On the other side, he looked at the anger burning in Cang Liu’er’s eyes.

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Gong Ziliang nodded and said, “That’s more like it.”

“I hope you won’t disappoint me next.”

As he spoke, Gong Ziliang retracted the dragon and phoenix phantom behind him.

Seeing that Gong Ziliang really put away the Divine Body, Cang Ji’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Alright, if you don’t use the Divine Body, I won’t use my talent either.”

“We’ll fight with our true methods!”

Cang Liu’er, who had recovered his youthfulness, displayed a high fighting spirit.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to attack.

Gong Ziliang waved his hand and said, “It’s fine.
You can use your talent as you wish.”

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“Of course, if it’s useful, I’ll lose.”

These words were undoubtedly a huge insult to Cang Liu’er.

“I said no, so no…”

Cang Liu’er had a stubborn expression, but before he could finish speaking, he suddenly sensed a special rhythm that became intense on Gong Ziliang.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

In the next moment, the sound of rain dripping sounded in Cang Liu’er’s ears.

In his mind, a scene of rain dripping from the sky appeared for no reason.


The voice in his ears gradually became clear and vast.


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The drizzle in his mind also turned into a torrential rain.

At the same time, the spiritual qi in this world gathered in Gong Ziliang’s outstretched palm.

A portion condensed into a blue ball of water.

He felt the spiritual aura emitted from the blue water ball.

Sometimes, it was calm, sometimes, the waves were furious, and sometimes, the undercurrent was surging.

Cang Liu’er blurted out in surprise, “This is… the Water Intent!”

“Heaven and Earth Intent!”

At the same time, Cang Ji also cried out in surprise.

Immediately, dense confusion rose in his eyes that were staring fixedly at the blue light in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

“He’s clearly loyal to the sword.
How can he comprehend another Heaven and Earth Intent?”

Without waiting for Cang Ji’s confusion to be answered, a portion of the spiritual qi gathered in Gong Ziliang’s palm condensed into a white ball of light in his widened vision.

A spiritual aura that was completely opposite to the Water Intent emitted from the white ball of light.

Hot, violent, and burning everything.

That was the power of fire.

“Another Intent?”

Cang Liu’er, whose childishness had not completely disappeared, was moved.

As for Cang Ji, he had already been attacked by the two Intents that Gong Ziliang had used consecutively until he almost lost the ability to think.

Apart from the Divine Power Realm Sword Intent, Gong Ziliang also had another Heaven and Earth Intent.

On this point, he could still use the explanation that Gong Ziliang had comprehended the Water Intent first and then comprehended Sword Intent to make him accept it.

However, why could the Water Intent and Fire Intent, two completely opposite powers, coexist in the same person?

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Of course, if Gong Ziliang’s cultivation reached the Nirvana Realm, he could easily use all three thousand Great Dao in the world.

Cang Ji naturally did not find it strange.

However, Gong Ziliang was only at the True Martial Realm!

He spat out the cold air that he had inhaled when he saw Gong Ziliang use the Dragon Phoenix Divine Body.

At this moment, Cang Ji finally understood why Gong Ziliang did not take Cang Liu’er’s talent seriously.

He even dared to put away the Divine Body and let Cang Liu’er use his talent.

Gong Ziliang, who had cultivated the Divine Power Realm’s Sword Intent, Water, and Fire, was indeed qualified!

After all, Cang Liu’er’s talent was only useful for cultivation techniques and martial techniques.

It could be said to be useless against Heaven and Earth Intent.

Although he did not want to admit it, in front of the absolute truth, Cang Ji could only sigh bitterly in his heart, “Liu’er has lost this battle…”

The stubbornness on Cang Liu’er’s face was already gone.

His eyes that were filled with fighting spirit also quickly dimmed when the white ball of light with Gong Ziliang’s Fire Intent appeared.

Seeing this, the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up into a smile, “Cang Liu’er, don’t tell me you plan to give up just like that?”

“You have to observe all techniques and walk a path that surpasses the previous Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect!”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s voice, Cang Liu’er raised his head.

After meeting Gong Ziliang’s gaze, Cang Liu’er could tell that the other party seemed to be encouraging him to raise his fighting spirit.

“That’s right.
I want to sweep through an era and be invincible in a great era!”

“How can I give up before the battle?!”

Cang Liu’er pulled himself together and a hot fighting spirit began to flow on his body again.

Then, he bowed solemnly to Gong Ziliang and said, “Thank you, Gong…”

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As soon as the word ‘Gong’ was spoken, Cang Liu’er suddenly saw that the spiritual qi in Gong Ziliang’s palm condensed into a yellow ball of light again.


Three huge question marks appeared on Cang Liu’er’s head.

Then, he heard Gong Ziliang’s voice, “I haven’t taken out all my Intent.
You can’t surrender like this.”

“At least let me show off first.”

Looking at Gong Ziliang who clearly had a serious expression but was saying such nonsense, Cang Liu’er, who was already inexperienced, was immediately stunned.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang was not encouraging him just now.

Instead, he told him not to give up so quickly and to last until Gong Ziliang finished pretending before surrendering.

Was this person a monster?

“Three Intents! Three Intents!”

“What kind of monster is this person!!!”

Seeing the large ball of Earth Intent condensed in Gong Ziliang’s palm,

Cang Ji directly exploded.

Could a True Martial Realm cultivator cultivate the Heaven and Earth Intent?

Moreover, Gong Ziliang took out three at once!



Could he be more absurd?

At this moment, Cang Ji could no longer care about Cang Liu’er.
Would he be defeated by Gong Ziliang until his Dao heart could not recover?

This was because his own Dao heart was about to collapse.

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Immediately, Cang Ji hurriedly circulated the “Canglan Heart Method” and visualized the Canglan River to suppress his turbulent mind.

However, before he could calm down.

“Alright, use all your strength to fight me!”

“Let’s see if your talent is as good as the Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect.”

“My five Heaven and Earth Intents are stronger!”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, the remaining spiritual qi in his palm suddenly split into two.

Then, they condensed a green ball of light and a golden ball of light.

In the next moment.






Five auras of the Heaven and Earth Intent swept out from Gong Ziliang’s palm.

The surging, vast, and surging Water Intent.

The scorching, violent, and burning Fire Intent.

The vast, heavy, and motionless Earth Intent.

The light, agile, and endless Wood Intent.

The sharp, offensive, and invincible Metal Intent.

Blue, white, yellow, green, and gold.

At this moment, Cang Ji looked at Gong Ziliang…

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