The Ultimate God was really angry.

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The golden body that was suppressed by the array power gradually lit up along with the runes on the surface of the body.
It began to emit the sound of metal breaking, echoing in the small space of the stone room.

In Gong Ziliang’s eyes, the Ultimate God’s reaction only made him yawn and feel a little bored.

The reason why he was so fearless was not that Gong Ziliang felt that he could steadily kill the Ultimate God with the array formation in this mystic realm.

His confidence came from the soul that had been swallowed by the Ultimate God.

Or rather, it was the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul.

Just as the Ultimate God had said, even the main body of the Heavenly Dao in this world was something that could be suppressed with a flip of his palm, let alone a curse sent down by the Heavenly Dao.

However, his Divine Spark had been shattered, leaving the Ultimate God with only a divine sense.
The Heavenly Dao Curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul could be said to be his nemesis.

Unless he wanted to die with Gong Ziliang, otherwise, even without the array formation here, he would not dare to act rashly against him.

Otherwise, with a thought, Gong Ziliang would destroy his soul and let the Heavenly Dao curse erupt.
At that time, the Ultimate God would be dragged to die with him.

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In Gong Ziliang’s opinion, the fact that the divine sense of the Ultimate God could survive in the Void Divine Lightning for countless years meant that he was a person who cherished his life.

In short…

The Ultimate God was afraid of death.

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“Alright, there’s only the two of us here.
There’s no one else.”

“You can’t scare me by baring your fangs and brandishing your claws.
You should save your strength and sit down to discuss the cooperation.”

As Gong Ziliang spoke, he deliberately walked half a meter in front of the Ultimate God and stood still.

This distance was just enough for the Ultimate God to sit.

However, looking at the calm Gong Ziliang, not only did he not attack, but the anger on his face instantly dissipated.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and sized up Gong Ziliang from head to toe before saying, “Human, with your background, what qualifications do you have to stand in front of me?”

If Gong Ziliang really walked out of the Nirvana Realm in his second life, the Ultimate God could still consider the cooperation he mentioned.

However, a low-level fifth-stage creature could not even reach the threshold of becoming his servant.


However, just as he finished speaking, a fist knocked on his head without warning, emitting a muffled crisp sound.

The Ultimate God was stunned.

Although Gong Ziliang’s punch did not cause him any damage, it was unprecedentedly insulting!

He, a dignified high level seventh-stage Ultimate God, had actually been knocked on the head by a lower level fifth-stage ant!

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He could tolerate it, but he could not…

“Let me remind you, the current you is no longer the high and mighty Ultimate God.”

“If you still can’t see the situation clearly, then the next time, the way I remind you is not to attack, but to destroy your soul.”

The Ultimate God felt a wave of anger surge out of his chest.
Just as he was about to lose control, he was suddenly interrupted by Gong Ziliang’s voice.

After Gong Ziliang finished speaking in a calm tone, the Ultimate God was stunned again.

Although he was an Ultimate God, he had also cultivated step by step in the Divine Realm back then.

In his long cultivation years, he had encountered many enemies who spoke ruthlessly to him.

However, this was the first time he had encountered a situation like Gong Ziliang’s where he used self-destruction to threaten him.

Gong Ziliang’s threat hit the Ultimate God’s weakness.

When his divine sense sensed that Gong Ziliang’s soul showed signs of stirring again, the anger in his chest was suddenly suppressed.

Looking at Gong Ziliang, the Supreme God said in an extremely aggrieved manner, “What do you want to cooperate with me for?”

Gong Ziliang raised his brows and shook his head.
He said unhappily, “Who are you talking to? I have a name, I’m Bai Niansheng.”

The Ultimate God recalled the memories he had obtained in Cang Liu’er’s sea of consciousness and said mercilessly, “Bai Niansheng? Aren’t you called Gong Ziliang?”

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Gong Ziliang choked and waved his hand, “Gong Ziliang is my alias.
Bai Niansheng is my real name.
Remember this.”

He could not even be bothered to believe the explanation Gong Ziliang gave.

However, the words “Bai Niansheng” were still engraved in his mind.

Seeing the Ultimate God’s expression darken, Gong Ziliang could tell that the other party would most likely not believe his explanation.

However, Gong Ziliang did not take such a small matter to heart.
He said, “Right, we’ve known each other for so long, but I still don’t know your name? You can’t be called the Ultimate God, right?”

Towards Gong Ziliang’s posture of getting close, the Ultimate God subconsciously wanted to reprimand him.
An ant was not worthy of knowing the true name of a god.

Then, he saw Gong Ziliang’s wrist turn, as if he was itching to do something.
He immediately said angrily, “My real name is ‘Ji’, and I enjoy the title of ‘Lord Ji’ in the Divine Realm.”

“So it’s Little Ji.
The name is quite auspicious.”

Gong Ziliang nodded, but the words he spat out made the veins on his forehead jump.
The anger that he had originally suppressed almost exploded.

After taking a few deep breaths, the Ultimate God barely calmed down and said, “Cut the crap.
What did you mean by cooperating just now?”

Seeing that the Ultimate God’s expression was not good, Gong Ziliang did not provoke him anymore and said, “Cooperation? You help me, and I’ll help you.”

“To be specific, help me deal with the Heavenly Dao curse in my soul first.
Then, I’ll think of a way to help you reconstruct your Divine Spark.”

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“In that case, we’ll each take what we need.
Little Ji, don’t you think it’s very fair?”

After hearing the cooperation that Gong Ziliang said, the Ultimate God appeared surprisingly calm.

His golden pupils looked at Gong Ziliang silently.
After a long time, he said word by word, “Do you think I’m a fool?”

In a sense, the cooperation that Gong Ziliang proposed was indeed very fair.
The benefits that the Ultimate God could obtain even surpassed Gong Ziliang’s.

However, that was only if he could do it.

If the Ultimate God had a way to deal with the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul, how could he fall into the situation of being controlled by others?

As for Gong Ziliang…

He was only at the lower level fifth-stage and was still thousands of miles away from condensing a Dao Seal.
Saying that he wanted to help the Ultimate God was treating him as a fool.

Facing the Ultimate God’s sharp gaze, Gong Ziliang hurriedly said, “Little Ji, we became friends after a fight.
Why should I treat you as a fool for no reason?”

After saying this, Gong Ziliang changed the topic, “Yes, I previously said that I walked out of the Nirvana Realm in my second life and indeed lied to you.”

“With my strength, I indeed can’t help you reconstruct your Divine Spark.”

“But my masters can.”

Gong Ziliang’s confident expression immediately made the Ultimate God a little uncertain.

Just as he was about to ask about the masters Gong Ziliang had mentioned, he saw a light flash in his hand, and then a black spear was summoned.

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