The reason why Yi kun knew about nine Dragon Holy Land wasn’t because of his identity, which allowed him to come into contact with such a force.
However, a few years ago, the Holy Son of the nine Dragon Holy Land with the nine Dragons devouring heaven body had stepped out of the Holy Land.
It was said that he was looking for a woman.
Yin Kun wasn’t sure if he found it in the end.
However, the nine Dragon Saint child had defeated several sea of consciousness realm patriarchs of several dynasties with his tribulation passing realm cultivation.
In the end, in the bifang Empire, he used the nine Dragons swallowing heaven body to fight to a standstill with the sky celestial realm ancestor who suppressed the Empire.
Such a terrifying battle record instantly caused a huge earthquake in the southeast Region.
The nine Dragon Saint son, Nine Dragons swallowing heaven body, and nine Dragon Holy Land had spread throughout the dynasties since then.
“Elder nie RUO from the nine Dragon Holy Land … The birth of the ancestor is definitely not without a reason.” “But recently, the only major event in the southeast Region is the ancient godly beast of the bi Fang dynasty.” “Why is this Nirvana stage Grandmaster here instead of going to the bi Fang Empire?” Yin Kun’s brows furrowed to the extreme, thinking for a long time but still had no clue.
Immediately after, as he looked at the Phoenix-winged divine Peng that was about to fly over his head, a look of determination appeared in Yi kun’s eyes.
The appearance of a Nirvana stage old monster was a serious matter.
Moreover, since the other party was coming for the Monet dynasty, Yin Kun had to figure out their purpose.
If they were to become enemies with the Monet dynasty … He could show off in front of the other party, and perhaps even form a good relationship with the nine Dragon sacred land.
And if the Nirvana old monster was a friend of the Monet dynasty, then the Monet dynasty would be in trouble.
In that case, Yin Kun might have to rush back to the Pingjiang dynasty as soon as possible and escape as far away as possible with his family and friends.
“You all wait here.
Before I return, do not act on your own!” After giving an order to his men of sacrifice, Yi kun activated his tribulation passing realm cultivation and chased after the Phoenix-winged divine Peng.
“What?” High up in the sky.
Gong Ziliang sensed the aura coming from below and looked down.
Upon seeing Yi kun’s face clearly, Gong Ziliang was slightly stunned as he felt that it was familiar.
“Eh, that guy looks familiar.
Where have I seen him before?” Although the chai city matter had not passed for long.
But for someone like Yin Zhiping, gongzi Liang had never taken it to heart from the start.
Thus, when he saw Yin Kun, he didn’t think of Yin Zhiping.
Gong Ziliang’s eyes rolled.
With the activation of the art of myriad changes, he changed his appearance into another one.
Fortunately, Yin Kun was truly frightened by Gong Ziliang’s ostentatious display of riding on a spiritual sea realm spirit beast.
When he flew over, he kept his head down and did not notice the change in gongzi Liang’s appearance.
Yin Kun stopped when he was a few hundred meters away from the Phoenix-winged divine Peng.
It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get any closer, but the Phoenix-winged divine Peng’s aura was simply too terrifying.
In addition, the pair of Golden Phoenix wings created air currents when they flapped in the air.
Even Yin Kun, who was in the Tribulation passing realm, didn’t dare to risk his life.
After pressing down, Yin Kun saw that the person sitting on the back of the Phoenix-winged divine Peng was actually a youth.
He was first shocked, but then he thought that the other party might have done this on purpose.
He knew that the stronger a cultivator was, the more they would have strange habits that ordinary people couldn’t understand.
For example, the patriarch in the sea of consciousness realm in the Pingjiang dynasty liked to dress up as a farmer.
It was said that by doing so, one could get closer to nature and comprehend the great Dao of heaven and earth.
Immediately, Yi kun bowed to Gong Ziliang respectfully.
“Junior Yi kun greets the senior from nine Dragon sanctuary,” he shouted as he circulated his spiritual energy.
Yi kun temporarily wasn’t sure if this Nirvana stage old monster was a friend or foe.
Therefore, he only dared to report his name and did not reveal his identity.
Hearing the way Yin Kun addressed him, Gong Ziliang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Thinking back to his previous experience of being misunderstood, it seemed that every time he rode out on a Mount, he would be treated as a senior by others.
On second thought, Gong Ziliang realized that his horse-riding skills were indeed good enough to scare people off if he was misunderstood.
However, Gong Ziliang didn’t spend any effort to explain that Yi kun had mistaken him for a senior from nine Dragon sanctuary.
However, Yi kun’s name made Gong Ziliang’s mind flash as he recalled something.
“Yin … Huh? Could he be that Yin Zhiping’s father?” His gaze carefully swept over Yin Kun’s face a few times and then looked at the Python robe that only the noble families had the right to wear.
Immediately, Gong Ziliang was 90% sure that even if the yin Kun in front of him was not Yin Zhiping’s father, they were definitely related by blood.
When Gong Ziliang looked over, Yin Kun felt as if all his secrets were exposed under Gong Ziliang’s gaze.
For a moment, he was trembling with fear.
He barely managed to stabilize his body and stood there, not even daring to breathe loudly.
This was not because gongzi Liang had activated the absurd golden eyes, but purely because gongzi Liang’s realm had far surpassed Yin Kun ‘s.
In addition, in Yi kun’s heart, he had long treated Gong Ziliang as a Nirvana stage old monster.
As such, when he was facing Gong Ziliang, he had created a huge psychological pressure on himself.
He was afraid that he would offend the Nirvana forefather of nine Dragon Holy Land.
Even though at this moment, Yin Kun’s mind was about to collapse from the huge pressure, he could only force himself to hold on.
Finally, just as Yi kun felt that he could not hold on any longer, Gong Ziliang’s gaze finally moved away from him.
“Are you the country guarding Duke of the Pingjiang dynasty?” However, the next moment, a question was thrown out of Gong Ziliang’s mouth, causing Yin Kun’s heart, which had yet to be put into his stomach, to instantly jump up to his throat.
How did the other party know his identity? What to do? Was he going to deny it or was he trying to sound out the other party’s intentions? However, the other party had already asked.
If he didn’t answer, wouldn’t that be disrespectful? In a short period of time, countless thoughts flashed through Yin Kun’s mind.
However, his breathing was heavy.
Before he could think of how to respond, he heard the other party say,””I’ve heard pingxiu mention you.
He said that you’re the White jade pillar of the Pingjiang dynasty and the purple-gold beam that supports the sea.” “Unparalleled Kingdom Knight!” Yi kun was stunned when he heard Gong Ziliang’s words.
Did ping Xiu really evaluate him this way? He thought of ping Xiu’s infighting and even coming here to curse him to death.
Yin Kun suddenly felt guilty.
However, from gongzi Liang’s obviously kind tone when he mentioned peaceful rest … Yi kun already understood the attitude of this Nirvana stage old monster.
Although he was not sure how pingxiu managed to get close to this Nirvana stage old monster.
However, since the other party’s position was on ping Xiu’s side, then he had something to do.
Yi kun purposely put on a surprised expression and said,””Ya, senior, you actually recognize my brother Wang?” Gongzi Liang nodded with a smile, thinking,””Not only do I know him, but he also owes me 800 million spiritual stones!” 

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