Gongzi Liang glanced at it and made a copy of the map with his mind.
Then, the law of force pushed the true red Dragon blade.
With a “PU” sound, the Scarlet sword easily pierced into the demon General’s body.
The terrifying true dragon Fire was spat out and quickly burned away the demonic General’s life force.
The demonic General’s demonic body tensed up to the extreme, but under the suppression of the runes continuously condensed by the God-striking whip, he could not even let out a scream.
He could only stare at Gong Ziliang with wide eyes.
In the beginning, the demonic General’s eyes were filled with pleading.
After a while, he seemed to have realized that Gong Ziliang was not soft-hearted and had no intention of letting him go.
The demonic general tore off his disguise, and his demonic eyes flickered with a threatening light.
However, after seeing that gongzi Liang was not threatened, the demon general forced out a pleading expression.
At the same time, he tried his best to open his mouth, wanting to say something and fight for it.
“I’m sorry.
I was in the lava demon world just now.
My ears were too tired from the noise of those demons.” “So, save your words for your next life.” “Oh, I forgot.
You won’t have a next life.” Gongzi Liang said to the demon general with a smile as he picked his ears.
Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words.
The demon general knew that it was inevitable that he would die at the hands of young master Liang! Unless a God descended! Otherwise, his fate could not be changed.
For a moment, the demonic General’s mind was filled with scenes from tens of thousands of years ago.
The light in his demonic eyes flickered as he reminisced.
Along with the demonic General’s life force, it was slowly extinguished.
The final expression on his face was one of confusion.
It seemed that the demonic general didn’t understand even after his death.
As a general of the demonic world, even the rank two God could only use a divine artifact to cut his head off and seal him.
It was impossible to truly erase his existence.
Why had he fallen at the hands of a puny human today? He looked at the demonic General’s expression.
Gongzi Liang suddenly thought of the divine Lord.
“That guy might have the same mentality as the demon general before his death.” He was thinking.
[Ding! [Congratulations! You have successfully killed the wild boss, headless general!] [Reward: top-up luck red packet X2!] [Ding! [Congratulations! You have successfully killed the wild boss, headless general!] Reward: headless godly armor: [heaven-breaking demon spear]!] [Ding! [Congratulations! You have successfully killed the wild boss, headless general!] [Reward: red Equipment Fragment X50!] [Ding! [Congratulations! You have successfully killed the wild boss, headless general!] [Reward: divine crystal fragments x20!] …… The continuous beeps interrupted Gong Ziliang’s extended thoughts and brought him back to the present.
Looking at the pile of items that had dropped on the demonic General’s body, gongzi Liang didn’t wait for the civet treasure beast to make a move.
He dashed over and picked up the items that had dropped like a gust of autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.
[Spirit cat treasure beast: meowmeowmeowmeowmeow!] Glancing at the aggrieved spirit cat, Gong Ziliang chuckled and immediately entered the system to look at the spoils of war.
[Headless godly equipment, sky breaking demon spear!] Magic treasure [Level: 100] [Attributes: +300% attack] [Special attribute 1:100% chance to activate spear-piercing force against enemies below rank 1, causing 50% armor-piercing effect!] [Special attribute 2:20% chance of launching a rain of Spears on enemies below rank 1!] [Special attribute 3: when attacking normally, there will be special effects of poison fire, lava, and spear shadows!] …… The first item he opened was the sky-breaking demon spear.
After reading its attributes, Gong Ziliang instantly lost interest.
For one, the sky-breaking demon Spear’s level was too high.
He could not use a level 100 magic treasure at all.
Secondly, apart from the 300% attack boost, the other attribute of the sky-breaking demon spear was more eye-catching.
The other special attributes were not attractive to Gong Ziliang at all, who already had the godly weapon, the true red Dragon blade.
Of course, Gong Ziliang wouldn’t let the system take back this demonic treasure for such a waste.
I’ll put it in my backpack to eat the dust first, maybe it’ll come in handy in the future.
Then, Gong Ziliang’s attention fell on the red equipment fragments that had dropped.
This time, 50 red equipment shards were dropped from the demonic general.
In other words, after three more times, he would be able to exchange for a red equipment of the system at the level of the void bracelet.
However, Gong Ziliang knew that wild bosses like the headless demon general were rare.
Fortunately, even if he did not encounter any wild bosses, he could still challenge daily bosses.
Although the monsters in the system’s daily bosses were only projections of the bosses that he had killed himself.
Its strength and intelligence were much lower than that of a real boss.
The items dropped by the boss were far less than what the real boss dropped.
However, to Gong Ziliang, it was a stable source of income.
After skipping over the red equipment fragments, gongzi Liang’s attention landed excitedly on the 21 God crystal fragments lying in a backpack slot at the side! Each of the divine crystal fragments was the size of a fingernail.
However, the Golden mist circulating within and the light it emitted almost intoxicated Gong Ziliang.
According to the price of a divine crystal gift bag, one divine crystal was worth 50 yuan.
The 21 God crystal pieces here could be combined into two God crystals.
In other words, just the divine crystal fragments that dropped this time had already exceeded 100 yuan.
“I wonder if there are any God crystal shards when I kill a daily boss?” Gong Ziliang mumbled as he opened the boss panel.
He skipped the personal boss interface and directly entered the projection space of the wild boss.
With a flash of white light, the image of a demon general riding on a headless warhorse and holding a demon spear appeared before Gong Ziliang.
Gongzi Liang didn’t waste any time and raised his fist.
After a series of “boom boom boom” sounds, the head of the demon general riding on the headless warhorse exploded with a single punch from gongzi Liang.
Then, he turned back into the headless demon general and exploded into a pile of items along with the headless warhorse.
Gong Ziliang did not find it strange that they had dealt with the demon general so quickly.
The spirit cat treasure beast picked up the items that had fallen on the ground.
[Ding! [You’ve received 5 red equipment shards] [Ding! [You’ve obtained 10 low-level experience pills] [Ding! [You’ve obtained sky-breaking devil spear Art X1] [Ding! [You’ve obtained 2 divine crystal pieces] …… Divine crystal fragments X2! Gongzi Liang’s eyes brightened.
As expected, the God crystal shards that could be obtained from the first kill of a boss could also be obtained from the daily boss’s projection! Even though the God crystal shards that had dropped this time were only one-tenth of the first Clear’s total, it was still a pity.
However, the good thing was that daily bosses would respawn every day.
In other words, even if he could only get two divine crystal shards a day, he would still be able to get the minimum amount.
He would be able to get a God crystal in five days.
I’ve earned big! Soon after, gongzi Liang noticed that apart from the level pills, red equipment fragments, and divine crystal fragments, there was also a martial technique.
After looking at the attributes, he found out that this “sky-breaking demon spear art” was a martial art technique created by the headless demon general for the sky-breaking demon spear.
The earth-tier superior-grade was already enough to be ranked in the top two among all the martial skills that Gong Ziliang cultivated.

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