Not only that, before the demon general was sealed, he was a creature of the upper level.
Unlike a reverent-God, the origin Energy cultivated by a demon general was all in this demon body.
If the demonic body of the demonic general was destroyed by force, the power of the law that was integrated into it would spread, which would definitely shake the Supreme heavenly Dao and trigger the heavenly punishment like when he killed the Hierarch.
This was also the reason why the superior deity didn’t kill the demon general directly.
After all … The divine weapon could cut off the demon General’s head, but it couldn’t help the high-level God to offset the backlash of the Supreme heavenly Dao from obliterating the demon General’s law.
Just as gongzi Liang was feeling a headache.
Suddenly, his Origin Energy body began to throb with instinctive impulse.
“What?” Gongzi Liang frowned slightly.
He tried to follow the impulse of the origin source body and placed his palm on the demon General’s corpse.
An icy touch assaulted him.
Following that, an extremely profound aura gathered in the demonic General’s palm from the depths of his lifeless flesh.
After absorbing the aura.
Gong Ziliang sensed that his origin source body seemed to have become a little stronger! Due to the lack of a reference point, Gong Ziliang was unable to confirm whether that feeling had really happened to him.
Or was it just an illusion? “Eh? They’re here!” However, the next moment.
An even more powerful aura was extracted from the demonic General’s flesh and blood, turning into a stream of air as thick as a finger joint and flowing into his palm.
Gongzi Liang immediately confirmed that he had discovered some incredible potential in his origin source body.
He cut off a trace of the Qi flow and fused it with a finger.
Gongzi Liang raised his finger and jabbed at the air in front of him.
“Swish!” The invisible void was easily poked by his finger, and a black hole appeared.
“Hiss!” Gongzi Liang was a little shocked.
It was not difficult for him to tear through the void with his origin source body.
However, he did not use the power of his Origin Energy.
In other words, after absorbing the aura in the demonic General’s flesh and blood, his body of origin would be further strengthened.
In his heart, gongzi Liang had already vaguely guessed what that aura was.
The power of law! The power of law that was integrated into the flesh and blood of a demon general! There might even be the power of the divine pattern seal! His own Origin Energy could not only absorb the demonic General’s palm energy, but also assimilate the various elemental powers contained within.
Now, he could even extract and absorb Origin Energy.
“Doesn’t that mean that even if I don’t have divine crystals, as long as I can extract enough Origin Energy, my Origin Energy body can still improve?” Suddenly, he recalled the feeling of his origin source body improving, and a terrifying thought appeared in his mind.
Then, he realized that if his idea was true … In that case, he must not tell anyone about the secret of the origin source body! After all, even the gods who were born with the Heaven’s Will had to comprehend the Supreme heavenly Dao in order to strengthen their own origin power.
And his own origin source body could actually skip the process of comprehension and directly use other people’s origin source for his own use! If this news were to spread, the gods of the upper realm would definitely kill him at all costs! Everyone related to him would be implicated! “System, what kind of physique did you give me? it’s too much of a bug.” Gong Ziliang said with a bitter smile.
After discovering that the origin body could absorb Origin Energy, he was more terrified than excited.

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