“Not only do I know him, but he also owes me 800 million spiritual stones!” Gongzi Liang nodded with a smile and muttered in his heart.
Seeing Gong Ziliang’s smiling expression, Yi kun calmed down.
“I won’t hide it from you, senior.
I’m the country guarding Duke of Pingjiang dynasty,” he said immediately.
“The ping Xiu that senior is talking about is the useless brother Wang.” “The reason I came here this time is to think of a way to save brother Wang and bring him back to the Imperial court!” “Although I know that the Monet dynasty is a dangerous place, a country can’t go a day without a ruler.
Even if I have to sacrifice myself here, I will do it!” After Yi kun finished speaking with a strong sense of righteousness, he took out a handkerchief from his chest.
His expression changed seamlessly and he became dejected,””Ever since my Royal brother was taken away by the Monet dynasty, I’ve been so anxious that I can’t wait to lead the Army to destroy the Monet dynasty and save my Royal brother!” “But I was afraid that the Monet dynasty would hurt my Royal brother, so I had to negotiate with them.” “I didn’t expect the Monet dynasty to offer 800 million spiritual stones.
Senior, don’t you think it’s too much?” This handkerchief was brought over by Yin Kun to curse commoners to death.
He didn’t expect it to be useful here.
Looking at Yin Kun’s perfect acting skills, holding the moldy handkerchief and wiping the tears that were squeezed out from the corner of his eyes, Gong Ziliang instantly screamed in his heart: “F * ck!” This guy, if he was thrown into his previous world, he would definitely be a movie King! The conflict between the Pingjiang dynasty’s Duke Zhengguo’s mansion and the royal family was something that gongzi Liang knew from sun yaomu’s memories.
If it wasn’t for the attack on the Monet dynasty, the conflict between the two sides would have been eased.
Otherwise, both sides would have already fought until their dog brains came out.
However, gongzi Liang knew that ping Xiu was a cunning old man.
He had secretly cultivated a divine Dao technique and had even hidden his sea of consciousness cultivation from the sea of consciousness patriarch of the Pingjiang dynasty.
If Yi kun were to come looking for him, he would be crushed like an ant in minutes.
However, Gong Ziliang’s expression turned ugly when he heard Yi kun mention the 800 million spiritual stones.
Was this price too much? He had originally planned to spare 30 million spirit stones for free, but who asked ping Xiu to not know what was good for him! At the thought of this, Gong Ziliang said in a deep voice,””How many spirit stones do you have now?” “I’ve gathered it …” Yi kun answered subconsciously, but he immediately reacted and looked at Gong Ziliang in shock.
Wait, wasn’t this senior here to save pingxiu? Why are you asking me about the spirit stones now? “Could it be that this senior doesn’t want to use his status to oppress the Monet dynasty and do things like the strong bullying the weak so as not to ruin his reputation?” “That’s why you’re taking out some spirit stones to show your attitude?” Yi kun thought of a possibility and immediately labeled this senior in front of him as pedantic.
However, on his face, Yi kun did not dare to show any of his true thoughts.
After some deliberation, he decided to go along with Gong Ziliang’s idea and said,””I only have 1700000…No, 20000000 spirit stones.” Yi kun was clear that these spirit stones didn’t represent the ransom, but the face of this senior.
If he took too little, he might just anger this senior and drive him away.
Therefore, Yin Kun had scraped together 170 million spiritual stones from the Pingjiang dynasty and added another 30 million spiritual stones to make a total of 200 million.
“Only two hundred million?” However, after Yin Kun finished speaking, he heard Gong Ziliang’s dissatisfied voice.
Yi kun’s heart sank.
That was 200 million spirit stones! Even with the resources of the Pingjiang dynasty, the amount of spiritual stones they could get from mining in a year was less than one-third of this number.
However, he thought of the senior in front of him, who was an existence standing at the peak of the cultivation world.
It was normal for 200 million spiritual stones to not catch the other party’s eye.
Rolling his eyes, Yi kun gritted his teeth and said,””Actually, I still have tens of millions of spirit stones with me.” “I planned to keep it for my son’s cultivation, but my son was killed by the third Prince of the Monet dynasty who colluded with a man named gongzi Liang.” “Today, I’ll take them all out!” These tens of millions of spirit stones were all the private collection of the Duke Zhengguo’s mansion.
But in order to please this senior in front of him, Yi kun went all out.
When he saw Yi kun mention his name, he gritted his teeth in anger.
Gong Ziliang wanted to tell Yin Kun that it was his son who came to seek death.
He couldn’t blame himself for being beheaded.
However, for the sake of those tens of millions of spirit stones … And for the sake of respecting the dead, gongzi Liang still said kindly,”Not bad, not bad.
It seems that pingxiu did not lie to me.
” “You’re indeed a righteous man, and you live up to the name of “unparalleled Kingdom Knight”!” When Yi kun heard this, he quickly acted like he was overwhelmed by the favor and waved his hand,””It’s just a few spirit stones, not worth mentioning.
” “As long as I can save brother Wang, everything will be worth it!” Yin Kun suddenly changed the topic,”I was worried that the Monet dynasty might not give up even if we took out the spirit stones.
They would definitely make more difficult demands.” “Now, with you, the Monet dynasty won’t dare to make things difficult for us.” Thousands of ways to wear but not flattery.
Although Yin Kun was the country guarding Duke, he still understood this principle.
As expected, after he finished speaking, he saw Gong Ziliang smile and say, “That’s right.
As long as the Pingjiang dynasty can provide us with enough spiritual stones, I believe that mo Zhongtian, as the Emperor of a country, will not go back on his words.” “Since that’s the case, hand over the spirit stones to me first, and I’ll take you back to pingxiu.” Upon hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, Yi kun immediately sent over a storage ring embedded with an emerald gem with spirit Qi without hesitation.
Gong Ziliang took the storage ring from a distance and scanned it with his spiritual will, only to discover that there were only over 90 million spirit stones inside.
Eh? He had treated others with sincerity, but this old fellow was toying with him? Before Gong Ziliang could fly into a rage, Yin Kun explained,””The spirit stones in here were all taken out by this junior.” “As for the ones that the dynasty gathered, they are all with our forefather.” Hearing this, Gong Ziliang understood.
After putting away the storage ring, he nodded his head and said in a calm tone,””En, then you can come with me.” Yi kun was overjoyed.
Traveling with a Nirvana stage ancestor, this kind of thing, even if the country guarding Duke’s line traced back for many generations, it was likely that no one had ever had such a special encounter.
If this news spread, his fame would shake the ten nations! “Many … Many thanks, senior.” In an instant, Yi kun’s voice trembled with excitement as he directed his spirit Qi towards the back of the Phoenix-winged divine Peng.
However, the next moment.
A sharp wind was brought up by the Phoenix-winged divine ROC’s golden wings and slammed into Yi kun’s body.
A “crack” sound was heard.
Yin Kun’s protective spiritual energy was directly shattered by the astral wind.

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