That was, how did Gong Ziliang eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul without his help?

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The spiritual qi of the lower realm was useless against the Heavenly Dao curse.

Even if Gong Ziliang used the power of faith gathered from the Monet Dynasty’s ancestral hall, at most, it could temporarily suppress the speed of the curses.

The only way to completely eliminate it was to use the power of laws on the same level as the Heavenly Dao curse.

In the understanding of the Ultimate God, laws were a power that only a god like him was qualified to grasp!

Even if Gong Ziliang could cultivate the Five Elements Intent and Divine Power Realm Sword Intent, this could not change the fact that Gong Ziliang’s identity was only the essence of a low-level creature!

If a low-level living being like Gong Ziliang could grasp laws…

No, the Ultimate God shook his head.

This kind of thing was impossible even if it was one in a billion.

This was because the meaning was too terrifying.

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It was not only the Ultimate God’s world view that would suffer a destructive impact.

Even the supreme orthodoxy of the gods would be shaken because of a mortal like Gong Ziliang.

The Ultimate God tried his best to resist the reality in front of him.
He was still looking for an excuse for Gong Ziliang’s situation.

When Gong Ziliang saw that the Ultimate God was like a log after he had whipped him for a long time and did not react at all, he was immediately furious.

“Looks like condensing a Divine Spark has improved you greatly.
Even the Divine Striking Whip is useless to you.”

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As he spoke, Gong Ziliang thought of something.
His eyes darted around as he put away the Divine Striking Whip, “That’s perfect.
I’ll use you to test the power of my law.”

He summoned the Sword Law in his soul.
In the next moment, a golden sword light pierced through the air from Gong Ziliang’s fingertip, emitting a sizzling sound.

The moment he saw the golden sword light condensed from the Sword Law on Gong Ziliang’s fingertip, the Ultimate God’s pupils constricted rapidly before widening and falling into an extremely shocked state.

At this moment, he finally understood why Gong Ziliang was so confident and refused to help him eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse time and time again.

This was because Gong Ziliang had already grasped a law!

Sword Law!

However, the Ultimate God clearly remembered.

Half a day ago, when Gong Ziliang came to the stone chamber mystic realm as usual to beat him up, the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul had clearly not disappeared.

However, now, Gong Ziliang had actually grasped a law and eliminated the Heavenly Dao curse.

He only used half a day to comprehend a law?

Could it be that Gong Ziliang, who was standing in front of him, actually had a divine sense like his?

At this moment, this was the only explanation that the Ultimate God could think of.

Otherwise, he really could not understand why a low-level creature could comprehend a law in a short half a day.

Even a harvester who had awakened their divinity might not be able to do this!

What the Ultimate God did not know was that Gong Ziliang grasped this Sword Law and did not spend half a day comprehending it.

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He was only relying on a medicinal pill.

When Gong Ziliang saw the Ultimate God’s shocked expression, although he did not know what the Ultimate God was thinking, he could roughly guess his current mental state.

“It’s just a law.
Is there a need to react so greatly?”

Gong Ziliang’s casual ridicule made the Ultimate God recall something as if he had been electrocuted.

Immediately, a terrifying light surged in the Ultimate God’s golden pupils as he looked at Gong Ziliang, “Did you really comprehend a law with your mortal body?”

“Do you know what this will bring you?”

“What will it bring to this world?”

Before he finished speaking, a dazzling golden light suddenly erupted from the faintly discernible Divine Spark between the Ultimate God’s brows.

For a moment, the Ultimate God actually broke free from the talisman on his body.

Then, he threw a punch.
Under the tip of the fist, the incomparable force pressed until the void distorted.

When it collided with the Sword Law light that Gong Ziliang pierced over, the golden sword light actually shattered inch by inch.

However, the Ultimate God did not pay any price.

A deep cut appeared on his fist.


He did not take the injuries caused by the sword light to heart.

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Without waiting for the wound to heal, he raised his fist again and brazenly attacked Gong Ziliang.

Facing the Ultimate God’s sudden attack, Gong Ziliang was first stunned, not understanding why the Ultimate God suddenly went crazy.

Then, he saw that under the Ultimate God’s punch, the void was collapsing, and a void crack was blasted out, blowing out a silent void wind.

Clearly, the Ultimate God had the intention to kill!

Immediately, Gong Ziliang’s expression became extremely ugly.

He quickly circulated the unfamiliar Sword Law as he circulated his movement technique to dodge the sharpness of the Ultimate God’s fist.

However, the stone chamber mystic realm was only so big.
Soon, he was forced into a corner.

The Ultimate God’s expression was cold.
He looked at the sword light condensed in Gong Ziliang’s palm, and the coldness in his eyes became even colder.

“A mortal dares to covet the power of laws? Do you know that you’re blaspheming the gods!”

The Ultimate God exhaled and threw a punch filled with divine force, smashing Gong Ziliang into the stone wall behind him.

The power of laws was a power that a high-level creature could grasp by comprehending the origin.

As the first batch of living beings born from the Chaos as the Supreme Heavenly Dao, he had an affinity and comprehension for the Heavenly Dao origin that other races could not compare to.

Most gods were born with innate laws.

For billions of years, the reason why the gods could stand at the peak of the ten thousand races was because

The foundation was the Supreme Heavenly Dao.
While giving them the accompanying laws, it also gave the Divine Race the orthodoxy of suppressing the ten thousand races.

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Other non-god creatures were not allowed to grasp laws before advancing to the high level.

Otherwise, they would be killed by the Divine Race!

Before this, although Gong Ziliang’s performance could be considered monstrous,

in his opinion, be it a god or the Divine Race, they could not pose much of a threat.

However, it was different now.

Gong Ziliang, who was a lower life form and had grasped the Sword Law, not only had the method to destroy the Ultimate God, but he also threatened the foundation of the Divine Race to rule the ten thousand races.

Even if he exhausted his divine force and his Divine Spark collapsed again, the Ultimate God had to kill Gong Ziliang!


If he did not eliminate Gong Ziliang, he would also die when he went to the Divine Kingdom Ruins.

All of this gave the Ultimate God a reason to attack.

“Do you know your crime?”

The Ultimate God’s entire body was burning with golden light, illuminating his avatar like a kiln with a magnificent aura.

Hearing the shout from the Ultimate God, Gong Ziliang wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and said coldly, “What crime?”

“How dare you!”

The Ultimate God roared, and his large hand struck out with divine patterns that pressed down on Gong Ziliang’s body.
He spat out the Heavenly Divine Voice, “You’re neither a deity nor a high-level living being.”

“Mastering the laws is your greatest sin!”

If they were not gods or high-level living beings, they could not grasp laws!

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