When the voice of the sea of consciousness realm cultivator came.
Ping Xiu’s dim eyes were filled with extreme joy.
Just now, he had already wanted to transmit his voice to ping xinghun and ask him to capture mo Zhongtian while everyone else’s attention was on the man in the sea of consciousness realm.
Who would have thought that things would take a turn! This sea of consciousness realm cultivator had actually rejected mo Shaoyun’s offer! For a moment, the dark clouds on ping Xiu’s face disappeared and were replaced by an extremely carefree expression.
On the other side.
Mo Shaoyun was naturally anxious.
However, before he could say anything, mo Zhongtian shook his head at him.
At this point, mo Shaoyun could even give up on his dynasty, but he still couldn’t move that sea of consciousness realm.
Mo Zhongtian knew that no matter what mo Shaoyun said, it would be meaningless.
They only had one thing to do next: That was to wait for that psyche ocean realm cultivator to reveal Gong Ziliang’s whereabouts and then desperately send someone out to find Gong Ziliang and get him to hide! As long as gongzi Liang was fine, they and the Monet dynasty would have a chance of survival.
He seemed to have sensed mo Zhongtian’s thoughts.
After ping Xiu restrained the joy on his face, he said to the sea of consciousness realm expert,””This senior, since that’s the case, I have a presumptuous request,” “That is gongzi Liang’s whereabouts.
He can only tell me!” Hearing ping Xiu’s words, mo Zhongtian’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.
At the same time, the last bit of hope in his heart was on the verge of being destroyed.
He could only look at that sea of consciousness realm with a slight expectation, hoping that the other party would refuse ping Xiu’s request.
However, mo Zhongtian was disappointed.
The sea of consciousness realm cultivator revealed a smile and said,””That’s no problem.
” “As long as monarch ping signs the contract first, then whoever you want me to tell, I will definitely not tell a second person.” “That’s right, regarding the agreement, it’s not that I don’t trust monarch ping.
It’s just that there are people in your dynasty who have bad conduct, and I’m a little worried.
” How could Yin Kun not know that the person in the sea of consciousness realm was talking about him when he mentioned ‘someone with bad character’? However, when he thought about how he would be able to find out about Gong Ziliang’s whereabouts from this swindler, he didn’t put these insignificant matters to heart.
After ping Xiu wrote a contract on a piece of spiritual paper, he took out the seal and stamped it.
Everyone saw a Golden Dragon condensed from the Pingjiang dynasty’s fate energy in ping Xiu’s body merge into the words on the spiritual paper.
This meant that if pingxiu dared to go back on his word, not only would he suffer from the backlash of fate energy.
All those who were related to him would be targeted by the fate of the Pingjiang dynasty.
“Good, good, good! Monarch ping is truly a trustworthy person.
” The sea of consciousness realm cultivator put away the contract with a smile and put it in his bag.
Ping Xiu suppressed the anxiety in his heart and said,””I also like to deal with people who keep their promises.
I wonder if you can tell me the location of that young master Liang?” As he spoke, ping Xiu gave ping xinghun a look.
The latter understood and struck out with a magical power, opening up a small world.
The entrance was aimed at ping Xiu and that sea of consciousness realm cultivator.
“In order to avoid too many people, I would like to invite fellow Daoist inside for a chat.” Ping Xiu made an inviting gesture, and the sea of consciousness realm cultivator only glanced at the small world before stepping in.
Seeing this, pingxiu couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
Although the agreement he had just made also stated the obligations of both him and that sea of consciousness realm expert.
Only the sea of consciousness realm gongzi Liang’s location had told him and verified it to be true.
Only then would the promise of peaceful rest take effect.
Thus, ping Xiu was not worried that that sea of consciousness realm expert would run away with the contract.
But now, the fact that the sea of consciousness realm cultivator had taken the initiative to enter ping xinghun’s small world meant that he was indeed going to fulfill his promise.
When he entered the God art small world.
Even if that sea of consciousness realm cultivator wanted to do something to him, ping xinghun could stop him with a single thought.
They watched as the sea of consciousness realm cultivator and ping Xiu were swallowed by the entrance of the small world.
Mo Zhongtian’s last bit of hope was shattered.
He understood that when pingxiu walked out of the small world of divine power, he would be able to kill the Demon King.
After finding out where Gong Ziliang was, there was no need for them to continue staying.
Mo Zhongtian turned to Xing Feng.
Just as he was about to send a voice transmission to Xing Feng, asking him to bring mo Shaoyun and charge out.
“Hmph!” A cold sneer suddenly came.
The ping xinghun’s spirit power then transformed into a large net and sealed the entire Hall.
A pair of dignified eyes stared at Xing Feng with a bright light.
As long as the latter had any strange movements, he would directly attack! At the same time.
In ping xinghun’s abhijna small world.
Ping Xiu and the sea of consciousness realm cultivator weren’t far from each other, facing each other.
But in reality, the space here was chaotic.
It might seem like they were facing each other, but in reality, they were thousands of miles apart.
It was precisely because of this that ping Xiu was unable to display his invigorated Meridian realm strength despite his cultivation being sealed by the seal.
Now, facing a sea of consciousness realm, he was still calm and composed.
He smiled and said,””Fellow Daoist, there’s no one else here.
Please tell me where Gong Ziliang is.” On the other side, the sea of consciousness realm cultivator nodded, and said,””Alright,” he said.
After he finished speaking, the sea of consciousness realm expert stood there, but did not continue.
When ping Xiu saw this, he frowned and said impatiently,””Fellow Daoist, do you have any other questions?” In front of him, the man in the sea of consciousness shook his head, and said,””I didn ‘t.” Ping Xiu became more and more impatient, and his tone became lower.”Since you don’t have it, why don’t you tell us where Gong Ziliang is?” Hearing this, the man in the sea of consciousness laughed and said,””Didn’t you say? Don’t you already know where gongzi Liang is?” Hearing that sea of consciousness realm’s reply, ping Xiu almost couldn’t suppress his anger.”Sir, could it be that you’re joking?” “Or do you think it’s interesting to play with me?” “You said that I already know where gongzi Liang is, but you clearly didn’t tell me anything!” In his heart, ping Xiu guessed that this sea of consciousness realm cultivator might have regretted rejecting mo Shaoyun and thus wanted to raise the stakes.
However, since the agreement had already been made, he would definitely not agree to the condition of even one more spirit stone! Just as ping Xiu made up his mind, the sea of consciousness cultivator opposite him said,””Is there a need to say this?” Then, ping Xiu saw the sea of consciousness realm expert shake his head.
That smiling face slowly moved into his mind, and an extremely familiar face appeared.
He looked at the changes in that face.
Pingxiu’s mouth and eyes opened wide.
His pupils were rapidly shrinking.
Finally, when that face was fixed and completely overlapped with the face in his mind … Ping Jiang’s mind exploded with a boom.
He was instantly shocked by the scene in front of him and almost lost his mind. 

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