These three people were not just anyone.
They were gongzi Liang, Lin anruo, and pingxiu, who had come from the Monet dynasty through the teleportation formation in the demonic sect’s sub-altar.
In fact, they had already arrived here three days ago.
However, the demonic sect’s sub-altar’s teleportation formation was extremely unstable because it was only set up temporarily by the heavenly God altar master.
Before he could teleport the three of them to the location, he collapsed halfway.
Fortunately, gongzi Liang and ping Xiu were both powerful divines of the sea of consciousness realm, and they managed to protect Lin anruo in the spatial turbulence.
After that, the three of them spent another three days before they finally arrived at the border city of the bi Fang Empire.
“Young master, what happened to young master Xiao after that?” Lin anruo asked.
During this period of time, travelling was boring, so Gong Ziliang picked out ‘battle Qi horse’ from a few web novels he had read in his previous life and told it to Lin anruo.
In this section, they had just reached the part where the male protagonist Xiao Yan had set foot on the peak of the misty cloud sect in the three year agreement.
“Oh, Xiao Yan, he … He ran to the misty cloud sect and was directly beaten to death by a Dou Huang.” Lin anruo’s mouth gaped open in disbelief when she heard the ending.
She couldn’t believe that the pig trotter who had always said,”life is full of ups and downs, don’t bully the poor” would end up in such a hasty ending.
However, after seeing the teasing smile on Gong Ziliang’s face, Lin anruo immediately understood that he was teasing her on purpose.
“Young master, you’re so bad!” Lin anruo pouted and lightly punched gongzi Liang’s arm.
He immediately realized that ping Xiu was still behind him, and his cheeks immediately flushed red, making him look as if he was drunk.
This caused an evil fire to surge up from his lower abdomen.
“This little girl is indeed a ‘Reaper’.
Only a gentleman like me can resist her seduction!” After struggling to hold down the spear, gongzi Liang had thought of pushing Lin anruo away.
The latter’s feelings for him had almost never been restrained after leaving the Monet dynasty.
Especially after experiencing the near-death experience in the collapsed space tunnel three days ago, he wished he could stick to himself every day.
However, he recalled that Lin anruo’s body still had the spiritual will of the ‘Reaper’.
It wouldn’t be good if he was doing something good and woke up the Reaper in advance.
With no other choice, gongzi Liang could only use cultivation as an excuse to hide in the alternate space of the space Pearl and summon Meng hanrui to deal with her.
Shaking his head, gongzi Liang looked at the majestic city before him and said,””Alright, I won’t lie to you anymore.” “After that, young master Xiao displayed his godly might at the misty cloud sect and took revenge for the annulment of the engagement.
He ruthlessly slapped Nalan yanran’s face.” “In the end, with the help of Yao Lao, he subdued all kinds of heavenly flames and became a Dou di.
He brought his wives and ascended.” Lin anruo finally felt that this was a reasonable ending.
However, Lin anruo’s attention immediately shifted from “battle Qi horse transformation” to gongzi Liang, and she leaned on him again.
Pingxiu, who was following behind, was already used to this scene, and was only thinking about the hasty ending of gongzi Liang’s story.
Even though gongzi Liang said that this ‘battle Qi turning into a horse’ was a story he made up, he was still very confident.
However, the cultivation system involved in it gave ping Xiu a refreshing feeling.
They felt that it might not just be a story, but it might have really happened.
Although ping Xiu had never heard of this world having battle energy or heavenly flames, he had never heard of it.
However, when he thought about the extraordinary aspects of Gong Ziliang, ping Xiu suspected that he was an ancient deity that had reincarnated in a shell.
Perhaps that Dou Qi continent was the place where his previous self was.
He didn’t spend too much time on these questions.
Ping Xiu followed behind the two of them while refining the power of faith that gongzi Liang had passed to him before he came over.
A portion of the power of faith was produced by the worship of the hundreds of millions of people in the Monet dynasty when gongzi Liang resolved the blood rain.
The other part was the incense that mo Shaoyun had received when he promoted the Monet dynasty to an imperial dynasty, where he had revered gongzi Liang as the “absolute Saint.” With Gong Ziliang’s origin source body, he could even absorb the power of laws, so he naturally did not reject the power of faith.
However, considering the evil ways of the Divine path and the fact that he didn’t want to have too much karma with the Monet dynasty.
Thus, he passed the power of belief to ping Xiu, who cultivated a divine Dao technique, so that he could make use of this time to break through to the celestial God Realm as soon as possible.
During the three days of travel, gongzi Liang had already investigated thoroughly.
In the myriad demon mountain range, where the ancient bi Fang divine seed was born, was where the ruins of the divine Kingdom were.
Therefore, gongzi Liang had a premonition that the bi Fang divine seed might not have appeared because it had absorbed enough Earth Fire essence as the rumors had said.
It was very likely to be related to the divine Kingdom ruins! After all, a divine object like the bi Fang was a Xiantian lifeform, just like the gods.
Ordinary earth Fire essence Qi, even if absorbed for hundreds of millions of years, would not have much of a beneficial effect.
And if gongzi Liang’s premonition was right, then after the divine bi Fang seed emerged, the divine Kingdom ruins would definitely have some changes and resurface.
At that time, it would not only affect forces at the level of dynasty and demonic sect’s sub-altars.
The sacred grounds, ancient orthodoxies, and families that had sealed the divine Kingdom ruins would probably not be able to sit still.
Therefore, before all this happened, gongzi Liang had to raise his and ping Xiu’s strength as much as possible.
They didn’t want to be too passive when they faced the experts sent by the Holy Lands, ancient orthodoxies, and aristocratic families.
Even if we take a step back and say that there’s no problem with the God’s kingdom.
With a heavenly God-level great divine arts practitioner by his side, young master Liang would be able to reduce some of his pressure and burden.
As far as gongzi Liang knew, the bi Fang Empire’s heavenly God Realm patriarch and the demonic sect’s branch altar leader were the only two heavenly gods who had appeared this time.
Gongzi Liang was more than capable of dealing with one.
If there were two of them, and Lin anruo was still a burden, it would be very difficult for gongzi Liang.
Of course, it was impossible for gongzi Liang to be completely defenseless against ping Xiu and give him the power of belief for free to help him break through.
Long before he came here, he had already made the God-striking whip condense tens of thousands of runes, refining them into a Super Seal and sending it into ping Xiu’s soul.
Forget about breaking through to the heavenly God Realm during his break.
Even if he were to become a God on the spot, gongzi Liang would be able to use those seals to suppress him with a single thought! After going through many complicated procedures, the three of them finally entered the White Cloud City.
In the following period of time, young master Liang would have to stay here and wait for the disturbance caused by the ancient bi Fang divine seed to end.
Then, he would look for a way to enter the divine Kingdom ruins.
[Ding! A new map [White Cloud City] has been detected.
Daily activity [White Cloud City parkour] will start in five minutes.
Duration: 10 minutes! [Please be prepared.] “This time, you will be doing parkour at White Cloud City.
You will be able to gain experience, coins, and random items by doing parkour in the city.” Just as he entered the city, a system notification sounded in young master’s mind.
Taken aback, gongzi Liang looked around.

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