Previously, he had mentioned spirit stones, cultivation techniques, martial techniques, and other resources.

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It was only a bait to bait Cang Ji.

In the palace.

After Gong Ziliang’s soul finished speaking, he was not anxious and waited quietly.

He had already thrown out the bait.
Gong Ziliang believed that Cang Ji would definitely bite him.

One of the reasons was that he could not bear to part with those resources.

Secondly, under Gong Ziliang’s ingenious method, the conflict in front of him was transferred from the conflict between Cang Ji and Mo Zhongtian to Cang Liu’er and the “disciple” he mentioned.

If Cang Ji still did not agree, not only would he have to obediently take out those resources, it would also cause Cang Liu’er to pursue a Dao heart that surpassed his predecessors and suffer a huge blow.

Just as Gong Ziliang thought, after hearing his plan, Cang Ji’s focus quickly shifted from those resources to Cang Liu’er.

Now, Cang Liu’er’s observation journey was about to end.

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After returning to the sect and fusing all techniques, it would be the time to soar into the sky.

If he avoided fighting here, the impact on Cang Liu’er would definitely be greater than losing a proper battle.

It was even possible that it would destroy the invincible will that Cang Liu’er had been nurturing!

When he thought of this, Cang Ji felt a chill in his heart.

He realized that in this battle, he could only advance and not retreat!

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“Could Mr.
Xing have set up another trap this time?”

However, Cang Ji recalled the method that Mr.
Xing had used to dig a hole.

With just a few words, he had fallen into a dilemma.

He could not help but be much more cautious.

However, he flipped it around and studied the other party’s words several times.

He did not find anything wrong.

The only thing that Cang Ji felt was that the disciple that Mr.
Xing mentioned was not the cultivator who had cultivated the two sword intents in the two palaces.

It was someone else, and their realm far surpassed Cang Liu’er’s.

He seemed to have sensed Cang Ji’s thoughts.

The voice of the spiritual sense sounded again, “Fellow Daoist Cang, don’t worry.
Since I said that it has to be fair, I won’t bully the weak.”

“My disciple is here.
His cultivation has just broken through to the True Martial Realm.”

Hearing Mr.
Xing say this, Cang Ji’s hanging heart immediately relaxed.

If the other party let the Spirit Refinement Realm sword cultivator in the Qinglan Palace fight, Cang Ji might have to worry for Cang Liu’er.

However, the sword cultivator in the other palace who had just broken through to the True Martial Realm?

Even the sword intent that he had used earlier could not be said to be magnificent in Cang Ji’s opinion.

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In time, he would definitely be able to become one of the top sword cultivators in the Southeast Region.

However, that was in the future, not now.

At this moment, the other party had just entered the True Martial Realm.

Even if he was personally taught by Mr.
Xing to be able to fight above his level and defeat ordinary Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators,

However, Cang Liu’er was not an ordinary Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator.

Not only did he go against the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, but even the Spiritual Sea Realm of the Wolf Court Dynasty had fallen in Cang Liu’er’s hands.

Although Cang Ji did not know the details, in Cang Ji’s opinion, Cang Liu’er could definitely easily defeat a True Martial Realm cultivator.

“Could it be that Mr.
Xing only wants his disciple to fight Liu’er?”

Suddenly, Cang Ji thought of a possibility and narrowed his eyes.

“That’s right.
With Mr.
Xing’s realm, he can have any cultivation technique he wants.”

“The Divine Dao technique is just an excuse that was deliberately fabricated.”

“The true goal should be to use Liu’er as a whetstone to let his disciple lose to Liu’er and grind his spirit!”

After thinking about it, Cang Ji felt that he had seen through Mr.
Xing’s intentions.

A wise light flashed in his narrowed eyes as he understood.

At the same time, Cang Ji also felt that he had misunderstood Mr.

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Tens of millions of spirit stones and some Earth-rank cultivation techniques every year.

These resources were not worthy of his attention.

The reason why he made such a request was only to pave the way for the following competition.
He did not really care.

Xing has really put in a lot of effort for his disciple.”

After Cang Ji sighed in his heart, he said, “Since Mr.
Xing is interested in the Divine Dao technique,

“Then, no matter who wins or loses in this battle, I’ll hand over the Divine Dao technique.” Cang Ji said confidently.

“In that case, Fellow Daoist Cang agrees?”

“Oh, then I have to explain in advance.
Although my disciple’s realm is not high, his Divine Power level Sword Intent has already been deeply inherited by me.
In a while, please be careful.”

Hearing that Mr.
Xing had taken the initiative to remind him of his disciple’s Sword Intent before the battle,

Mo Zhongtian was immediately deeply impressed by the other party’s brilliant and honest temperament.

Taking a deep breath, when he looked at Cang Liu’er again, he could not help but fall into a dilemma.

They felt that it was unfair for Cang Liu’er to fight that True Martial Realm sword cultivator with her Spirit Refinement Realm cultivation.

However, on second thought, this competition involved tens of millions of spirit stones and several Earth-rank cultivation techniques every year.

Moreover, it was Mr.
Xing who suggested it.

Cang Ji dispelled the thought of letting the other party change their disciple to fight.

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He gave Cang Liu’er an encouraging look.
At the same time, Cang Ji secretly sent a voice transmission, “Liu’er, remember to preserve some strength later.
Don’t injure that Mr.
Xing’s disciple.”

He was afraid that Cang Liu’er did not understand the deeper meaning behind Mr.
Xing’s words and would take the subsequent battles too seriously, so he specially reminded her.

Although the purpose of Mr.
Xing mentioning this battle was to train his disciple, the True Martial Realm sword cultivator, if the other party lost too badly in Cang Liu’er’s hands, that Mr.
Xing would be embarrassed and might fly into a rage out of humiliation.

Cang Liu’er did not understand Cang Ji’s instructions, but he still agreed, “I’ll obey Grandmaster’s orders.”

“Yes, go.”

Cang Ji waved his hand.
At this moment, a figure had already stepped on the sword light and rose from a palace in the distance.

When he arrived, the figure pressed down on the sword light and landed in front of Qinglan Hall.

Cang Ji swept his gaze over and saw that the person’s age was similar to Cang Liu’er.
His eyes were bright, and he was handsome and looked like a handsome young man.

Although his entire body was bathed in an unconcealed sword intent that was sharp, it did not seem aggressive.

“The Sword Intent is dignified and upright.
As expected of Mr.
Xing’s disciple.”

Cang Ji sized up the person and gave an extremely high evaluation in his heart.

Then, that person slowly walked forward.
After bowing to them, he said, “Junior Gong Ziliang greets Monarch Mo and Senior Cang.”

‘Gong Ziliang.’ Cang Ji nodded and remembered this name.

Mo Zhongtian was a little lost in thought.
No one knew what he was thinking.

It was not until Gong Ziliang smiled at him that Mo Zhongtian recovered from his shock.

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