“Oh, just a little?”

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“Forget it.
Little Ji, you know that I’m a soft-hearted person.
I can’t bear to let others suffer a little because of me.”

“Therefore, you should save your strength and help me open the Divine Kingdom Ruins later.”

The Ultimate God opened his mouth and looked at the wounds on his body.
He really wanted to ask who was the one who inflicted these?

Of course, the Ultimate God naturally did not dare to ask this question.

Seeing that Gong Ziliang was about to leave the mystic realm, the Ultimate God was anxious and directly revealed his Divine Spark, “Ah, Mr.
Liang, I seem to have recovered a little.”

“Look, my Divine Spark condensed.”

Looking at the Ultimate God’s extremely clumsy acting, Gong Ziliang almost could not help but laugh.

However, after glancing at the Divine Spark between the brows of the Ultimate God, Gong Ziliang’s palm that was holding the Divine Striking Whip could not help but itch.

This dog actually secretly condensed a Divine Spark!

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If not for the fact that he was forced to a dead end today and revealed himself in his desire to live, he did not know how long he would be kept in the dark.

“Little Ji, you’ve grown up.”

“You condensed a Divine Spark behind my back.
Are you planning to do something big silently? Hmph!”

The Divine Striking Whip swayed in front of the Ultimate God.
He still needed his guidance to help open the door to the Divine Kingdom Ruins.

It was naturally impossible for Gong Ziliang to kill the Ultimate God now.

However, a lesson was definitely necessary.

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Seeing Gong Ziliang’s posture, the Ultimate God knew that he was going to be whipped again.

However, this time, other than being whipped, there was something more important.

That was the Divine Kingdom Ruins.
No matter what, he would not go!

Immediately, the Ultimate God straightened his neck and said firmly, “Gong Ziliang, let me finish before you hit me!”

Looking at the Ultimate God’s unwilling attitude, Gong Ziliang revealed a surprised expression.

After putting away the Divine Striking Whip, he decided to give the Ultimate God a chance to explain himself.
“Alright, speak.
I’m listening.”

Looking at the Divine Striking Whip that was retracted from the tip of his nose, the Ultimate God’s legs softened and he almost lost his balance.

However, immediately after, he recalled that he had the bargaining chip to negotiate with Gong Ziliang.

If Gong Ziliang wanted to live, he had to rely on himself.

Immediately, he straightened his bent back.
The dignity that had disappeared from his body for half a month slowly recovered.


With a light cough, the Ultimate God made a posture.
Then, he saw a trace of impatience on Gong Ziliang’s face, and he hurriedly said, “I can help you completely eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse in your soul, but you have to agree to one condition.
That is, don’t let me go to the Divine Kingdom Ruins!”

“As for the souls of those cultivators and Lin Anruo, I don’t want them all.”

When he mentioned Lin Anruo, the Ultimate God thought of something and added, “Right, before the divinity in Lin Anruo’s body awakens, you have to let me go.”

“I don’t want to die in the war of the ten thousand races and end up becoming a stepping stone for the harvester to condense a supreme Divine Spark.”

To be honest, the price the Ultimate God offered was not excessive.

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If it was before, Gong Ziliang would most likely accept it completely.

But now…

“There’s no need.”

Gong Ziliang spat out and raised the Divine Striking Whip to slap the Ultimate God.

With a bang, the skin and flesh on the place where the Divine Striking Whip landed immediately split open.

However, at this moment, the Ultimate God could not care less about the pain from his spiritual body.
His twitching and distorted face was filled with confusion.

He did not understand.
A way out was clearly in front of him, and there was no price to pay.

Why did Gong Ziliang still insist on courting death?

Or could it be that Gong Ziliang had used up his excuse a few days ago and was only taking this opportunity to beat him up today?

After a few more whips, the Ultimate God could not take it anymore, “Gong Ziliang, you’re too…”

The Ultimate God originally wanted to say to Gong Ziliang, “Enough.
I’ll fight it out with you if you continue.”

However, he suddenly discovered that the whip that landed on his body was not only much heavier than before, but it was also extremely focused.

It was as if someone else was beating him.

Of course, the Ultimate God was not a masochist.
He did not have the habit of summarizing even after being whipped.

Instead, the speed at which the spiritual body’s divine force was flowing made him realize that if this continued, he might really die!

He hasn’t grasped the laws.
How can he kill me?”

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The Ultimate God closed his mouth and a thought appeared in his mind.

However, as the spiritual body’s divine force flowed away, it felt weaker and weaker.
It told the Ultimate God that he could not last much longer.

“Could it be the problem with the Divine Striking Whip?”

The Ultimate God thought of a possibility but rejected it.

These days, the Divine Striking Whip had been placed in the stone chamber mystic realm by Gong Ziliang.

If there was any change, he would be the first to notice.


The Ultimate God reacted.

Since there was no problem with the Divine Striking Whip, the only problem was Gong Ziliang.

The Ultimate God subconsciously condensed a trace of divine force into a golden light that shone on Gong Ziliang.

When he saw the spiritual qi that flowed continuously in Gong Ziliang’s body, like rivers returning to the sea, it gathered in his dantian.

In the center of Gong Ziliang’s dantian.

The Divine Flame condensed from spiritual qi fused with Gong Ziliang’s life essence, continuously strengthening his cultivation.

Immediately, the Ultimate God was stunned.

When did Gong Ziliang break through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm?

However, immediately after, the Ultimate God’s pupils constricted.

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His golden face was filled with shock.

“You, you, you… broke through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm?”

The Ultimate God’s eyes almost popped out.
He knew how difficult the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul was.

Before condensing a Divine Spark again, even he was helpless against those stubborn curses.

But now, Gong Ziliang’s cultivation had actually broken through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Not only that, but under the golden light, the Divine Flame in Gong Ziliang’s dantian burned fiercely, interweaving with surging life essence.

Clearly, Gong Ziliang’s realm was not as simple as advancing to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Moreover, it had increased by several grades.

What did this mean?

This meant that the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul had definitely been eliminated.

Otherwise, it was definitely impossible for Gong Ziliang’s realm to increase so much at once.

Although the iron-like truth happened in front of him, the Ultimate God still found it difficult to accept.

This was because if the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul was really eliminated, then, the only bargaining chip in his hand that could negotiate with Gong Ziliang would be meaningless.

Coupled with…

The Divine Spark that he had secretly condensed was even exposed by him.

It was obvious.

How tragic would the situation he faced next be?

Apart from these realistic problems, there was also something else that the Ultimate God did not want to think about.

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