However, before he could strike out with the sky-breaking demonic spear, he suddenly saw that gongzi Liang, who had put away the Tianxuan sword and the soulshadow sword, had taken out a wooden long whip.
However, the threatening aura that the demonic general felt from the seemingly simple wooden whip was even stronger than the true red Dragon blade.
Immediately, the demonic General’s demonic pupils contracted uncontrollably.
Another divine artifact! Moreover, its grade was even higher than the divine longsword! This human, was he here to wholesale divine artifacts? Or could it be that his identity was actually a God from the upper realm who specialized in refining artifacts and had thrown himself into this world? Demonic General’s mouth was wide open, and his head was full of question marks.
Although there were not many such gods in the upper realm, the demon general just happened to know of one.
It was said that he had made many copies of primordial Supreme treasures, one of which was a long whip used to kill gods.
Then, the demon general thought of Gong Ziliang’s body, which was as strong as his own.
The demon general knew that he could not let gongzi Liang continue.
Otherwise, who knew if gongzi Liang would take out a Supreme treasure of the divinity and kill him here? Immediately, the demonic general held the sky-breaking demon spear and jumped onto the headless warhorse.
The tip of the spear shot out cold glints, and with the terrifying demonic Qi erupting from the demonic patterns on the body of the spear and the power of the demonic General’s demonic body, it pierced toward young master Liang’s face in the blink of an eye with a shrill sound.
“Wuwuwuwu!” Gong Ziliang’s expression did not change.
The true Crimson Dragon blade and the deity striking whip left his hands, and the two divine artifacts positioned themselves into a triangular shape, easily blocking the sky-breaking demon spear.
Then, Gong Ziliang punched the horse the demon general was riding.
“Bang!” It was accompanied by a dull sound of defeat.
The power of gongzi Liang’s origin source body and the penetrative properties of the nomological Laws of Power allowed his punch to penetrate the warhorse’s body.
The headless warhorse that was burning with demonic fire did not even have the time to neigh.
His life force was quickly destroyed by the pouring power of gongzi Liang’s fist.
He sensed that the aura of the warhorse was quickly dissipating.
The demonic general instantly went mad with hatred.
Although this warhorse’s cultivation had dropped to the seventh level of the lower position after its head was cut off, it was still a warhorse.
In the lava demon world, he couldn’t even compare to the weakest Demon Lord.
But to the demon general, this warhorse was no longer his Mount, but his only companion.
Meanwhile, Gong Ziliang retracted his fist.
As he wiped the dark Demon blood on his clothes, he apologized to the demon general,””I’m sorry, I used too much strength and accidentally killed your horse.
” “From now on, you won’t have a horse.” The demon general, who was already filled with anger, was completely enraged when he heard gongzi Liang’s obviously ambiguous words.
The hand holding the sky-breaking demon spear pulled with all its might.
However, the demonic general realized that the sky-breaking demon spear was being held back by the true Crimson Dragon blade and the God-striking whip, so he gave up the spear.
He injected a wisp of demonic Qi into the headless warhorse’s body to temporarily protect its life.
The aura of a rank-6 spirit-opening cultivator erupted from the demon General’s body.
The terrible demonic Qi rushed into the sky and covered the Starlight for tens of thousands of miles.
The deep night sky was instantly dyed as dark as iron.
The apologetic expression on gongzi Liang’s face disappeared.
What replaced it was a faint look of excitement.
He had been looking forward to this battle ever since he stepped out of the space Pearl.
It wasn’t just because the desert Scorpions didn’t give him enough of a challenge in the gold-farming event dungeon.
It was also because gongzi Liang felt that his origin source body still had a lot of potential to be unearthed.
The experience of his origin form absorbing the power of the demon General’s palm had also confirmed his idea.
Therefore, Gong Ziliang gave up the true red Dragon blade and the God-striking whip, which he could use to deal with the demon generals directly, and chose to fight them in close combat.
He wanted to maximize the potential of his origin source body in an extreme battle.
Seeing Gong Ziliang’s unyielding battle intent, the demonic General’s anger-filled mind was pulled back slightly.
The light that flickered in the demon Eye also had a touch of solemness.
As a demon general who had experienced the baptism of the myriad race war and fought countless demons in the lava demon world for tens of thousands of years, he was able to stand out.
He knew that the closer the battle was, the more he needed to calm down! After taking a few deep breaths, the demonic General’s unstable aura quickly calmed down.
Upon seeing this scene.
Shock filled Gong Ziliang’s eyes.
“It seems like you’re not a reckless man.” Gongzi Liang nodded and did not say anything else.
He raised his fist and punched at the demon general.
Gongzi Liang did not use any martial techniques in this punch.
Even the spirit energy in his body had been forcefully sealed, and he had only used the pure physical strength of his origin source body and the law of force.
A punch was thrown out, and there was actually not even the slightest bit of fist wind.
This was the performance of the fist force being restrained to the extreme by him, perfectly round and flawless.
In his daze, gongzi Liang had a feeling that even if someone at the peak of the spirit opening stage were to come over, he would be able to kill them in a single punch! This was not Gong Ziliang’s illusion.
The origin Energy was reinforced by the law of force, the first of the 3000 laws.
Gongzi Liang’s punch was powerful enough to kill anyone below the Nirvana stage! Just as Gong Ziliang’s fist was about to land on his body … Only then did the demon general start to react.
He raised his palm and struck it at Gong Ziliang like a palm blade.
However, he was clearly slower than Gong Ziliang by a beat, and his movements did not seem to be that fast.
However, he managed to strike after the opponent did.
Just as gongzi Liang’s fist was about to touch his skin … His forearms flickered away from gongzi Liang’s wrist with ease.
The demonic general then struck out with his palm blade, instantly dissolving the energy accumulated on Gong Ziliang’s fist.
Then, the palm that was on the back of Gong Ziliang’s hand pulled gently, causing Gong Ziliang’s figure to stagger and almost fall to the ground.
This method of turning something rotten into something magical was just a few simple actions when taken apart.
Gongzi Liang’s golden eyes of delusion-breaker could see it clearly.
He could even understand the secret behind it in his mind.
Pick up! Transform! Release! Catch his fist, get rid of all his strength, counter and explode! However, when he thought about it carefully, he realized that even if he knew the demon General’s methods, he would still be led by the demon general.
“His every movement is an instinctive reaction that he has developed through countless battles.
“It’s not a martial technique, but it’s a martial technique that far exceeds the divine power level!” “Skills are close to Dao!” Gongzi Liang couldn’t imagine how many brutal Wars this demon general had gone through to develop such a terrifying battle sense.
Shaking his head, gongzi Liang dispelled the sense of defeat that was rising in his heart.
Immediately after, an even more exuberant desire to challenge rose in him.
If the demonic general was the kind of idiot that he could knock down with one punch, he would have used the true red Dragon blade and the God-striking whip to deal with him.
And now, the reason why he had abandoned the divine weapon, wasn’t it for the sake of improving himself in battle?

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