The momentum of attack and defense instantly completed a 180-degree reversal.
As gongzi Liang kept punching the demon General’s weak spot, his aura quickly weakened.
Finally, when he barely managed to block gongzi Liang’s fist, the demon general seized the opportunity and retreated several li.
Then, without waiting for Gong Ziliang to catch up, he directly detonated a ball of demonic Qi and threw it into the whirlpool tunnel below.
“Boom boom boom!” In the sound of the explosion, a crack was forcefully torn open in the vortex channel by the demonic Qi.
Seeing this, the demonic general didn’t care if he would be angered by the gods if he returned to the lava demon world.
He didn’t even bother to take the headless warhorse and the sky-breaking demon spear.
He jumped like lightning and rushed toward the crack.
“Phew, the headless demon general is back.” “I really envy him.
He’s so lucky to be chosen by a God!” “He stayed in that world for such a long time.
Headless must have eaten a lot of blood this time.” In the lava below the whirlpool tunnel, the evil demons sensed the movement from above and stuck out their heads.
Their tone was filled with envy.
However, when he saw that the crack had not fully opened … The demonic General’s figure squeezed in in a sorry state, as if there was a terrifying existence chasing after him.
The demons were stunned.
At the same time.
When Gong Ziliang realized that the demon general was planning to escape … He wanted to stop it, but he saw that most of the demonic General’s body had already entered the crack.
“You dog, you want to run?” Gong Ziliang cursed out in anger, but it was too late to stop him.
He thought about how the demonic General’s shot would cost him his reward for killing the level 70 boss.
Gong Ziliang’s heart was bleeding.
Top-up red packets! A magical equipment set! Just as gongzi Liang was feeling heartache.
“Swish!” A red longsword ruthlessly struck the demonic General’s calf that had yet to be withdrawn into the crack.
Although he did not directly cut off half of the demon General’s leg, gongzi Liang’s vision blurred, and he saw something drop.
[Ding! [Congratulations, you have received 1 divine crystal fragment] Divine crystal shards? After the treasure beast spirit cat picked up the items dropped by the demonic general and put them back into its backpack.
Upon hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang felt as if he had been struck by lightning.
A demonic general could drop divine crystal fragments? This … Just how many good things had he missed this time! He thought of the Golden divine crystal that he had taken back to the demon world.
Gongzi Liangzhi wanted to slap himself.
If he wasn’t fine and had a hand-to-hand fight with the demon general, how could he have let the demon general, this duck that was at his mouth, fly away? “Eh? The devil World …” Suddenly, a light bulb went off in gongzi Liang’s head.
He recalled that when the demonic general had opened the vortex tunnel, he had not used any overly complicated ritual.
It was just that the demonic Qi was sent into the whirlpool channel.
A hint of ruthlessness surfaced in Gong Ziliang’s eyes as he watched the rapidly disappearing passage.
He knew that the whirlpool portal was connected to a Devil World.
However, there were countless spirit opening realm evil demons inside.
There was also a level 70 boss that could drop top-up red packets, equipment, and God crystal shards! “I’ll bet on it!” “At most, I’ll go and level those devil realms!” After he finished speaking, he used the ‘art of myriad changes’ to transform all the spiritual energy in his body into demonic Qi.
Then, he rolled it into a huge ball of demonic Qi and threw it down at the vortex tunnel.
At the other end of the vortex tunnel.
The demons in the lava first saw the image of the lucky one chosen by the gods and escaping in a sorry state.
He was confused and didn’t know what had happened.
Then, he heard the demonic general scream in pain.
The leg that he had pulled back was already covered in blood.
In an instant.
The demons realized that the demonic general had encountered a tough opponent in that world.
It was very likely that he had not even completed his mission.
When he thought of this.
The fiends were suddenly extremely curious about the experiences of the demon general.
They couldn’t figure out what kind of existence was in that world that could kill so many demon generals and make them return in defeat.
However, compared to their curiosity, the demons were more gloating over the demon General’s misfortune.
“Haha, this Overlord said that he is a headless good-for-nothing! Soaring snake, uncle you, what else do you have to say!” Bashan Lord was extremely pleased with himself as he spoke in high spirits.
In terms of strength, it was far from a demon General’s match.
But now, the demonic general had not completed the task given by the gods.
It would not be long before he would be punished by the gods.
Under such a situation, BA Shan Lord naturally had nothing to fear from the headless demon general.
After being pointed out by BA Shan feudal lord, soaring snake feudal lord immediately flicked out his snake tongue and hissed,””Even if headless is a good-for-nothing, it doesn’t change the fact that you, Lord BA Shan, are even worse than him.” In the face of soaring snake suzerain’s retort, BA Shan suzerain could not contain his anger.
However, under the expectant gazes of the surrounding fiend Lords, just as he was about to make his move … The whirlpool portal that was about to disappear in the sky was suddenly injected with a stream of demonic Qi and slowly opened.
Below the vortex tunnel.
The demonic general absorbed the power of the lava demon world to recover his strength.
At the same time, he drove his demonic Qi to remove the Dragonfire true fire left on the true red Dragon blade on his calf.
In his heart, the demonic general rejoiced.
He was glad that he had seized the opportunity to escape.
Otherwise, if that human continued to mess with him, he would die in that world before he could even use the divine weapon.
And now, although he had failed to complete the God’s mission to kill the human who had killed the God, he was still a God.
But at least he managed to keep his life.
As for how the gods of the upper realm would punish him.
The demonic general was too lazy to think about this.
It didn’t matter what happened, as long as he didn’t have to face that human! As he was thinking, the demonic general heard the sounds of the demons making a ruckus in the lava below.
He frowned and was about to let them quiet down so that they wouldn’t disturb his recovery.
However, before the demon general could speak.
The demons ‘voices in his ears fell silent.
“Eh? What’s going on?” The demonic general was a little puzzled and subconsciously looked down.
Then, the demonic general saw that the demons ‘eyes were wide open as they looked behind them in shock.
In an instant.
A figure suddenly jumped out of the demonic General’s mind.
“You’re running pretty fast.
Don’t you want your horse?” The next moment.
The demon General’s pores opened at the nightmarish voice, and his body began to tremble uncontrollably.
That human, he actually … Followed them in! But suddenly, the demonic general realized that this was the lava demon world, his home ground! The reason why he had been unable to do anything to that human previously was mostly because his strength had been suppressed by the heavenly Dao of that world and the divine pattern seal.

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