However, after he muttered that sentence, ye Zilong felt a pair of piercing eyes on him.
Ye Zilong was shocked.
Ma Yuan had obviously taken a fancy to that woman.
If he said something like that, wouldn’t he be provoking Ma Yuan? Ye Zilong immediately sobered up and looked at the unfriendly Ma Yuan.
He hurriedly said,””If this young master knew that such a stunning beauty had come to the city, how could I have let those ordinary women serve young master Ma?” “Young master Ma, please wait a moment.
I’ll go over and invite that woman over.” Ye Zilong changed his words in time, and Ma Yuan’s face finally looked better.
Ma Yuan tidied up his clothes and said,””No need, this kind of beauty needs this young master to personally go out, only then can it show my sincerity.” “If that woman knew that young master Ma had such thoughts, she would definitely be moved by young master Ma’s deep feelings and take the initiative to throw herself into his arms!” Ye Zilong nodded his head heavily, as if he wished he could be a woman and devote himself to Ma Yuan.
Ma Yuan smiled approvingly.
He looked at ye Zilong and turned to walk toward the woman.
Lin anruo was afraid that Gong Ziliang wouldn’t be able to find him, so he simply stayed where he was and waited.
However, after waiting for almost five minutes, he still did not see Gong Ziliang return.
At this moment, Lin anruo saw a man dressed in extraordinary clothes.
He had a confident smile on his face as he walked toward her.
At the same time, pingxiu also noticed Ma Yuan walking over.
From the way Ma Yuan kept staring at Lin anruo without shifting his gaze, ping Xiu could guess Ma Yuan’s motive.
Ping Xiu’s expression turned cold when he thought about Lin anruo and Gong Ziliang’s relationship.
He was about to release his aura and capture Ma Yuan.
All of a sudden, a strong gust of wind blew in his face.
Subconsciously, ping Xiu was about to blast his aura in the direction of the strong wind.
However, the wind was too fast.
Before he could do anything, an afterimage had already flashed past his vision.
Ma Yuan, who was walking towards them, also flashed by.
He was hit by the afterimage and was sent flying.
Ping Xiu suddenly felt like he had seen this before.
Immediately, ping Xiu sensed the aura left behind by the afterimage.
As well as the back that he caught before the afterimage disappeared.
Pingxiu remembered.
Previously, he had brought aotian mo to the outside of the Monet dynasty’s Imperial City.
It was through this method that gongzi Liang had managed to injure him.
Not only that, his deity-striking whip had also been taken away by gongzi Liang at that time.
The most outrageous thing was that gongzi Liang even pretended to be an innocent passerby and secretly attacked a heavily injured middle-aged man like him! Even though this matter had happened a long time ago.
Furthermore, The Grudge between him and Gong Ziliang had already become vague.
But after thinking about it, pingxiu still felt a wave of uneasiness.
However, after seeing Ma Yuan, even if he had a spiritual treasure on him, his protective spiritual light was shattered.
He flew out and smashed into the city wall.
The guards guarding the city couldn’t get him out no matter how hard they tried.
Only then did pingxiu feel a little less emotional.
“Miss Lin, let’s leave this place first.” “That person just now should have a powerful background.
If we stay here, we might cause trouble later.” Pingxiu reminded him in a low voice.
With his eyesight, he could naturally see that Ma Yuan’s realm was already in the Tribulation passing realm.
To be able to have such cultivation at such a young age, it meant that there was at least a high-class sect behind Ma Yuan who was training him.
If he was in the Pingjiang dynasty, ping Xiu would not be afraid of a force of this level.
However, this was someone else’s territory.
In addition, the divine bi Fang seed was about to be born, so the White Cloud City was a chaotic place.
Pingxiu naturally didn’t want to cause trouble the moment he came.
Hearing ping Xiu’s words, Lin anruo thought for a moment and said,””That’s good.
” “It just so happens that my Lin family has an old acquaintance in the city.
We can go to the residence as guests and wait for young master.” On this trip back to the bifang Empire, gongzi Liang had already promised to protect the Lin family, so Lin anruo naturally had no need to hide her identity.
Just as the two of them were about to leave.
Ma Yuan was finally pulled out of the city wall by the two sea of consciousness realm Warriors who were guarding the city gate.
However, just as one of the sea of consciousness realm cultivators was about to send spiritual power to the unconscious MA Yuandu, his expression suddenly changed.
Ye Zilong and the others ‘hearts sank when they saw the sea of consciousness realm’s expression.
“Young master Ma Yuan’s dantian has been crippled!” In the next moment, he heard the trembling voice of the man in the sea of consciousness.
Ye Zilong’s vision turned black, and he was about to follow in Ma Yuan’s footsteps and faint.
Fortunately, the sea of consciousness realm expert was quick to react and injected the spiritual power that was originally transferred to Ma Yuan into ye Zilong’s body.
Ye Zilong’s consciousness was awakened by the spiritual energy.
Ye Zilong barely managed to hold himself up.
He looked at Ma Yuan, who was being hugged by the sea of consciousness realm warrior, and felt dizzy again.
Ma Yuan’s identity was the great-grandson of the emperor’s celestial deity realm patriarch.
Now, in the White Cloud City, his dantian had been crippled.
This was no different from piercing through the heavens! Ye Zilong quickly realized that with the heavenly God ancestor’s abilities, it was impossible for him to hide this matter.
What he needed to do now was to do his best to save the situation before the celestial God ancestor received the news! For example, finding the murderer.
Another example was to try all means possible to see if he could save Ma Yuan’s dantian.
If there was really no way to turn the situation around, he would first have to wake Ma Yuan up and let him push all the blame onto the murderer.
He would then be able to remove himself and the White Cloud City from this matter.
If it was before, ye Zilong might not have thought that he could do it.
After all, with Ma Yuan’s nature, he would find that his dantian was crippled after he woke up.
In a fit of anger, he would definitely be implicated.
However, when he thought of the woman he had met earlier, ye Zilong was 70% confident.
Raising his head, ye Zilong looked at the two in the sea of consciousness realm and said coldly,””Young master Ma was ambushed because he went to talk to the woman who entered the city earlier.” “So, no matter what, even if you have to dig three feet deep into the White Cloud City, you must find that woman.” “After you capture her, remember not to harm her life.
First send her to the city Lord’s mansion, and I will personally interrogate her!” Although the two of them had extraordinary cultivation, they had been invited to the White Cloud City by the city Lord with a large sum of money.
However, now that he was involved in Ma Yuan’s matter, he lost his mind.
When they heard ye Zilong’s words, they immediately found their backbone and quickly nodded in agreement.
Ye Zilong’s face was gloomy as he watched the two of them leave.
He carefully wrapped Ma Yuan with his spiritual energy and rushed to the city Lord’s mansion under the escort of the guards.
…… “City Lord, bad news …” White Cloud City Lord’s mansion.
A thin middle-aged man with a goatee was handling government affairs when he suddenly heard a panicked voice coming from outside.

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