“Ah, the soul of this world is really delicious!”

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A comfortable groan sounded from the Ultimate God.

After entering their ears, it instantly dispersed the heat, making them feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave.
Their internal organs were about to shatter from the cold.

Then, the Ultimate God’s head turned, and its golden pupils landed on them as if it was sizing up blood.

As the divine sense of a Transcendent Divine Dao expert, even Cao Tianzheng, who had already entered the Spiritual Sea Realm and formed his avatar, at this moment, facing the direct gaze of the golden pupils, his mind felt like it was about to collapse.

Not to mention Mo Zhongtian who was only at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.


The two of them could not stand anymore and fell to the ground weakly.

“An Emperor with the faith of the Human Dao and an ant at the lower eighth-stage.”

“Not bad, not bad.
After absorbing your souls, I can recover some strength.”

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The Ultimate God lowered his head and looked at the two of them.

As he continued to refine Cang Ji’s soul, his other hand grabbed at the two people who had fallen to the ground.

The golden palm pressed down.

To the two of them, it was nothing.

The domineering pressure crushed on their bodies, making it difficult for them to even blink.
They could only watch as the golden palm rapidly enlarged in their vision.

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“Even the Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect is not his match.
I’m afraid my life is over…”

At this moment, Mo Zhongtian’s thoughts were completely destroyed.


“You swore with the Divine Spark that you would not harm my grandmaster.
Aren’t you afraid that the Divine Spark will collapse?”

However, suddenly, Cang Liu’er’s groan sounded from his sea of consciousness.

When the Ultimate God heard this, his lowered palm paused in the air.

However, before Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tian could rejoice, they heard him say, “Hehe, my Divine Spark has long been shattered in the ancient war of the gods.”

“Now, I need you to help me mold my Divine Spark.”

“When you fuse into my new Divine Spark, you can live forever with me.
It’s a huge honor for you!”

In the sea of consciousness, Cang Liu’er’s spiritual sense was bitterly guarding here.

After hearing the Ultimate God’s response, he realized that the Divine Spark Oath could not restrict the Ultimate God at all.

The other party had sworn previously only to stabilize himself and not let him explode so that he could occupy his sea of consciousness.

Now, 99% of his sea of consciousness was controlled by the other party.

Even if he risked self-destruction of his spiritual sense, the range he could affect was extremely limited.

Moreover, Cang Ji’s soul had fallen into the other party’s hands.
Even if he could destroy this sea of consciousness, as long as the other party refined and absorbed Cang Ji’s soul, he could find another body to use as a shell.

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Although ordinary bodies could not withstand the other party’s mental strength, and the other party might not like it, don’t forget that there was a Divine Body with the bloodline of a dragon and phoenix here.

The more Cang Liu’er thought about it, the more desperate he felt.

Regret surged in his heart, tormenting him until he was about to go crazy.

In the outside world.

After the Ultimate God finished speaking, his palm did not stop and continued to cover the two people on the ground.

It was about to take the two of them into its palm.


A simple and unadorned bead smashed over with a sharp sound that tore through the air.

The Ultimate God did not take it seriously.
He flipped his palm and grabbed the spatial pearl, about to crush it.

Suddenly, he sensed something and hurriedly threw the spatial pearl out like a hot potato.

“You only realized now? It’s too late.”

Not far away, Gong Ziliang smiled.
He triggered the divine sense left on the spatial pearl and activated the array formation of the stone chamber mystic realm.

Gong Ziliang could not determine the strength of the Ultimate God.

However, the other party could easily suppress Cang Ji’s soul, which meant that his strength was not inferior to the Spiritual Sea Realm.

Therefore, as soon as Gong Ziliang arrived, he directly took out the spatial pearl and prepared to use the array formation in the stone chamber mystic realm to suppress the Ultimate God.

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In the next moment, endless suction force erupted from the spatial pearl.

“Human, how dare you offend the god!”

The Ultimate God was furious.
His furious roar turned into violent lightning, causing large lightning clouds to gather in the sky above his head.

Soon, layers of dark clouds covered the sky and clouds.
Vast tribulation qi spread throughout the world.

In the millions of miles of the Monet Dynasty, in the cities, countless people did not know what had happened.
They only thought that a calamity was about to descend from the heavens.
They knelt on the ground in fear and kowtowed to pray.

In front of Qinglan Palace, the aura of the Ultimate God became stronger and stronger.
It seemed to be about to break free from the suction force of the spatial pearl.

Seeing this, the corners of Gong Ziliang’s brows twitched.

The array formation of the stone chamber mystic realm was set up by Patriarch Liu Yun.
Previously, after Mo Wentian was tricked in, he was suppressed without any ability to resist.

However, now, he was actually unable to do anything to the other party.
This inevitably caused Gong Ziliang to be shocked.

“Just a divine sense is so powerful.
Even a peak Nirvana-stage array formation is not a match for it.”

“If the main body comes, won’t Heavenly Dao be helpless?”

As he was thinking, an electric light suddenly flashed in Gong Ziliang’s mind, allowing him to grasp something.

“Since Patriarch Liu Yun’s array formation can’t deal with you, let’s try the power of the Heavenly Dao…”

“Let’s see if you can bully the heavens or if the heavens can kill the god!”

Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up.
When he thought of the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul, he immediately had a plan to deal with the other party.

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Immediately, he moved like lightning and rushed towards the golden body.

Although the Ultimate God could not escape the suction force of the spatial pearl’s array formation, with a sweep of his divine sense, he sensed that Gong Ziliang’s aura was weaker than Cang Liu’er’s.
He immediately said, “Ant, are you trying to die?”

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang’s expression was cold as he said disdainfully, “You dare to boast shamelessly with just your divine sense!”

“Wait until my Divine Body suppresses you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang activated the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body to the limit.

In his arms, the voices of the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix shook the clouds and rushed into the sky.


Under the enhancement of the two extremely pure bloodline powers, every inch of Gong Ziliang’s flesh became even stronger than a treasure.

“Five Elements Combination!”

Immediately after, the five Heaven and Earth Intents fused into a colorful ball of light that condensed in his palm.
It carried the power of the five elements of the world and blasted towards the Ultimate God.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

There were also weapons flying over from the palace, the imperial city, the thousands of city pools of the Monet Dynasty, and the wilderness.

For a moment, attacks that were like an inescapable net attacked together and quickly drowned the Paragon’s golden body.

Looking at the method Gong Ziliang used, a few strange expressions could not help but appear on his face.

The pair of golden divine eyes surged with hot light.

As an existence at the Transcendent Realm, the Ultimate God had personally witnessed the rise of the elites of the ten thousand races.

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