The reason why he had been unable to do anything to that human previously was mostly because his strength had been suppressed by the heavenly Dao of that world and the divine pattern seal.
But it was different in the lava world! Here, not only could he display 100% of his strength, but he could also continuously extract the demonic Qi of the lava demon world.
Not to mention a mere lower-level human.
Even if it was a superior God, as long as they didn’t have a way to kill him in one blow, he would be almost invincible in this lava demon world! “You don’t want to go to heaven when there’s a door, but you want to break into hell when there’s no door!” “Since you insist on seeking death, I’ll fulfill your wish!” The demon general was overjoyed.
After killing Gong Ziliang, not only would all of the divine weapons on Gong Ziliang fall into his hands.
At the same time, he could also complete the task given by the gods.
It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone! After saying that loudly, demonic general could not wait to recover his strength to its peak.
With a grab of his hand, the endless lava and demonic Qi below were drawn towards him, engulfing young master Liang.
Gongzi Liang held the Red Dragon Sword in his left hand and the God-striking whip in his right.
He knew that he had to end the battle as soon as possible after he glanced at the Restless evil demons below.
Immediately, he split the lava and demonic Qi with his sword and locked onto the demonic general with his golden eyes of delusion split.
He activated his movement technique and rushed over.
“Hmph, I’m the Azure Dragon that has entered the sea since I’ve come here.
You want to catch up with me with your means? dream on!” The demonic general sneered.
His demonic body flashed, and in the next second, he had already appeared several li away.
Having stayed in the lava demon world for tens of thousands of years, the demon general knew the outer area like the back of his hand.
If he insisted on hiding, young master Liang would not even be able to touch his shadow, let alone catch up to him.
“Is that so?” Gongzi Liang also sneered at the demon General’s words.
Immediately, his divine sense swept out with a special kind of rhythmic divine sense.
It ignored the demonic General’s defense and directly bombarded his demonic soul.
“Owwuuu!” The demon general clearly did not expect that gongzi Liang would possess such a terrifying consciousness.
Caught off guard, the demonic soul was severely injured, and it let out a miserable howl.
In fact, even if the demon general was on guard, it would be useless.
When gongzi Liang’s divine consciousness reached level 70, it had already advanced from a ‘whistle’ to a ‘cry’.
It was not inferior to the divine consciousness of a spirit opening realm cultivator.
In addition to the Holy damage from the Azure demon Set Necklace, the true red Dragon’s blade that had struck the demonic general earlier had left its power on his demonic body, causing him to break through defenses and damage his soul, as well as the indiscriminate suppression effect of the body of origin … Under the amplification of these attributes, the demonic soul of a demon general was almost completely defenseless in front of gongzi Liang’s consciousness.
While the demon General’s Demon Soul was heavily injured and unable to move.
Gongzi Liang charged forward and condensed three sets of runes with his God-striking whip, turning the demonic general into a dumpling from head to toe.
He glanced at the vortex tunnel that was about to disappear … Gongzi Liang carried the demon general that had been sealed and soared into the sky.
“Audacious fanatic, you actually dare to break into the lava demon world and abduct the demon prisoners!” “Stay!” However, before Gong Ziliang could step into the whirlpool tunnel … A terrifying will let out an angry demonic sound that reverberated in this world.
“Boom boom boom!” Below him, the endless lava seemed to be enraged and churned endlessly.
The evil demons in the lava also reacted at this moment.
Their huge demonic bodies rose up and pounced at young master Liang.
Gong Ziliang did not think much of these spirit opening realm fiends.
However, the will just now made him recall the feeling of facing the heavenly path of Qingzhou.
His scalp was about to explode.
Gong Ziliang immediately understood that he was being targeted by a demonic creature that was at least at the upper second rank.
Fortunately, the voice was extremely far away, and the owner of the will couldn’t rush over in a short time.
Even so, gongzi Liang did not dare to waste even a second.
He waved the true Crimson Dragon blade, and young master Wu turned into a long Crimson Dragon, spurting out Dragon true fire that surrounded young master Liang.
The evil demons shrieked in fear and retreated.
Although these evil demons had been tempered by the lava here all year round, their demon bodies had long been fire-resistant.
However, the true dragon Fire that young master Wu spat out was the power of laws of nature, and it wasn’t something that the Lord-level demons could withstand.
“Well done, young master Wu!” Gongzi Liang complimented, and while the demons were being forced back, he turned around and jumped into the whirlpool tunnel.
“Roar!” Just as gongzi Liang’s figure disappeared into the whirlpool tunnel … Behind him, a one-eyed giant demon with demonic flames all over its body stepped on the lava and roared as it approached.
However … After the one-eyed giant demon came here, it looked at the whirlpool tunnel that had yet to disappear.
In the end, it did not dare to take a step further.
After all … It was also a demon prisoner sealed here by the gods.
Without the permission of the gods, anyone who dared to cross the boundary would be killed by the Golden lightning.
He looked at the back of the one-eyed giant demon that quickly turned back.
Until the figure disappeared from their sight for a long time.
The evil demons who had fallen back into the lava still did not make any movements.
It wasn’t that they were afraid of the one-eyed giant demon, that it would come back and cause them trouble.
It was just that what had happened in that short period of time was too shocking, and they couldn’t digest it in a short time.
A lower-level human had barged into the lava demon world.
He had even abducted a Demon Lord at the peak of the lower level in front of these demons.
Ever since these evil demons had their memories, they had never heard of such a thing, let alone seen it! If not for the fact that they had personally witnessed the entire process.
If other demons had said that to them, they would have laughed their heads off.
“Headless, I’m afraid we’re finished this time.” Suddenly, a low, muffled voice broke the silence in the area after the one-eyed giant demon left.
The one who spoke was BA Shan Lord.
“If he’s dead, then so be it.
Our lava demon world doesn’t lack a headless one!” The other Lord took over.
After he finished, he thought of the headless demon general that had escaped back here.
He was chased by the human with a sword in one hand and a whip in the other.
The Overlord immediately shut his mouth.
The other evil demons seemed to have thought of the same thing, and their faces that were covered in lava were filled with shock.
Thus, in the following period of time, the demon overlords surprisingly didn’t say anything.
Even the demon overlords who didn’t usually deal with each other maintained silence.
The outer region of the lava demon world entered a rare state of peace.
In the depths.
The one-eyed giant demon who had just returned from the outer area looked at the few demons waiting there and told them what had happened.
The auras of these demons were not inferior to that of the one-eyed trolls.
They were all upper-level great Lords.

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