However … It was easy to say, but the Supreme difficulty immortal state patriarch of the dynasty was a transcendent being.
If not for the birth of the bi Fang divine seed, he would not have made a move.
Right now, all of his attention was on the divine bi Fang seed in the myriad demon mountain.
How could he have the extra time to care about the life and death of a city Lord in the sea of consciousness realm? As long as the devil didn’t come out personally, even if he went to ask for help, the old ancestor would at most send some people over to strengthen the city’s defense.
Ye Cheng looked at the unconscious Ma Yuan and suddenly thought of a terrifying idea.”Zilong, you mean to …” As he spoke, Ye Cheng made a throat-cutting gesture.
Ma Yuan was the great-great-grandson of the old ancestor.
If he died in the hands of the masked man, the old ancestor might leave the bi Fang divine seed behind in a fit of anger and seek revenge from the devil.
Although this kind of thing was risky, once the patriarch found out, everyone in the ye family would end up being buried with Ma Yuan.
However, as long as he concealed it a little and pushed all the blame to the devil, who would know? Zilong, you’re really bold! Ye Cheng was also a man of action.
After he finished speaking, he was about to attack Ma Yuan.
Seeing this, ye Zilong’s eyes widened in shock.
He pulled Ye Cheng back and said,”father, you’ve misunderstood.
I didn’t mean it that way!” He didn’t mean it that way? Ye Cheng was confused, but he stopped and looked at ye Zilong.
“Father, young master Ma can’t die,” ye Zilong said with a sigh of relief.
“Father, have you ever thought that if young master Ma were to die in our residence, even if it has nothing to do with us, the old ancestor would still be suspicious of us?” “Even if we do it flawlessly and the forefather can’t find the problem, it’s still a problem.
However, it’s only human nature.
The old ancestor must have hated our city Lord’s mansion because of young master Ma’s death.
” Ye Cheng was reminded by ye Zilong’s words, and he realized how muddleheaded he had been.
Ye Cheng nodded and motioned for ye Zilong to continue.
“Furthermore, if we want to seek the old ancestor’s protection, we still need to rely on young master Ma.” “The most important thing we have to do now is to pass the news to the ancestor.” “And before the great ancestor arrives, there are two more things.” “First, we can’t alert the heavenly God Realm behind the masked man.
We’ll just follow the method we talked about before and put up a reward.” “Second, we have to wake young master Ma up and think of a way for him to put in a good word for us when the old ancestor comes!” Ye Cheng agreed with ye Zilong’s plan.
However, the problem was that it was easy to wake Ma Yuan up.
How was it possible for him to put in a good word for her? Even Ma Yuan’s elixir field had been destroyed, and ye Zilong was there at the time.
When he woke up, he would vent his anger on ye Zilong when he could not find the murderer.
This was also one of the reasons why Ye Cheng wanted to go all out and get rid of Ma Yuan.
Otherwise, if he was bitten by Ma Yuan, even if ye Zilong had ten mouths, he would not be able to explain himself to the patriarch.
“It’s very simple.
Whatever young master Ma wants, we’ll give it to him.
” Ye Zilong kept her in suspense.
Ye Cheng’s heart was burning with anxiety, thinking that ye Zilong still had the time to play riddles at this moment.
Seeing ye Zilong’s attitude, Ye Cheng immediately understood that his son already had an idea.
Following ye Zilong’s words, Ye Cheng quickly thought of an answer.
Women! Ma Yuan only liked women! However, the problem was that even her dantian had been crippled.
Even if all the women in the city were sent to Ma Yuan, he would probably not even give them a second look.
Ye Zilong seemed to have guessed what Ye Cheng was thinking and said,””Father, an ordinary woman is naturally not good enough for young master Ma.” “But the reason why young master Ma suffered such an unexpected calamity this time is because …” Ye Zilong immediately told them the whole story of what happened at the city gate.
“Father, you didn’t see that woman with your own eyes.” “She’s truly a heavenly beauty! Even if it’s this child, as long as I can get close to her, I’d be willing to die!” After hearing ye Zilong’s description of the woman, Ye Cheng couldn’t imagine what kind of woman she was to have such a magical power.
However, Ye Cheng knew ye Zilong very well.
He even knew that his son’s usual flirtatious behavior was deliberately put on for outsiders to see.
All he wanted was to get closer to the heirs of the big families in the city.
As a matter of fact, ye Zilong was not very interested in the affairs between men and women.
He had never touched any of the handmaidens he had carefully selected in the residence.
However, ye Zilong said that he was willing to die for her.
It was enough to show that the woman might really have the charm to enchant the common people as ye Zilong had said.
There was no better way now, so Ye Cheng could only say,””That’s good.
I’ll first find the woman you’re talking about.
” “We must make sure she placates young master Ma and helps our city Lord’s mansion survive this calamity.” Although ye Zilong said that he had already sent two people in the sea of consciousness realm from the South City gate to find that woman, ye Zilong was still very calm.
However, the two sea of consciousness realm Warriors still hadn’t returned, which meant that they hadn’t found him yet.
Immediately, Ye City activated the city Lord seal and connected with the earth vein formation under White Cloud City, which instantly radiated across the entire city.
Near the South Gate, Ye City quickly discovered Lin anruo’s aura.
“Eh? There’s a warrior at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm beside that woman!” At the same time, Ye Cheng also noticed ping Xiu’s aura and exclaimed.
A warrior at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm! Even in the entire bi Fang Empire, an existence at this level was one of the few powerful experts! Immediately, Ye Cheng sensed another aura through the earth vein formation.
Even the earth vein formation could not tell the specific realm.
To be able to do this, there was either a Supreme spiritual treasure that concealed the fluctuation of that aura.
Or, the strength of the aura had exceeded the limits of the earth vein formation and had reached the level of a celestial God! But no matter which one it was.
That woman’s background was definitely not simple! The presence that the earth vein formation could not detect was most likely a celestial God! “Who is that woman? There’s actually a peak sea of consciousness and a heavenly God following him?” Ye Cheng had originally planned to use the earth vein formation to continue tracking.
But now, he didn’t dare to.
This was because he realized that the situation might be different from what ye Zilong had analyzed.
Perhaps, the person who crippled Ma Yuan’s dantian was not a devil from a demonic sect.
Instead, it was Ma Yuan’s behavior toward the woman that made the heavenly God beside the woman unhappy, so he destroyed Ma Yuan’s dantian.
If that was the case, once that heavenly God Realm expert noticed that he was being followed, he would definitely come looking for him.
When that time comes … Thinking of this, Ye Cheng quickly cut off the connection between his mind and the earth vein formation.
His forehead was covered in cold sweat.

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