“His strength hasn’t recovered to its limit.” “Therefore, we must end the battle as soon as possible.
We can’t give him another chance to open the demonic realm!” “Otherwise, if he were to advance another round, no matter how many nomological laws I have, it would be impossible for me to defeat him!” Having made up his mind, gongzi Liang activated his ranked origin source body and law of force at the same time.
With a flash of green light, he put on the Azure Demon Armor set.
The demon general seemed to have thought of something when he saw the Azure demon set on gongzi Liang’s body, and his demonic eyes narrowed.
“The Wu Zhiqi clan of the myriad beast Demon Realm has also died in your hands.” Demonic general retracted his gaze from the ‘Azure Demon Armor set’ and fixed it on Gong Ziliang.
He grabbed downward with one hand, and his fingers cracked the void.
Endless demonic Qi was drawn in, and it condensed into an eight-foot demonic spear.
Compared to the devil Spears that were destroyed by young master Liang earlier, the devil spear in the devil general’s hand now had an unusual aura.
Under the gaze of Gong Ziliang ‘s’ absurd golden eyes ‘, he could see that the spear was vibrating at a high frequency that was hard to capture.
It was as if it was trying to Pierce a hole in the space in front of it.
Gongzi Liang’s expression turned even more solemn.
He could sense that once this devil spear was used, it would definitely be earth-shattering! At this moment, the demonic general lowered his head and looked at the demonic spear in his hand, as if he was reminiscing about the past.
After a few seconds, the demon general raised his head and looked at Gong Ziliang, saying,”This sky-breaking demon spear has killed no less than ten upper-level creatures in my hands!” “Although the Spear’s original body is not here, it is your honor to die under its projection!” As soon as the demonic general finished speaking, the sky breaking demon spear sensed his will.
Demonic patterns were engraved on the spear, and it suddenly burst out with a piercing and fierce light.
In the light, the images of living beings with terrifying auras and bleeding under the spear appeared.
No more, no less, exactly ten, confirming that what the demon general had said just now had really happened! Holding the sky-breaking demonic spear, the demonic General’s aura became sharper and sharper.
His demonic body seemed to have become an indestructible spear.
However, after comparing the sky-breaking demonic spear with the demonic Dao’s God-slaying spear created by the demonic Dao old woman, gongzi Liang felt that the demonic Dao’s God-slaying spear was too powerful.
However, he was smiling.
In the images shown by the sky-breaking demon spear, the creatures that died under the spear were indeed superior beings.
However, from the aura that remained on the body of the spear, he could tell that those living beings were at most one level higher.
The demonic Dao ancestor had almost pierced through the heavenly Dao of Qingzhou with the demonic Dao’s God-slaying spear, which was equivalent to an upper rank two God! Moreover, when the demon general killed those upper-level creatures, he was already at the upper-level.
On the other hand, the demonic Dao old woman had defied the heavenly Dao with her mortal body! Who was stronger and who was weaker, it was obvious! However, it was precisely because of this that the demonic god-slaying spear technique would not only be dreaded by the heavenly Dao when cultivated, but it would also cause many demonic phenomena to descend and disturb the cultivator’s Dao heart.
The amount of spiritual energy it consumed when it was used was even more ridiculous.
Back in the ancient dynasty, even with the system’s blessing and his heavenly God cultivation, gongzi Liang could not unleash the full power of this heaven-level martial skill.
Naturally, Gong Ziliang did not intend to use this spear Dao martial technique against the sky-breaking demonic spear in the demonic General’s hands.
Instead, he had already made plans.
He immediately opened the system panel.
He looked into his backpack and saw that he had obtained nearly 300 yuan worth of cash coupons from the 20 Desert Scorpions that he had killed.
There was also the remaining 700 Yuan that he had after purchasing the gift pack of divine crystals.
With all of them added together, it was enough for him to buy a weapon, a Max-level pill gift bag.
Immediately, Gong Ziliang exchanged all the cash coupons for premium points.
Then, he opened the gift bag store and dragged out the weapon maxed-out pill gift bag.
[Ding! [You’ve purchased a weapon worth 899 Yuan, a Max-level pill gift pack.
899 points have been deducted.] [Please click on the gift bag to check your items.] After opening the gift bag, Gong Ziliang summoned the Crimson Dragon blade’s weapon spirit, Gong ziwu, and handed over a golden pill that he had taken out from the gift bag.
Young master Wu, who was now in his 20s, took the pill and knelt down in front of young master Liang in excitement.”Young master Wu, thank you for the pill, master!” Childe Liang smiled and was about to lift Childe Wu up when an unhappy voice was heard.”Master is biased.
He gave brother Wu a weapon level pill and not Xiao Ying!” He saw Gong Ziying pouting and looking angry.
Gong Ziliang glanced at the cash certificates, which barely had a three-digit number left.
He could only smile awkwardly and promise that he would do it again next time.
After finally appeasing gongzi Ying, gongzi Liang suddenly sensed a few resentful gazes landing on him.
There was no need to look to know that it was definitely Yiyi, Yushui, and the other artifact spirits.
Thinking of the consequences of being pestered by these tormenting fellows, Gong Ziliang quickly regained his focus.
Just as his mind returned to his body.
[Ding! [Congratulations, you have successfully used the weapon, the level-up pill!] [Crimson Dragon blade has been upgraded to the maximum level!] The system’s warning tone rang in his ears at the same time.
“Ang!” A powerful aura, accompanied by a loud Dragon’s Roar, swept out from the Red Dragon blade, which had been fused with the weapon full-level pill.
Immediately after.
A Scarlet true dragon roared and soared into the sky.
Wherever the Dragon passed by, it would burn holes of all sizes in the void.
It was a shocking sight.
The aura it exuded caused the temperature in the surrounding thousands of miles to rise by more than ten degrees.
It was clearly late at night, but it suddenly became hotter than the scorching noon sun.
The red true Dragon’s body was less than a thousand feet long, and it coiled in the night sky.
The light it emitted radiated across millions of miles of land.
As the Dragon’s Roar resounded … The sleeping cities, along with the quiet night, were broken.
Countless people, who had been exhausted by the blood rain during the day, were all woken up from their sleep.
When they saw the red light shining outside the house, they pushed open the doors and windows.
They saw that a sun seemed to have risen in the sky above where the Imperial City had been.
No matter how hard they looked, they still couldn’t see clearly what the sun was.
However, they felt the rising temperature in the air, which made them feel warm and extremely comfortable.
The fatigue and pain left in his body were also swept away.
At that moment, they couldn’t help but think of the divine Spirit Jiang who had shown his divinity in the day.
After that, there was no one to guide them.
However, those people put on their clothes at the same time and dragged their families to the ancestral hall in the city under the red light.
On the other side.
The true red Dragon that the Red Dragon blade transformed into flew a few rounds in the night sky.
After having enough fun, it turned into a red long sword and fell into Gong Ziliang’s hand.
The body of the sword was still shaking, and it was obvious that young master Wu had not calmed down yet.
On the opposite side.
The demonic general who held the sky-breaking demonic spear and showed off his sharp aura.

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