What Gong Ziliang summoned was the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear.

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This demonic artifact that the Demon Patriarch had pointed at the Heavenly Dao of the Azure Province back then, even if the artifact spirit had risked its life in the battle between Gong Ziliang and the Heavenly Dao.

However, at this moment, the unyielding aura emitted from the spear made the Ultimate God’s expression turn serious.

“This Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear was imparted to me by one of my masters.”

“Thousands of years ago, in the battle between my master and the Heavenly Dao, because he pitied all living beings, at the last moment, my master chose to die.”

“By chance, after I obtained this spear, not only did I inherit my master’s cultivation technique, but I also knew where my master was buried.”

When he spoke till here, Gong Ziliang paused, and dense hatred appeared on his face.

“However, because I cultivated my master’s cultivation technique, I was envied by the Heavenly Dao and was sent a Heavenly Punishment to kill me.”

“Fortunately, this spear artifact spirit saved me, but the Heavenly Dao curse was planted in my soul!”

“If you’re willing to help me resolve the Heavenly Dao curse in my soul, I can swear in the name of my master that after I find the place where my master died, I can let you take away his Dao Seal and reconstruct your Divine Spark!”

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After Gong Ziliang finished speaking, his chest rose and fell, and he could not calm down.

The Ultimate God lowered his head and began to think.

In the next moment, his pupils struck the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear in Gong Ziliang’s hand.
Under the golden light, scenes appeared.

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Gong Ziliang also wanted to stop it, but those scenes were only the life of the Demon Patriarch that he had obtained from the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear’s artifact spirit.

Realizing that this should be some kind of Divine Power used by the Ultimate God to trace the past of this spear through the Demon Dao Divine Spear, he watched from the side.

After those images were destroyed, the Ultimate God revealed a look of understanding and nodded, “The Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear is at the lower level tenth-stage and can fight the high level second-stage.
That Demon Dao Patriarch is really a genius of the human race!”

Hearing the evaluation of the Demon Patriarch that the Ultimate God could not help but reveal, Gong Ziliang’s raised heart relaxed a little.

However, before it landed in his stomach, Gong Ziliang suddenly sensed several pervasive divine senses enter his soul in the Ultimate God’s stomach domineeringly.

Gong Ziliang was suddenly shocked.
He discovered that the method of the Ultimate God was quite similar to the Divine Soul Dao that he had inherited from Patriarch Liu Yun.
He was only prying into the memories of the soul.

He endured the pain and allowed the Supreme God’s divine sense to enter and search his soul wantonly.

At the same time, Gong Ziliang pretended to control his soul to resist.
He used the fluctuation to conceal the soul technique and secretly hid the memories that the system and the others could not reveal to the Ultimate God.

Soon, the Ultimate God found the information he wanted and retracted his divine sense from Gong Ziliang’s soul.

After a moment of silence, the Ultimate God seemed to have made a decision and said, “I believe you.”

“However, even if I agree to cooperate with you, I’m powerless to deal with the Heavenly Dao curse.”

Hearing that the Ultimate God was willing to cooperate, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up.
He smiled at the Ultimate God and said, “I’ve long thought of a way to resolve the Heavenly Dao curse.”

Being looked at by Gong Ziliang with a smile, for some reason, a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

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“This method was inspired by my other master… the owner of this mystic realm.”

“According to my master, all living beings in the world have providence.
Generally speaking, the stronger the living being, the denser the providence.”

“After my attempt, I’ve already discovered that the power of providence can be used to wear down the Heavenly Dao curse in my soul.”


Without needing Gong Ziliang to continue, the Ultimate God already understood that the method Gong Ziliang thought of wanted to use his providence to wear down the power of the Heavenly Dao curse.

“I didn’t expect that your other master is actually proficient in the Dao of Providence.”

The Ultimate God nodded with a strange expression.

The power of providence existed without being noticeable.
Even a higher deity could not pry into its secrets.

As for Gong Ziliang’s master, he clearly had a deep understanding of the power of providence.
How could he not be surprised?

After saying that, he thought for a moment and said, “I think your method is indeed possible.”

“Take back your soul.
I’ll help you resolve the Heavenly Dao curse.”

As the Ultimate God spoke, he was about to send out Gong Ziliang’s soul.

“There’s no hurry.”

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Gong Ziliang smiled and waved his hand.
Seeing the Ultimate God look over with confusion, he said, “I won’t take back my soul for the time being.”

“If I leave it with you, I can still obtain some nourishment.
Moreover, it won’t delay me from dealing with the Heavenly Dao curse.
Little Ji, don’t you think so…”

The Heavenly Dao Curse in his soul was the only method that Gong Ziliang could use to restrain the Ultimate God.

Once he retrieved it, Gong Ziliang dared to guarantee that he would definitely be crushed to death by the Ultimate God in the next second.

As for the array formation here, it could at most let him live for a few seconds.

Therefore, before recovering to the strength to protect himself, it was definitely impossible for Gong Ziliang to retrieve his soul.

Facing Gong Ziliang’s smiling gaze, the Ultimate God quickly revealed a tacit smile and said, “Since you’re so assured in me, I’ll nurture your soul well!”

Time passed quickly.

Half a month passed in the outside world in the blink of an eye.

In the stone room mystic realm.


Gong Ziliang sat cross-legged.
While he was resting, he glanced at the system’s restart progress, and an anxious expression flashed in his eyes.

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During this period of time, he and the Ultimate God had not slept or rested.
Now, more than half of the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul had been removed.

As for his realm, he had recovered more than a major realm from the True Martial Realm half a month ago.
He was not far from the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

However, at this stage, Gong Ziliang did not dare to continue improving.
He found various excuses and asked the Ultimate God to slow down the speed of removing the Heavenly Dao curse.

This was because the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul had already decreased to the point where it was almost unable to pose a threat to the Ultimate God.

With his current strength, there was still a huge difference between him and the Ultimate God.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang planned to delay for a few days until the system restarted.

Vaguely, Gong Ziliang had a feeling that this reboot would definitely bring a tremendous change to the system.

At that time, his strength would also increase to an unimaginable level.

“Five days at most!”

“In five days, I’ll suppress the gods with my body!”

After a myriad of emotions surged in his heart, before the gaze of the Ultimate God landed on him, Gong Ziliang had already closed his eyes again and entered a cultivation state.

“Hmph, let’s see how long you can delay!”

The Ultimate God’s gaze swept over and took in Gong Ziliang’s state.
He snorted coldly in his heart.

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