “fair”, it meant that he was not a rude and unreasonable person.

If he could be reasonable, it would be easy.

Xing, your words have really refreshed my mind and enlightened me.
I deeply understand my mistake.”

“Although I did not commit a huge mistake previously, I still brought some psychological trauma to you.”

“Other than the 50 million spirit stones I gave Monarch Mo previously and the large spirit mine with 70 million reserves that I handed over, I want to apologize to Mr.

“In addition, I’ll take out five Earth-rank cultivation techniques and 30 Profound-rank martial techniques as compensation for Monarch Mo.
I wonder what Mr.
Xing thinks?”

Cang Ji used words to point out that he did not cause any substantial damage to Mo Zhongtian.

Then, he pointed out that he had already taken out a large number of spirit stones and a large spirit mine to apologize to Mr.

On top of this, he still had to compensate Mo Zhongtian with those cultivation techniques and martial techniques.

In Cang Ji’s opinion, no matter how obedient Mr.
Xing was, he could not say anything in front of his sincere attitude.

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly saw Mo Zhongtian’s expression darken and become extremely awkward.

Although Cang Ji was a little puzzled by this, he did not think too much about it and waited patiently for Mr.
Xing’s reply.

“Monarch Mo, you didn’t tell me about the spirit stones and spirit mine just now.”

At this moment, when Mo Zhongtian heard Gong Ziliang’s voice in his mind, he was immediately so embarrassed that he wished he could dig a hole in the ground with his toes.

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Previously, when he was conversing with Gong Ziliang, he did not mention this out of selfishness.

Originally, he thought that as long as he did not say it, Gong Ziliang would not know about this.

Who would have thought that Cang Ji would directly say it?

“I was in a hurry just now and completely forgot about this matter.”

“However, Mr.
Liang, don’t worry.
I’ll definitely bring you all the spirit stones and spirit mines after this.”

Hearing the promise Mo Zhongtian made in his mind, Gong Ziliang did not argue with him on this matter.

After deliberately pondering for a while, he replied with his spiritual sense: “Not enough!”

Cang Ji’s eyelids twitched.
At the same time, an evil flame surged in his stomach.

Ignoring the spirit stones and the mineral vein, the compensation he promised later was indeed worthless if he took out all 30 Profound-rank martial techniques.

One book only cost tens of thousands of spirit stones.
After calculating, 30 books were only equivalent to more than a million spirit stones.

However, even if those five Earth-rank cultivation techniques were low-grade, one was at least worth tens of millions of spirit stones.

Moreover, if this price was released, most of the factions in the southeast region would fight for it.

After all, an Earth-rank cultivation technique was more than enough to be the core inheritance cultivation technique of some medium-grade sects.

As for the five Earth-rank cultivation techniques, its value was far more than the 50 million spirit stones and the large spirit mine combined.

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That Mr.
Xing actually felt that it was not enough?

Even a kind person would get furious from such an attitude.

Moreover, he had always been polite.
When he was in the Canglan Dao Sect, even the Sect Master had to treat him with respect.

When had he ever been like today? He took the initiative to appease them, but in the end, he was shown such an attitude.

However, he glanced at the Void Golden Lightning above Cang Liu’er’s head that could not descend for a long time to cleanse her body.

Cang Ji gritted his teeth and waved his hand, “Then I’ll add five more Earth-rank martial techniques!”


Mo Zhongtian was directly shocked by Cang Ji’s extravagance and gasped.

There were only a few Earth-rank cultivation techniques and martial techniques in the Monet Dynasty’s collection.

Cang Ji treated them like wholesale cabbages, easily adding five at a time.

Just as Mo Zhongtian thought that he had tricked another five Earth-rank martial techniques from Cang Ji…

Gong Ziliang was most likely going to quit while he was ahead.

“It’s still not enough!”

In the next moment, Gong Ziliang’s answer made Mo Zhongtian’s heart suddenly jump to his throat.

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“Oh no!”

Mo Zhongtian hurriedly looked at Cang Ji.
As expected, he saw that the latter’s face was filled with anger and his heart sank.

However, before Cang Ji erupted, Gong Ziliang’s soul voice sounded with a mocking tone, “Fellow Daoist Cang, you’re the Dao Protector of your sect’s Holy Son and have traveled to various dynasties in the Southeast Region.”

“To others, these cultivation techniques and martial techniques might be extremely rare.”

“However, your sect’s Holy Son has even dabbled in the Divine Dao techniques.
I believe that you’ve memorized at least dozens of Earth-rank cultivation techniques and martial techniques, right?”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, Mo Zhongtian reacted.
He had forgotten about this.

The gaze he used to look at Cang Ji immediately became a little unfriendly.

Being directly exposed by Gong Ziliang, the anger on Cang Ji’s face that he deliberately made immediately disappeared.

Just as Gong Ziliang had said, those Earth-rank cultivation techniques and martial techniques might be a little exaggerated to a normal force.

However, they were indeed not that rare.

When Mo Zhongtian looked over with the gaze of an enemy, Cang Ji did not show any panic.

After all, Mr.
Xing was a reasonable person.

Xing, you’re wrong.”

“The value of cultivation techniques and martial techniques varies from person to person.
It can’t be said that because I don’t lack them, they’re worthless to Monarch Mo.”

Cang Ji threw out a strange argument.

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