Not only that, but Gong Ziliang also saw the seal condensed from the power of laws on the headless Demon General through the Illusory Shattering Golden Eyes.

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However, those seals were not something that Gong Ziliang cared about.

What he cared about was how much income this Wild Boss could bring him.

In the gold farming event dungeon, the 20 Desert Demon Scorpions dropped nearly $300 worth of vouchers.

Coupled with the remaining money after purchasing the Divine Crystal Gift Bag, it was enough for him to buy the Maximum Weapon Level Pill Gift Bag.

However, who would complain about having too much money?

Moreover, although the Desert Demon Scorpions in the gold farming event dungeon were thick-skinned and durable, because of the system mechanism that prevented gold farming monsters from harming players, they were like sandbags the entire time.

It could only be said that they did not have a good time.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang was extremely interested in the headless Demon General outside.

His cultivation that was about to enter the Divine Opening Realm was not so high that he could not deal with it, nor was he so weak that he was not interested in attacking.

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It could be used as an opponent to test the strength of the Origin Body and the Law of Strength.

Just as the demonic spear was about to shatter the spatial pearl with a might that could destroy everything,

Gong Ziliang took a step out of the spatial pearl and activated his Origin Body, choosing to use his body to block the spear tip that pierced over.

Before the spear tip landed on his body, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt a warning.

“Damn, I was careless.”

Just the spear of the Headless Demon General could make the Origin Body feel threatened.

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Gong Ziliang could immediately confirm that this headless Demon General was definitely an existence that had grasped the origin power previously.


Then, there was a huge muffled sound.

Gong Ziliang’s body drew a straight trajectory in the air and was directly sent flying.


As he flew out, Gong Ziliang felt an intense pain from the place where he was pierced by the spear tip and could not help but grimace.

At the same time, Gong Ziliang felt lucky.
He thought to himself that it was fortunate that there was a seal on the headless Demon General that restricted its strength.

Otherwise, the place where he was stabbed would definitely not be as simple as a moment of pain.
At the very least, there would be a bloody hole.

Before his body landed, the sharp sound of a spear piercing through the sky suddenly sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears.

At the same time, the warning sounded in his mind again, and it was even stronger.

One of the reasons why he was sent flying was because of the headless Demon General’s powerful strength.

However, the deeper reason was that Gong Ziliang was careless and did not dodge.

Now, the Headless Demon General had obtained an advantage.
Not only did it not stop, but it also shamelessly took advantage of the situation.

This kind of action that disregarded morals made Gong Ziliang very angry!

“If a tiger doesn’t show its might, do you really think I’m a sick cat?!”

Gong Ziliang was furious.
He forcefully twisted his waist in midair and injected the Law of Strength into his fist, causing the air to collapse and blast towards the spear tip.

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There was a bang.

This time, Gong Ziliang stepped on the void and took a few steps back.

The headless Demon General opposite him held the Demon Spear in his hand.
Gong Ziliang’s Law of Strength returned to its original state and collapsed into demonic qi that spread crazily.

The warhorse under the headless Demon General also let out a neigh.
It raised its front hooves and almost crushed the headless Demon General.

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang could not help but be amused.

He waved his fist at the Headless Demon General.
Then, Gong Ziliang recalled that the other party did not even have a head, so it was naturally impossible for him to see his action.

He curled his lips, but soon, Gong Ziliang discovered that after he did that, the aura of the headless Demon General clearly became a little murderous.

“So you can see it!”

After Gong Ziliang finished speaking to the headless Demon General, he saw a murderous aura begin to surge from its body.

When that murderous aura rushed into the sky,

Gong Ziliang immediately saw black matter fall from an endless height.

After landing in the demonic qi that surrounded the headless Demon General, the originally pitch-black demonic qi instantly became as dense as ink.

Then, the murderous aura that the headless Demon General retracted actually condensed a head.

The aura of the headless Demon General stepped into the Divine Opening Realm from one foot the moment the head condensed, and it also stepped into the Divine Opening Realm with the other foot.

He felt the aura of a first-stage Divine Opening Realm cultivator coming from the headless Demon General.

The expression on Gong Ziliang’s face, other than heavy, became even colder.

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Earlier, the black matter that the Headless Demon General had used his murderous aura to guide over from the sky contained two auras.

One was the aura of the gods that Gong Ziliang had sensed on the Ultimate God previously.

The other had the same aura as the Headless Demon General.

Coupled with the head condensed from the black matter that the Headless Demon General had summoned and the divine patterns on its body,

Gong Ziliang immediately understood many things.

“The gods cut off your head.”

“Now, you want to be a dog for the gods who did that to you?”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, the headless, no, now normal Demon General opened his eyes.

A pair of pure black pupils and black demonic flames burned.
The gaze he looked at Gong Ziliang with was filled with extreme coldness.

“Human, you have offended your superior and killed the god!”

“You deserve death!”

The Demon General shouted softly.
The will contained shocked the spiritual qi in the surrounding space to escape crazily.

Layers of lightning clouds gathered above his head.
After absorbing the demonic qi emitted by the Demon General, the light gray clouds and the lightning brewing inside were actually dyed black.

Even the wind that blew past this place carried a destructive aura.

“Offended my superior and killed the god?”

“What a huge sin indeed!”

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Gong Ziliang shook his head and looked straight into the Demon General’s eyes that were burning with demonic flames.
He said coldly, “There’s no point in saying anything.”

“I’ve already killed the Ultimate God.”

“If you want to kill me, it’ll depend on your methods.
Is it enough?”

Before he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang’s figure was like a bolt of lightning that tore through the night as he took the initiative to charge at the Demon General.

The Origin Body moved around.
Every move he made was accompanied by the sound of the void exploding.

On the other side, the Demon General who had absorbed the black matter and condensed his head again.

After stepping into the first-stage Divine Opening Realm, his strength was higher than before.

When he casually threw the demonic spear condensed from boundless demonic qi at Gong Ziliang, the impetus was extremely shocking.

Every spear throw carried a domineering aura that seemed to want to smash this world into pieces.

Even Gong Ziliang’s Origin Body did not dare to take it head-on.

However, soon, the Demon General discovered the problem.

With the endless demonic qi, the demonic spear he condensed was almost endless, preventing the human opposite from approaching.

However, the problem was that the aura was clearly not even comparable to the small lords of the Lava Demon Realm.

Why could a human withstand his spear rain for so long?

Regarding this, the Demon General’s opened demonic eyes could not help but reveal a trace of doubt.

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