Ye Cheng, who was the city Lord of White Cloud City, put down the document in his hand and looked in the direction of the voice unhappily.
After seeing the servant who ran in panting, Ye Cheng said angrily,”What a disgrace! How many times have I told you to have manners?” “Otherwise, if outsiders see this, they’ll think that the city Lord’s mansion is incompetent!” After that, Ye Cheng picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip.
Then, he said slowly,””Tell me, what happened?” The servant stood there, not daring to move after being scolded by Ye Cheng.
It was not until Ye Cheng spoke that he spoke in a calm tone,””City Lord, a masked madman has appeared in the city and is currently running around the city.” A masked fanatic … Who was running all over the city? Ye Cheng swallowed the tea in his mouth.
His thin face was full of surprise.
Recently, many cultivators had come to the White Cloud City, including some extraordinary people.
However, this was the first time Ye Cheng had heard of such a situation.
But Ye Cheng soon realized that if it was just a normal masked man, the servants would not have been so panicked.
After all, in the White Cloud City, there were eight people in the spiritual ocean tier guarding the four city gates.
In addition, there were some tribulation passing experts and a large number of spirit-forging experts placed in the city guards.
Even if the masked man’s strength was extraordinary, he should be able to be easily subdued.
So, could it be that the masked man was actually a heavenly God? Thinking of this, Ye Cheng’s heart thumped.
His hand shook and the tea in the teacup spilled all over his body.
However, Ye Cheng couldn’t care less about his wet clothes and quickly said,””What realm is that fanatic at?” “Reporting to the city Lord, it’s an unranked sea of consciousness.” Hearing the servant’s answer, Ye Cheng’s heart, which had been beating so hard, finally calmed down.
“Where are the city guards?” he asked angrily.
Can’t you even take down an unranked sea of consciousness?” “And the sea of consciousness realm cultivators at the four city gates, they took so many spirit stones from me.
Are they all useless?” In Ye city’s mind, he had set up so many tribulation passing realm and sea of consciousness realm experts in the city.
But now, he was letting an unranked sea of consciousness run around the city.
Those people must have taken his spirit stones and refused to help.
As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Cheng was about to get up and give those people an explanation.
Just as he took a step out, he saw the servant crying,””The city guards have moved out, but they can’t catch up to that fanatic.” “As for the sea of consciousness realm, that fanatic ran from the South Gate to the West Gate in less than a minute.” “The two sea of consciousness realm guards at the West Gate wanted to intercept that fanatic, but they were sent flying in one exchange.” Looking at the servant in front of him, Ye Cheng suspected that this guy had nothing to do and tricked him to come.
There were no sea of consciousness realm experts in the city guard Army.
However, with the help of the earth vein formation, they could teleport to almost any place in the White Cloud City.
How could they not catch up with the masked man? As for the two sea of consciousness realm cultivators at the West Gate, they were the patriarchs he had personally invited from the two superior sects.
The strength of each of them was not below his, the city Lord ‘s, and they were all at the middle stage of the sea of consciousness realm.
Coupled with the treasures of their respective sects, they could even put up a fight against someone at the late sea of consciousness realm.
How could he be sent flying by an unranked sea of consciousness? However, Ye Cheng knew that the servant in front of him would never and would not dare to use such a thing to trick him.
Ye Cheng took a deep breath and suppressed his anger.
He already had some guesses in his heart.
That masked madman was definitely not just an unranked sea of consciousness.
It was just that he had used some method to hide his true cultivation.
As for why he did that? Ye Cheng thought that he was trying to stir up some trouble in White Cloud City at this point.
Thinking of the divine bi Fang seed that was about to be born in the myriad demon mountain, Ye Cheng knew that at this time, the White Cloud City could not be in chaos.
Otherwise, if it affected the celestial deity realm ancestor and he was blamed, he would not be able to hold his position for long.
“It seems that this is deliberately directed at this city Lord!” Ye Cheng’s eyes squinted and glinted,””Where is that fanatic now?” The servant heard Ye Cheng’s unkind tone and hurriedly said,”According to that crazy person’s speed, he should be at the north gate by now.” The north gate! Ye City remembered that the guards at the north gate were two experts brought by the celestial deity realm ancestor from the Imperial City.
Their cultivation bases were all at the late sea of consciousness realm! “Send a message over.
Tell the two sea of consciousness realm cultivators at the north gate to attack together and take down that crazy person!” Ye Cheng didn’t care about the identity of the masked man, but since he dared to jump out and target him, he would capture him first! He could also use this opportunity to give the cultivators in the city a blow! The servant received the order and was about to leave.
“Father, father …” Suddenly, an extremely urgent voice came from outside the mansion.
Hearing the voice, the killing intent on Ye Cheng’s face melted like the first snow under the scorching sun.
Because he could already tell that it was the voice of his youngest son, whom he loved the most.
Ye Cheng had always had high hopes for ye Zilong.
It was not because of ye Zilong’s outstanding talent in cultivation.
It was because of ye Zilong’s emotional intelligence.
Compared to his brothers, the difference was too obvious.
When he was young, his other brothers were always buried in studying or cultivating.
Ye Zilong followed behind Ye Cheng and kept calling him “daddy”.
Every time Ye Cheng went to the outskirts of the myriad demon mountain and came back from sweeping away demonic beasts, ye Zilong would always be the first to greet him, wiping his sweat and handing him water.
When he grew up, ye Zilong showed amazing communication skills and had a good relationship with the direct descendants of several big families in the city.
Many of the problems that had been giving Ye City a headache could be easily solved as long as ye Zilong stepped in.
Therefore, Ye Cheng gradually ignored his other sons and only ye Zilong was left in his eyes.
In his heart, Ye City had already nurtured ye Zilong as the next city Lord.
This time, after learning that the Emperor had brought his great-grandson here, he felt a little disappointed.
Ye Cheng even took out 300 million spirit stones from the vault and bribed the people around the great ancestor.
With that person’s help, he managed to connect the great-grandfather’s great-grandson with ye Zilong.
After that, ye Zilong’s performance did not disappoint Ye Cheng.
As time went by, the great-grandson of the old ancestor became a regular customer of the pleasure boats in the White Cloud City.
He would come to ye Zilong whenever he had time.
Thinking of this, Ye Cheng smiled and took the initiative to welcome them outside the mansion.
However, before he could step out of the door, he saw ye Zilong running toward him with a pale face, carrying a person on his back.

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