After the Ultimate God shouted, he was directly stunned on the spot.

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Until he was whipped by the Divine Striking Whip, the burning pain instantly spread from the place of the whip to this spiritual body.

After the Ultimate God let out a tragic cry, he came to his senses.

Then, he looked at the Divine Striking Whip that Gong Ziliang raised again.

There was only endless fear in his golden pupils.

Gong Ziliang’s whip just now directly made the Ultimate God’s golden avatar shrink visibly.

At this moment, seeing Gong Ziliang swing his arm and raise the Divine Striking Whip again, while the Ultimate God was frightened, he suddenly recalled escaping.

However, before he could circulate his divine force and enter the void, a familiar array power surged out of the spatial pearl that broke through the hall and trapped him in this world.

Gong Ziliang looked at the expression on the Ultimate God’s face.
He was first stunned before quickly becoming flustered.

A trace of coldness seeped out of the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth.

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After interacting with the Ultimate God in the stone chamber mystic realm for the past few days, he had already understood his habits.

He knew that this Lord Ji was only a coward.

Seeing that he had taken out the Divine Striking Whip and would definitely escape at the last minute, Gong Ziliang had triggered the spatial pearl in advance and activated the array formation in the mystic realm again.

In the next moment, with a bang, the simple Divine Striking Whip struck the Ultimate God’s avatar again.

The 21-section whip had 84 seals imprinted on it.
Dark golden light flowed continuously.

The protective runes floating on the Ultimate God’s avatar were easily broken through by the golden light like paper.

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The violent power contained in the Divine Striking Whip seal tore open the golden skin and poured into his body, crazily destroying the life force of this spiritual body.

The heart-wrenching pain instantly made the Ultimate God’s golden face reveal a strange red color.

The spiritual body that supported the world curled up and distorted like a golden prawn that had been thrown into a pot of oil.

Seeing the Ultimate God’s painful appearance, not only did Gong Ziliang not show mercy, but he also rushed into the sky and aimed at the Ultimate God’s head.
He waved the Divine Striking Whip until it left an afterimage and struck down.

As a high-level seventh-stage deity of the Divine Realm, when had the Ultimate God ever received such treatment?

He was beaten up by an ant from the lower realm!

Immediately, the pain was like a tide, accompanied by unprecedented humiliation, making the Ultimate God almost go crazy.

However, every time he wanted to resist, the spiritual qi that surged out of the spatial pearl and the power of the runes on the Divine Striking Whip would shatter the divine force he had gathered.

After several consecutive failures, the Ultimate God’s mental state slowly turned from anger to calm and then numb.

What was similar to the journey of the Ultimate God was the citizens who were still kneeling on the ground in the Imperial City.

Just a few minutes ago.

In their eyes, the Ultimate God was still an unreachable god.

With a golden palm, he suppressed the newly advanced Spiritual Sea Realm of the dynasty, as well as Xing Feng and the others.

He flipped his palm and was insufferably arrogant!

But now, Gong Ziliang’s small figure, even a strand of his hair, was a hundred times thicker than his waist.

He was actually whipping the god!

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At first, when they saw this scene, the citizens were all furious and frightened.

They knelt on the ground and cursed the madman who dared to blaspheme the god with the most vicious words.

However, they saw that not only did the whipped god not attack, but he also did not punish the blasphemer who had committed a heinous crime, instead, he screamed repeatedly and made various sorry postures.

Immediately, in the minds of the citizens, a mighty image collapsed.

The anger on their faces also became disbelief.


The city residents watched helplessly as the Ultimate God’s avatar…

From a giant, it had shrunk to a head shorter than Gong Ziliang.

The originally golden spiritual body was covered in wounds, and not even a complete piece of skin could be found.

The dazzling golden light that enveloped it also dimmed.

Therefore, the gazes of the citizens became empty and numb like those of the Ultimate God.

So be it.

What gods? Who cared if they died…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment.

Xing Feng and the others who were wrapped in cocoons fell to the ground after the golden light dissipated.

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After waking up, other than Xing Feng who had been watching Gong Ziliang unleash his might from the beginning,

The others looked up at the sky.
Gong Ziliang was still tirelessly whipping the Ultimate God.

Immediately, their mouths widened and they were stunned, not knowing what had happened.

A long time passed.

Mo Zhongtian rubbed his stiff face and said, “Looks like I hate that Ultimate God to the core.
I actually had the illusion that Mr.
Liang was whipping him.”

“Your Majesty, I seem to have the same illusion.”

Cao Tianzheng endured the weakness from the avatar and walked behind Mo Zhongtian.

“Father, I… see it too.”

“I saw it too.
Liang is so mighty.
If only this whip was stronger.”

As everyone was talking, they suddenly heard Xing Feng say, “Everyone, what you saw was not an illusion…”

“Brother Liang is indeed whipping the Ultimate God.”

Hearing the words that jumped out of Xing Feng’s mouth, everyone looked over in unison.
Although they did not speak, all of them had expressions that said, “Are you kidding me?”


Facing Xing Feng’s motionless gaze, they gradually wavered.


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Mo Shaoyun pinched himself.
After taking a deep breath in pain, he said loudly, “Father, this is true.”


Everyone’s minds did not turn for a moment, but when they saw Mo Shaoyun reveal his red arm and the latter’s grimacing appearance, they suddenly realized that they were not hallucinating.

What they saw was really happening.

In an instant.

Everyone felt that something that they had been holding on to had shattered.

The god was actually being beaten silly by a mortal.

Moreover, this mortal was only at the Profound Realm.

Oh, no.

At this moment, the aura emitted from Gong Ziliang’s body was already at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

However, even if he was at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm, everyone was poor in imagination and could not understand how Gong Ziliang could suppress a god.

In the sky, Gong Ziliang whipped for almost three minutes, and his arms were sore.

It was not until the Ultimate God was like a dead dog and could not make a sound that he finally stopped whipping.

Putting away the Divine Striking Whip, Gong Ziliang glanced at the stunned crowd below.

He grabbed the Ultimate God with one hand and landed on the ground.

Xing Feng was the first to welcome him.
His gaze carefully sized up Gong Ziliang from head to toe.
Seeing that he was unscathed, he said excitedly, “Brother Liang, you’re fine.
This is great.”

Hearing Xing Feng’s words, before Gong Ziliang could respond, the Ultimate God in his hand curled his lips, and bean-sized tears inexplicably surged out of his eyes.

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