“The Five Elements Sacred Sect doesn’t know this child’s talent.”

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“Therefore, as long as today’s matter doesn’t spread, even if the Five Elements Sacred Sect finds out and this child joins our sect, they won’t make a fuss about it.”

“With this child’s foundation, even if Mr.
Xing is a Great Divine Power cultivator at the Heaven Deity Realm, he might not be able to make this child sincerely acknowledge him as his master.”

“It’s more likely that this kid only intends to temporarily rely on Mr.
Xing’s protection before his strength recovers.”

“Then, as long as our sect can give enough benefits, we can make this kid take the initiative to join our sect.”

“Moreover, with Mr.
Xing’s extraordinary character, I believe he won’t stop this child, let alone make things difficult for my sect.”

They watched as Gong Ziliang pushed the Five Elements Intent and his figure flashed towards Cang Liu’er like a dragon.

A series of thoughts quickly flashed through Cang Ji’s mind.

Soon, after weighing the pros and cons, his gaze became firm as he shouted, “Wait!”

Before the cry spread, Cang Ji’s figure directly teleported over and stood between Gong Ziliang and Cang Liu’er.

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He casually shot out a stream of spiritual qi that directly enveloped Gong Ziliang like the sun.

Seeing this, the expressions of Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng instantly changed.

The thing that worried them the most still happened!

For Cang Liu’er, Cang Ji actually dared to attack Gong Ziliang.

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Once Cang Ji took down Gong Ziliang, he discovered that “Mr.
Xing” did not stop him.

How could he not guess that there was no so-called Heaven Deity Realm “Mr.
Xing” in this palace?

The two of them were anxious.

Gong Ziliang, who was wrapped in spiritual qi, was not anxious.
The five spiritual qi balls in his palm directly began to fuse.

In the blink of an eye, it condensed into a colorful ball of light that was glowing.

“Five Elements Combination!”

After condensing the colorful light, the extreme Heaven and Earth Intent contained in it fused with each other, erupting with destructive power one round after another.

Under the impact, the spiritual qi that Cang Ji sent over actually shook unsteadily.

He saw the spiritual qi wrapped around Gong Ziliang fluctuate.

Cang Ji’s eyes suddenly erupted with light.

Although the spiritual qi was only a casual attack in a hurry, it was a true Spiritual Sea Realm technique.

Even if he was at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, unless he risked self-destruction, he could only be trapped inside obediently.

However, the colorful light ball formed by Gong Ziliang’s five Heaven and Earth Intents was actually fighting with the spiritual qi wrapped around his body.

It was even to the extent that as time passed, it vaguely seemed to be about to gain the upper hand.

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Cang Ji could not help but confirm his guess about Gong Ziliang’s identity.

“He has such powerful strength as soon as he broke through to the True Martial Realm.”

“Then when this kid reaches the Spirit Refinement Realm, won’t even I be his match?”

“At Spirit Refinement, he can defeat the Spiritual Sea.
If he grows it by one or two realms, I’m afraid it won’t be a problem to suppress the Empire, the Holy Land, and the ancient sects.”

“At that time, our sect will be the number one sacred sect in the southeast region!”

“No, it’s the number one sacred sect in this world!”

The more Cang Ji thought about it, the more excited he became, so much so that his body trembled slightly.

Just as Cang Ji was immersed in the idea of the future of the Canglan Dao Sect, he did not notice that flames were quickly burning in Cang Liu’er’s eyes.

All kinds of things that had happened in the Canglan Dao Sect over the years appeared in his mind.

The Sect Master of the sect treated him as his own.

Cang Ji, who was the Supreme Elder, had come out of seclusion with his sword in anger and slaughtered the royal bloodline of the Wolf Court Dynasty for him.

After that, he took care of him carefully and taught him everything he had learned in his life.


Knowing that there was a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure standing behind Gong Ziliang, Cang Ji stood up resolutely and stood behind him.

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After all these things passed in front of Cang Liu’er’s eyes, his eyes moistened.

He thought of the nurturing and sacrifices the Canglan Dao Sect had made for him.

Thinking of Cang Ji’s care, he thought of the serious consequences of offending a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure.

After Cang Liu’er took a deep look at Cang Ji’s back, he turned into a bolt of lightning and instantly rushed into the void crack that was about to close.

In the next moment, the Divine Dao technique was activated.
A supreme holy aura rushed into the void crack from the mark that was about to disappear between his brows.

Boom! Boom!

In an instant, the golden lightning snake swimming in the crack condensed into a thick Void Golden Lightning that pierced through the two worlds and struck the mark between Cang Liu’er’s brows.

“Grandmaster, today’s matter was caused by Liu’er.
It has nothing to do with you or the Canglan Dao Sect!”

“In the next battle, no matter if I win or lose, if Mr.
Xing pursues the matter, you don’t have to protect Liu’er anymore.
Just give up!”

Cang Liu’er was bathed in lightning as he finished speaking with a sobbing tone.
Her face that was covered in tears and snot became extremely determined.

As for his body, under the cleansing of the Void Golden Lightning absorbed by the Divine Spark mark, it was quickly covered in a layer of golden light at a visible speed.

At this moment, although Cang Liu’er’s realm did not break through the limits of the Spirit Refinement Realm, the spiritual qi in his body did not transform into a spiritual qi vortex and show signs of condensing a Divine Flame.

However, the aura emitted from his flesh and blood had undergone a complete change from before.

If it was said that he had become indifferent because of his past experience in the Canglan Dao Sect, now, the feeling he gave everyone was that he had completely stripped away the seven emotions and six desires that belonged to living beings.

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Looking at his figure, Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng even felt that they were looking directly at a god.

When Cang Liu’er’s gaze subconsciously swept past them, the high and mighty aura contained in it was like a deity looking down on all living beings!

Immediately, their knees trembled, and they actually had the urge to kneel and kowtow.

He felt the change in Cang Liu’er’s aura.

Cang Ji instantly recalled some descriptions of the Void Golden Lightning that he had seen in an incomplete book passed down from the ancient Divine Dao.

According to the records, some Transcendent Divine Dao experts would fuse their spiritual sense into the Void Golden Lightning when condensing it.

After other Divine Dao cultivators absorbed such Void Golden Lightning, their minds would be snatched away and they would become the believers of those Transcendent Divine Dao experts.

At this moment, Cang Liu’er’s situation completely matched the records that Cang Ji had seen in the ancient book.

Immediately, he was shocked and said in a daze, “Liu’er, stop quickly.
There’s something wrong with the Void Golden Lightning! It’ll turn you into a Divine Dao puppet!”

There was no need for Cang Ji to remind him.

When he introduced the Void Golden Lightning into his body, Cang Liu’er discovered that an extremely condensed mental strength was released from it.

When that mental strength was released, it still seemed a little muddle-headed.

However, it subconsciously lingered in the divine spark mark between Cang Liu’er’s brows.

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