“Old friend, long time no see.
How have you been?”

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Gong Ziliang touched the Profound Heaven Sword with his palm and smiled.


The Profound Heaven Spirit replied.

Profound Heaven Sword (Red)

Level: None

Attribute: Attack Power+40%!

Special Attribute 1: Profound Heaven’s circumference, the coexistence of all things! The Profound Heaven Sword can temporarily fuse with other weapons and greatly increase the attributes of the entire weapon!

Special Attribute 2: Against targets below Level 100, the attack has a 10% chance of carrying the Heavenly Punishment effect!

He glanced at the attributes of the Profound Heaven Sword, especially the first attribute that let it fuse with other weapons.

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Gong Ziliang took out a second scarlet longsword from his bag!

As soon as the scarlet longsword appeared, the temperature around Gong Ziliang instantly rose several degrees.

The air even vaguely distorted and was filled with a hot aura.

[Crimson Dragon Blade] (Red)

Level: None

Attribute: Attack+50%

Special Attribute 1: 10% chance to trigger the Crimson Dragon Shadow.
When attacking, it will transform into a dragon shadow and deal 200% damage to the enemy!

Special Attribute 2: There is a 0.5% chance to one-hit kill targets below Level 100!

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Gong Ziliang was looking at the Crimson Dragon Blade, beautifully increasing the data and attributes.


Gong Ziwu’s excited voice sounded from the sword.

Gong Ziliang smiled and nodded.
He sent a divine sense to comfort Gong Ziwu and brought the two swords close.

White lightning shot out from the Profound Heaven Sword and wrapped around the Crimson Dragon Blade.

The aura of the two swords began to fuse like water and milk.

Gong Ziliang’s action naturally attracted the attention of the cultivators below.

In fact, Gong Ziliang had already become their only savior.

Although they did not have much hope in Gong Ziliang’s strength at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, at this moment, other than Gong Ziliang, the others did not even have the courage to face Wu Zhiqi.


They watched Gong Ziliang’s every move nervously.

Seeing this, after Gong Ziliang took out two longsword weapons in a row, he did not slash at Wu Zhiqi.
Instead, he let the two swords fuse there.

“Crazy! He’s really crazy.
I’ve refined artifacts for dozens of years, but I’ve never heard of weapons being able to fuse!”

“By doing this, other than causing both peerless weapons to be damaged, there won’t be any other outcome!”

An old man with a white beard was furious.

He was from the only high-grade forging sect in the Monet Dynasty and was also a Weapon Refinement Grandmaster.

As soon as he spoke, the expressions of countless people immediately changed.

However, as soon as the old man finished speaking, a monstrous sword force rose crazily from the sword body that was about to fuse.

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“It’s over! It’s over!”

“These two peerless swords are about to be destroyed!”

“This Gong Ziliang deserves to die!”

The white-bearded old man was heartbroken.
If not for the fact that Gong Ziliang’s demonic qi was too dense, he almost rushed up and snatched the two swords for himself.

In the sky.

Gong Ziliang lowered his head and looked strangely at the white-bearded old man who was jumping on the ground.

After retracting his gaze, he took out a third purple longsword from his bag.

[Soul Transformation Sword: Transforming into a soul with one strike, death and destruction will occur! It has extraordinary power and has powerful lethality against the soul.]

Looking at this spirit artifact that he had obtained from the Divine Flame Ruins, its attributes were far inferior to the Profound Heaven Sword and the Crimson Dragon Blade.

It had a powerful lethality against the soul.
It was not very useful against Wu Zhiqi.

This was the first time Gong Ziliang had tried to use the Profound Heaven Sword to fuse two weapons at once.

Therefore, in Gong Ziliang’s opinion, the relatively average attributes of the Soul Transformation Sword were more stable.

Seeing Gong Ziliang take out another longsword that looked very extraordinary,

The white-bearded old man’s expression instantly turned from red to purple.

“What a waste! What a waste!”

“You’ll be struck by lightning if you do this!”

As soon as the white-bearded old man finished speaking, when Gong Ziliang placed the Soul Transformation Sword beside the Profound Heaven Sword, he accidentally let a few lightning bolts strike down.

One of them was facing the white-bearded old man below.

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The white-bearded old man raised his neck and cursed.

Suddenly, he saw a lightning strike.

Without thinking, he directly activated the few artifacts on him.

In the blink of an eye.

The white-bearded old man’s entire body was covered in layers of treasure light.
He looked as if he was wrapped in a turtle shell.

However, the lightning emitted by the Profound Heaven Sword carried the power of the Heavenly Punishment.

Under this attack, there was a bang.

The layers of treasure light that covered the white-bearded old man did not even last a second before shattering under the lightning attack.


Then, in the world-shaking lightning, a tragic cry sounded from where the white-bearded old man was standing.

When the lightning dissipated, only a charred body was left on the spot.

The white-bearded old man, no, the beardless old man, was lying on the ground and was actually still breathing.

However, only a few strips of cloth were left on his body, covering the key parts.

His extremely tragic appearance made the nearby cultivators hurriedly avoid it.

They were afraid that they would be implicated and be struck by lightning.

“Come over quickly and help me up!”

“That Gong Ziliang brought this upon himself and implicated me.”

“He’s about to suffer the backlash of those sword qi.
Once he dies, we won’t be able to live.
Quickly bring me away from here…”

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When the old man spoke, his mouth was dry, but he discovered that no one replied.

“Zhou Ji, Zhou An, you two dogs, where did you go?!”

Without a choice, the old man could only call out to the two useless disciples he had brought out this time.

However, when he endured the pain and raised his head to look at the two disciples, in his blurry vision, he saw the two figures looking up at the sky.

There were more than two people.

The surrounding cultivators were all looking in the same direction.

Before the old man could turn his head, in his perception, a monstrous sword force was as brilliant as the sea as it swept out from the direction of the lightning strike.


At the same time, in the world, a sword cry spread out, instantly suppressing all sounds.

“He actually fused the three swords together!”

“Grandmaster, Grandmaster, look…”

Zhou Ji and Zhou An finally recalled the beardless old man and ran over excitedly, letting the beardless old man see the light purple longsword in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

The beardless old man’s mouth widened.
He recalled his words and suddenly crawled up.
“Did everyone see the three swords fuse? I knew he could definitely do it!”

“Hahaha, everyone, we’re saved this time!”

However, no matter how the beardless old man shouted, he only attracted the rolled eyes of those cultivators.

Gong Ziliang saw that the beardless old man was not killed by the lightning.
Instead, he looked energetic and ferocious, as if he had suddenly become dozens of years younger.

After heaving a sigh of relief, Gong Ziliang suddenly had a thought.
He recalled that in those melodramatic novels in his previous life, some protagonists often awakened various unusual powers after being struck by lightning.

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