Chapter 51: Are You The Sweeping Monk?

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This type of mission that was the lowest level in the sect was originally intercepted by the lowest level servant disciples.

However, recently, this old man took over.

Many outer sect disciples were a little strange, but they did not pay much attention.

In the sect, there were all kinds of strange things.

Perhaps this old man was an important relative of some disciple in the mortal world? He had been taken to the outer sect to do chores?

This was all possible.

Unfortunately, they did not know that this old man was the second great figure of the sect, and he was First Elder Liu in disguise!

Why had he disguised himself here? It was all to find the Divine Body!

It had been some time since he started looking for the Divine Body.

However, at this moment, First Elder Liu had no clue!

Instead, he felt that the quality of this batch of outer sect disciples was a little worrying!

He had observed them for a period of time, but none of them caught his eye, let alone a high-grade Divine Body.

Of course, this was also because of his strength.

If they wanted to enter the eyes of the second biggest figure of the Profound Heaven Sect, First Elder Liu, they had to at least have the potential to reach the Profound realm.

Unfortunately, he had yet to see it in the entire outer sect.

This made First Elder Liu sigh curiously, “Eh? No way.
This Divine Body is hidden so well that even I can’t sense it?”

He put down the broom in his hand, opened the wine flask on his waist, and took a few sips.

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Compared to finding disciples with the potential to enter the Profound Realm, as long as the Divine Body appeared, none of the other disciples would matter.

This was because a disciple with the potential to reach the Profound Realm could only protect the Profound Heaven Sect for some time and not forever.

However, the Divine Body was different.
He could lead this sect to a higher level and consolidate his status in the Martial Spirit Continent’s Bright Fire Dynasty.

Just as First Elder Liu was sighing over this, a strange sword intent suddenly attacked from the other end of the path.

Although its power had already become very weak, it was extremely pure and gentle.
It was a rare sword qi!

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What was even rarer was that this Sword Intent was as tenacious and determined as a bamboo!

One day, after this Sword Intent was brewed, it would be like a bamboo that broke through the soil and shocked the world!

This was also the kind of Sword Intent that was harder and more powerful the further one cultivated it.
It was also a rare Sword Intent!

As soon as he thought up to here, First Elder Liu said softly, “Good heavens! This… There’s still someone in the outer sect who cultivates this kind of accumulated Sword Intent? It’s really rare.
This is the toughest and most difficult cultivation path!”

As soon as he finished speaking, First Elder Liu’s eyes widened, and then he used his divine sense to capture the origin of this Sword Intent.

One look!


He saw an outer sect disciple with his eyes closed who was wearing the outer sect green clothes of the Profound Heaven Sect.
He had a lazy expression on his face as he slowly walked over from afar.

This made First Elder Liu a little uncertain.

How could a person who cultivated accumulation to unleash a martial technique reveal such a lazy feeling? This… was completely contradictory!

What was even stranger was that the Sword Intent just now was something that even a genius could only unleash after reaching the Meridian Opening Realm.

Although it was possible to unleash Sword Intent below the Meridian Opening Realm, it would not be as pure and gentle as the Sword Intent earlier.


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What was First Elder Liu seeing now?

Second-stage Qi Refinement Realm?

Sword Intent?

What the heck?

Are you kidding me?

“Hey! That brat over there, stop!”

At this moment, First Elder Liu shouted and even sent a voice transmission to intimidate the other party.

At this moment, the outer sect kid suddenly opened his eyes and looked around curiously.

Then, when he discovered First Elder Liu, he revealed a strange expression.
He pointed at himself and asked curiously, “Old sir, you called for me?”

Just now, Gong Ziliang was comprehending the low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique, Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike, that had been upgraded to Level 13.

The four levels of Elementary, Small Success, Great Success, and Minute Subtlety were fine, but after entering the Martial Intent Realm, Gong Ziliang had a very strange consciousness and began to brew on the Heavenly Frost Sword.

However, just as he was comprehending, he was woken up by a shout, “Hey! That brat over there, stop!”

At this moment, First Elder Liu moved his beard and appeared in front of Gong Ziliang.
He said, “Kid, how did you cultivate Sword Intent?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang had a strange expression.

After reaching the Martial Intent realm just now, he suddenly felt that sensation.
It was the Sword Intent?


Didn’t the system only unlock Intent at Level 20?

‘I’m only Level 13 now!’

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He had only cultivated a low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique, the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.
Why had the Sword Intent appeared?

Could it be that… Sword Intent was not part of the system’s Intent column?

With this crazy idea, Gong Ziliang was a little surprised.

After Level 20, wouldn’t that be even more abnormal?

After thinking about it carefully, it made sense.
After all, it was in the same interface as Body Tempering.
It was normal for it to be abnormal.

This was because every time he leveled up any option in the functions of Forging, his body would be greatly strengthened.

However, speaking of which…

How did this old man recognize Sword Intent?

He clearly did not have any cultivation level…

Eh? Wait!

Outer sect, old man, broom, stubble, clear wine, voice transmission, Sword Intent, this… this, this…

“Cough cough, Old Master, are you an exceptional expert in the sect? The kind of peerless expert who can kill the entire sect alone? That kind of impressive existence?”

As he spoke, Gong Ziliang became even more excited.

All of these factors combined meant that being low-key was not normal.
This was the standard for the Sweeping Monk!

Wait? Could it be that someone asked who the Sweeping Monk was?

It was the impressive expert that often appeared in White Fox’s novels.
He would often pretend to be weak to deceive the disciples!

How could the Sweeping Monk not be impressive?

As soon as these words were spoken, First Elder Liu was stunned, and his expression revealed disbelief.

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What was going on?

Could this kid see through him?

‘I’m at the Spirit Refinement Realm!’

How could a Qi Refinement Realm kid see through that he was at the Spirit Refinement Realm?

This… What kind of monster was this kid? He exposed the expert right from the start!

“Cough cough…” A strange expression flashed across First Elder Liu’s face.
He coughed twice and said, “Why… Why are you asking this?”

Gong Ziliang smiled and said, “An old man sweeping the floor of the Profound Heaven Sect is abnormal, it shows you are definitely an impressive existence.
Isn’t this task usually done by some disciples without any cultivation? With your appearance, it’s obvious that you’re not simple.”

As he spoke, Gong Ziliang casually explained the Sweeping Monk character that White Fox had once written.

First Elder Liu was very stunned when he heard this.

Buddhist disciple?


Wasn’t that a legend?

How did this sect disciple know such a legend?



This disciple had definitely seen such records in some books!

When he thought up to here, First Elder Liu was silent for a moment before he thought in his mind..
It was really impossible to hide the truth from this kid!

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