However, as Mo Zhongtian and the others recovered from their shock and walked forward to greet Gong Ziliang, no one noticed the abnormality of the Ultimate God.

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Seeing the concern on everyone’s faces, Gong Ziliang could not help but feel a sense of warmth.

Then, he smiled and glanced at the Ultimate God, thinking of something that might make everyone happy.

He was looked at by Gong Ziliang’s smiling gaze.

Although the Ultimate God did not condense a corporeal body, his avatar that had been tortured until it was unrecognizable still suddenly trembled.

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang’s smile deepened.
He raised the Divine Striking Whip in his other hand and placed it in front of everyone.

He casually made up a background and said that the Divine Striking Whip was picked up from the entrance of the palace.

The main point was to tell everyone that this Divine Striking Whip had a miraculous effect on the Ultimate God.

After hearing Gong Ziliang’s introduction, everyone moved away from the Divine Striking Whip and looked at the Ultimate God with terrifyingly bright gazes.

“Damn, are you a devil?!”

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The Ultimate God cursed at Gong Ziliang in his mind.
Then, he saw everyone rubbing their hands and looking eager to try.

His dim pupils hurriedly squeezed out a trace of dignity and looked angrily at those people.

“Ah, he seems to be very unconvinced.”

“Hmph, I’m not convinced.
Senior Liang, lend me the Divine Striking Whip.”

As soon as Mo Shaoyun finished speaking, he rolled up his sleeves and walked forward.

Gong Ziliang smiled and handed over the Divine Striking Whip.
After the latter received it, he came to the Ultimate God with a sinister smile.

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The Ultimate God panicked.
The dignity in his eyes instantly disappeared.

“Little… little brother, you’re still young.
Don’t walk the path of betrayal.”

“I’m a god.
If you hit me, you’ll suffer the wrath of the gods…”

If it was Mo Zhongtian, he might be a little afraid of the Ultimate God’s words.

But who was Mo Shaoyun?

The greatest thing in the world could beat him down!

The current Ultimate God, who had lost his dignity, still dared to use divine punishment to scare him.

Mo Shaoyun thought: I won’t fall for this!

“What a coincidence.
I’ve loved to betray others since I was young.”

“I don’t care what you are.
If you fall into Senior Liang’s hands, I’ll slap you if I say so.”

“Isn’t it divine punishment? Where is it? Come at me!”

Mo Shaoyun’s mouth did not stop.
As he spoke, the Divine Striking Whip in his hand had already rained down on the Ultimate God.

In the beginning, the Ultimate God could still scream twice.

Towards the end, he did not even have the strength to scream.
He rolled his eyes and pretended to be dead.

Mo Zhongtian was originally a little worried, but after seeing the Ultimate God’s reaction, his palm could not help but itch.

As the monarch of a dynasty, he usually had to maintain his bearing and dignity.
Every word and action had to be watched by the officials.
If he went overboard, he would be strictly reminded.

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However, his experience during this period of time made him let go.

So what if he was the monarch? The monarch was also human and had seven emotions and six desires.

Moreover, that Ultimate God was whipped by his son, so how could he not?

Therefore, after Mo Shaoyun whipped the Ultimate God until he was on the verge of death, Mo Zhongtian coughed lightly.

“Cough cough, Yun’er, as a prince, you have to learn to restrain your anger.”

“Otherwise, if you keep venting, you’ll be blinded by anger sooner or later and become an ordinary person.
Do you understand?”

Hearing his father’s guidance, Mo Shaoyun immediately revealed a look of realization and said, “Father, I understand.”

“Father, you want me to learn how to suppress my anger!”

Mo Zhongtian nodded and went forward to take the Divine Striking Whip from Mo Shaoyun.

The Ultimate God had originally been beaten unconscious by Mo Shaoyun, but for some reason, when Mo Zhongtian walked over with the whip, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Then, the Ultimate God saw Mo Zhongtian reach out and touch the Mountain River Seal.

White power of faith poured into Mo Zhongtian’s body, causing him to only gently turn his wrist, and the air under the Divine Striking Whip vaguely distorted.

In the next moment.

Mo Zhongtian gathered all his strength and swung his arm in a perfect semicircle in the air, ruthlessly slapping the Ultimate God’s face.


With a muffled pause, everyone’s hearts suddenly skipped a beat.

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“Thank you, Mr.

After Mo Zhongtian finished whipping, he directly returned the Divine Striking Whip to Gong Ziliang.

When Mo Zhongtian turned around, everyone saw a whip scar that could reach the bones connecting the Ultimate God’s forehead to his chin.

At the same time, it shattered the only two golden teeth in the Ultimate God’s mouth.


In the dark, someone gasped.

Gong Ziliang shook his head helplessly.
His divine sense entered the Ultimate God’s body and discovered that the latter had really fainted this time and was not pretending.

Originally, with Mo Zhongtian’s strength, it was not to the extent that he could not even withstand a whip.

It was really because the Ultimate God had been tortured too miserably by him previously.

After that, he was ravaged by Mo Shaoyun.

In addition, in order to increase his strength, Mo Zhongtian even used the last bit of faith in the Mountain River Seal.

It seemed to be just a whip, but the strength surpassed Mo Shaoyun’s dozens or hundreds of whips.

Regarding this, Gong Ziliang could not help but sigh in his heart.

However, in the Ultimate God’s situation, he clearly could not suffer another whip.

It was not that Gong Ziliang was soft-hearted and was prepared to let the Ultimate God go.

Instead, he had other uses for the Ultimate God.

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For example, the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul still needed a tool with great providence to help eliminate it.

As for whether there would be any hidden dangers if he left the Ultimate God alive, before obtaining the Divine Striking Whip, it might be a headache for Gong Ziliang.

However, Gong Ziliang basically understood the use of the runes on the Divine Striking Whip.

Apart from having a powerful defense-breaking effect, it could also suppress the enemy.

This was especially true for gods like the Ultimate God.

Gong Ziliang had already verified this on the Ultimate God.

Even with the protection of the Divine Dao runes, after being struck by the Divine Striking Whip, almost all the whip damage was real.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang sent the Ultimate God into the mystic realm of the spatial pearl.

At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to Gong Goddess to explain the matter of suppressing the Ultimate God.

After temporarily resolving the problem of the Ultimate God, Gong Ziliang recalled something and used the Netherworld Divine Palm to release Mo Aotian and Ping Xiu who were trapped inside.

“Monarch Ping!”

The moment he saw Ping Xiu, Mo Zhongtian’s expression suddenly changed.
He had exposed the other party’s identity.

Cao Tianzheng felt a terrifying pressure from Mo Zhongtian.
He took a step forward and blocked in front of him, “Your Majesty, retreat quickly.
He’s at the Spiritual Sea Realm!”

Spiritual Sea Realm?

A monarch at the Spiritual Sea Realm?

When Mo Zhongtian heard this, he revealed an unbelievable expression.

As the monarch of a dynasty, he had to spend a large amount of time every day governing the dynasty.

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