The two of them quickly recovered from their blank minds.

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Then, the two of them thought of Gong Ziliang’s various unbelievable methods.

Divine Power Sword Intent, Five Elements Intent, Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body…

It seemed that everything made sense.

“He’s indeed a Nirvana cultivator who walked out of his second life!”

In the Ultimate God’s palm, Cang Ji was still being burned by the golden flames.
He was in so much pain that he wanted to die.

However, after hearing the Ultimate God’s words, he was still extremely shocked.

On second thought…

Cang Ji recalled the words of the Ultimate God regarding the cultivation level and recalled that even if Gong Ziliang recovered to his peak, he was only at the low-level tenth-stage.

As for the Ultimate God!

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High level seventh-stage!

There were seven major realms between Gong Ziliang and the other party!

Immediately, Cang Ji fell into despair.

Even if he knew that the Ultimate God in front of him was only a divine sense formed from the Void Divine Lightning, moreover, after countless years, the strength he could unleash now was not even one of the hundreds of millions of times he was at his peak.

However, there was a difference of seven major realms.

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No matter how shocking Gong Ziliang was, it was definitely impossible for him to be the Ultimate God’s match.

Moreover, Gong Ziliang, who had walked out of his second life, had only cultivated to the True Martial Realm now.

In front of the Ultimate God, it was no different from an ant facing a mountain.

Gong Ziliang did not know what Mo Zhongtian and Cang Ji were thinking.

He frowned.
After thinking for a moment, he sighed and said, “I’ve obtained many opportunities in this life.
Perhaps I can surpass my previous life.”

“However, the Heavenly Dao is heartless and has set a trap for the immortal door.
Even if I reach the peak of the Nirvana Realm again, I’m afraid there’s not much hope of me flying to the Immortal World.”

Hearing Gong Ziliang mention the immortal door and Immortal World, this was a secret that only the Nirvana Realm could know.
A trace of joy immediately flowed in the eyes of the Ultimate God.

He said, “The living beings of the lower realm are controlled by the Heavenly Dao.
How difficult is it to fight against the heavens?”

“However, as long as you submit to me, with the mere high-level third-stage Heavenly Dao will of this world, it will definitely not be able to trap you.”

Hearing this, Gong Ziliang revealed a conflicted expression, as if he was really persuaded.

When Mo Zhongtian saw this, he could not care less about being slapped to death by the Ultimate God.
He gathered his strength and shouted, “Senior… Senior, you can’t fall for his trick!”

Cang Liu’er’s previous words had already made Mo Zhongtian realize that the Ultimate God was not trustworthy at all!

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he turned around and looked at Mo Zhongtian.

When he saw the struggle on Gong Ziliang’s face turn into determination, Mo Zhongtian’s heart quickly sank to the bottom.

Just as he was about to speak, he heard Gong Ziliang say firmly, “Monarch Mo, I appreciate your good intentions.”

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“However, with my strength, even if I walk out of my third or fourth life, it’s definitely impossible for me to escape the shackles of this world.”

“I’m unwilling to trap this world to death or waste thousands of years in my sleep.”

“Therefore, I’ve made up my mind!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang no longer looked at Mo Zhongtian and sent a three-inch soul out of his sea of consciousness.

The Ultimate God was still absorbed by the spatial pearl and could not move.
He could only stare at Gong Ziliang’s soul with his golden eyes and say impatiently, “Alright, since you have such courage, I will definitely not disappoint you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang’s soul had already arrived.

Seeing this, the Ultimate God opened his mouth and was about to swallow Gong Ziliang’s soul.

Suddenly, a terrifying spiritual sense flew out of Gong Ziliang’s soul and struck the Ultimate God’s golden body.

In an instant, explosions sounded incessantly.

Seeing this, how could Mo Zhongtian not understand that Gong Ziliang did not plan to sacrifice his soul at all?

However, although the spiritual sense that erupted from Gong Ziliang’s soul made Mo Zhongtian’s Dao heart involuntarily feel fear and uneasiness,

when Gong Ziliang used all his methods previously, he was unable to do anything to the Ultimate God.
The scene was still in front of him, causing Mo Zhongtian to subconsciously feel that he was not optimistic about the outcome of Gong Ziliang’s attack.

“Hmph, I can tell at a glance that you’re not sincere!”

As expected, the voice of the Ultimate God quickly sounded.

Then, Mo Zhongtian saw an ancient rune draw on the golden body of the Ultimate God.

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No matter how Gong Ziliang’s spiritual sense attacked, it could not injure the Ultimate God at all.

This scene…

Not only did it shock Mo Zhongtian, but it also made Gong Ziliang’s expression turn pale.

A cold light blossomed in the eyes of the Ultimate God.
He spat out a disdainful voice, “Humans are the most cunning!”

“But in front of absolute strength, these tricks are all a joke!”

As the Ultimate God spoke, Gong Ziliang’s soul had already begun to show signs of being unable to continue.

“It’s over…”

On the ground, Mo Zhongtian’s mouth was wide open, his face filled with panic and despair.

Not far behind, Cao Tianzheng revealed the same expression.

In the Ultimate God’s palm, Cang Ji’s soul gradually gave up resisting and allowed the golden flames to devour it.


A bitter sigh sounded from the last corner of Cang Liu’er’s sea of consciousness.

In everyone’s opinion, Gong Ziliang’s defeat was certain this time.
There was definitely no chance to turn the tables.

Regarding the emotions revealed by everyone, the Ultimate God only glanced coldly.
Then, he suddenly took a deep breath and swallowed Gong Ziliang’s soul and spiritual sense.

“In the soul of a Nirvana cultivator, there will definitely be a Great Dao Seal condensed.”

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“This thing is very useful to me!”

After swallowing Gong Ziliang’s soul, the Ultimate God revealed a satisfied expression and said softly.

The Dao Seal was a mark condensed by a low-level living being after cultivating to the extreme and comprehending the Heavenly Heart with their own heart.

After condensing a Dao Seal, living beings could become immortal with the world.
It was not difficult for them to live for more than five years.

After ascending to the Upper World, the Dao Seal would be even more useful.

For example, after entering the Divine Realm, the Dao Seal could fuse with the Divine Dao laws and further transform into a Divine Spark.

After entering the Immortal World and fusing with the Immortal Dao laws, it would transform into an immortal heart.

To the Ultimate God, Gong Ziliang’s Dao Seal could help him reconstruct his Divine Spark.

Therefore, although he could have directly killed Gong Ziliang in one go, after guessing that Gong Ziliang had walked out of the Nirvana Realm in his second life, in order to obtain his Dao Seal, he had no choice but to pretend to be patient and guide him patiently.

Although there were some small twists and turns in the process, Gong Ziliang’s action was already within his expectations.

After all, Gong Ziliang could cultivate to the extreme of this world and would rather walk out of his second life than be planted with the Heavenly Heart Seal by the Heavenly Dao of this world.
It was obvious that he was a determined and proud person.

How could such a genius be easily convinced with a few words?

Therefore, the Ultimate God guessed that although Gong Ziliang seemed to be sacrificing his soul, he definitely had a backup plan.

The subsequent development was not inferior to what he had thought.

However, to his surprise, Gong Ziliang’s spiritual sense was a little too powerful.

Even a low-level ninth-stage spiritual sense was only so-so.

Regarding this, he did not think too much and only thought that it was because Gong Ziliang cultivated his soul.

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