Mo Zhongtian could roughly guess ping Xiu’s intentions from his attitude.
However, if he were to give up on resisting and surrender … If word got out, the Monet dynasty would never be able to regain the dignity that they had lost in his hands.
But right now, Cao Tian had just left.
Even if he rushed back after receiving the news, he would not be ping xinghun’s match.
Unless Gong Ziliang appeared, it would be meaningless to drag this on.
“Ah …” Sighing, mo Zhongtian pushed aside a golden armor soldier in front of him and walked forward.
He heard movement behind him.
Mo Shaoyun, Xing Feng, Zhou Wu, and the others who were at the front turned around to look.
When he saw mo Zhongtian’s determined steps, he walked up to him with determination.
The expressions on their faces instantly changed to varying degrees.
“Father!” “Your Majesty!” “Monarch mo …” The three of them opened their mouths, wanting to say something.
Mo Zhongtian raised his hand to interrupt them.
His gaze swept across the three of them, stopping on Xing Feng for a while before finally landing on mo Shaoyun.
“Yun ‘er, from today onwards, you can inherit the throne and become the Emperor!” “Minister Zhou, you’ve done a good job in escorting Yun ‘er.
You’ve pulled out a third-grade spine, so you’re allowed to enter the pavilion.” “Mr.
Xing, I shouldn’t ask you for anything.
However, Yun ‘er is still young.
I hope that you can take care of her after I leave.” …… In just a few words, mo Zhongtian did not give them any time to react and passed the throne to mo Shaoyun.
He also did his best to pave the way for mo Shaoyun.
After making these arrangements, mo Zhongtian seemed to have unloaded the heavy burden on his shoulders.
He walked briskly to ping Xiu and said,””Monarch ping, from now on, I, mo, will be your prisoner.” Hearing mo Zhongtian’s self-deprecating words, ping Xiu’s eyes narrowed.
The respect in his eyes previously was now filled with fear.
In order to protect the bigger picture, mo Zhongtian was even willing to give up his country.
He was willing to go from a supreme ruler to a prisoner.
Mo Zhongtian was truly terrifying! “Father, you can ‘t!” “Your son doesn’t want the throne.
Your son wants Imperial father to return!” “You with the surname ping, if you want to catch me, then go ahead.
Senior Liang and I are close friends.
If you capture me, you can use me to threaten senior Liang when he returns!” Mo Shaoyun finally realized what had happened.
He shouted and was about to step forward.
However, before mo Shaoyun could take a step, a sword light landed in the hall.
Then, Xing Feng’s voice sounded beside him,””I don’t like to be entrusted with a child.
Monarch mo, it’s better for you to take care of your son.” Xing Feng said coldly.
His sword glowed as it locked onto ping Xiu,”monarch ping, if you dare to touch a single hair on monarch mo, my sword will definitely be able to take your head!” The situation in the hall suddenly became tense again.
Ping Xiu’s expression turned extremely ugly.
He was weighing the pros and cons in his heart.
All of a sudden, a cry of surprise came from ping xinghun’s group of people who were guarding outside the hall.
“What’s that?” “Divine bird! A divine bird in the sea of consciousness realm!” Divine bird? In an instant, everyone’s attention was drawn to this sudden cry.
As the atmosphere eased up, ping Xiu’s sharp senses caught the words “sea of consciousness” being mentioned by the people outside, and his expression changed slightly.
At this time, he would appear in the sea of consciousness of South Peace City.
Could it be that Cao Tian had returned? On the other side, Xing Feng had also thought of this possibility.
His eyes flashed as he raised his sword and activated the infinite sword Qi to wrap around mo Zhongtian and fly back.
Regardless of whether it was Cao Tianzheng or not, he had to save mo Zhongtian first.
“What?” Ping Xiu sensed Xing Feng’s intentions and was about to stop him.
However, the seal of the God beating whip on his body made him watch as mo Zhongtian was swept away by the sword Qi.
“You can stay.” Just as he was panicking, a soft shout sounded from the side.
Ping xinghun waved his hand, and spiritual Qi of the sea of consciousness realm gushed out, easily destroying Xing Feng’s sword Qi.
However, in the next moment, before ping xinghun could retrieve mo Zhongtian, a destructive aura started to circulate around Xing Feng’s body and the sword radiances that were scattered all over the hall.
“Release him.” “Or, other than you, everyone else here will be buried together with Lord mo!” The soft ones were afraid of the hard ones, and the hard ones were afraid of those who didn’t want their lives.
At this moment, Xing Feng was ready to risk everything and drag everyone to death with him.
The corner of ping xinghun’s eyes twitched.
His palm, which was about to strike out, stopped in mid-air, unable to land.
With his sea of consciousness realm cultivation, it would be easy to kill Xing Feng, who didn’t even have a tribulation passing realm cultivation.
However, he couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to protect the lives of the people in the hall after Xing Feng self-destructed.
He could ignore the others.
However, if pingxiu was injured, the consequences would not be something that he and the Pingjiang dynasty could bear.
Moreover, this completely went against his original intention of coming here.
Just as ping xinghun was holding back.
“Brother Wang, I’m late to rescue you, please forgive me!” A familiar voice suddenly sounded outside the hall.
Ping Xiu recognized the voice.
The “brother Wang” that was being called should be him.
Combined with the voice, he immediately knew who had come.
However, when he turned his head to look out of the hall, the first thing he saw was a Golden Spirit beast.
The number was so huge that it was several times larger than the palace they were in.
“Sea of consciousness!” Immediately, ping Xiu’s eyes narrowed when he sensed the aura emanating from the divine Phoenix.
A spiritual beast in the spiritual ocean tier? If it wasn’t for the fact that the spirit beast in front of him had clear features, it would have been a ROC.
Otherwise, ping Xiu would have suspected that it was the bifang divine bird from the bifang Empire that had come to this place.
When ping Xiu’s gaze barely managed to circle around the Phoenix-winged divine Peng, he finally saw a figure on the back of the divine Peng.
In an instant, ping Xiu’s mind almost exploded.
Riding on a spiritual beast in the spiritual ocean realm, what kind of noble status did that figure have? The rest of the people in the hall were also shocked by the scene in front of them, and they temporarily lost their ability to think.
Just a spiritual beast in the spiritual ocean realm was already scary enough.
There was even one who treated a spiritual beast in the sea of consciousness as a Mount.
Just by standing there, such a combination already represented an extremely terrifying force! Thinking deeper, the force behind this man and this ROC was at least on the level of a Holy Land.
At this moment.
“Brother Wang, brother Wang!” From behind the Peng bird, the same voice from before rang out once more.
Then, a figure as swollen as a pig’s head walked over quickly and went straight to ping Xiu.
Looking at the person who had arrived, ping Xiu felt that he was extremely familiar.
However, in his state of shock, he couldn’t react in time to who this person was.

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