Ye Zilong was waiting for Ye Cheng to find out the woman’s location so that he could send someone to capture her.
He was drooling over that woman.
Moreover, after Ma Yuan’s dantian was crippled, he might not even be able to make a living.
Perhaps, he would still have a chance in the future … But suddenly, ye Zilong saw Ye Cheng erase the aura on the city Lord seal as if he had seen a ghost.
He was so scared that he started sweating.
Ye Zilong immediately realized that something unknown had happened.
He was about to speak.
Ye Cheng shot him a stern look.”Don’t mention that woman to anyone in the future!” “You are also not allowed to have any improper thoughts.
Remember, don’t even think about it!” “During this period of time, you will obediently stay in the residence and don’t go anywhere, understand?” From Ye Cheng’s point of view, Ma Yuan had his eyes on the restriction flag of the difficult immortal state, and his dantian was destroyed.
He could only say that he brought this upon himself.
As for ye Zilong, he had always been clear-headed when it came to matters between men and women.
But this time, his son had clearly fallen for it.
In order to prevent ye Zilong from following in Ma Yuan’s footsteps, Ye Cheng had to be tough this time and put ye Zilong under house arrest.
Ye Cheng’s heart softened when he saw ye Zilong keeping quiet out of fear.
He said,””Regarding young master Ma’s matter, I’ll personally go and explain it to the patriarch!” After saying this, Ye Cheng recalled that there were already three heavenly gods he knew in the White Cloud City.
In the dark, who knew how many powerhouses of this level were coldly watching from the side.
His mood suddenly became extremely heavy.
After letting out a long sigh, he wrapped Ma Yuan with spiritual power and left the city Lord’s mansion under ye Zilong’s confused gaze.
At this moment.
The ‘heavenly God’ who had scared Ye Cheng was none other than Gong Ziliang, who had just finished a five-minute parkour.
He counted his gains.
It wasn’t like the last time when he had run parkour in the Monet dynasty, where he had gotten a divine weapon.
However, other than a large number of copper coins, ingots, and experience points, the parkour had also dropped a large number of intermediate experience pills and a high-level experience pill.
“As expected of a dynasty city.
Even a high-tier experience pill can be dropped.” Gongzi Liang clicked his tongue as he looked at the high-tier experience pills in his backpack, which were overflowing with pill essence.
The experience pill was exactly what he needed right now.
The last time he leveled up, he had almost used up all his experience pills.
After that, although he managed to obtain some completed pills and fragments through the event, most of them were low and mid-grade pills.
He took out the high-level experience pill from his backpack and ate it.
The medicinal power contained in the medicinal pill had not yet dissolved.
His origin source body directly erupted with a suction force and digested all the medicinal power.
However, even after waiting for a while, the system still did not give him any notifications of his level increasing.
Eh? What was going on? Did he take a fake pill? Gongzi Liang was a little confused and quickly opened the system interface.
When he saw the ” 0″ behind ” 8″ in the personal information level column, it did not change to ” 1″ even after a long time.
“Shut up!” Gong Ziliang shouted,”stupid system, come out and give me an explanation!” [Ding! [Detected that host’s position of origin is too high.
High-tier experience pill upgrade failed!] [If the host wishes to continue improving, you can synthesize a higher grade origin pill!] Hearing the system’s voice, gongzi Liang understood.
It was probably because his body was too strong that the high-tier experience pill lost its effect.
After all, although the high-level experience pill sounded a little more advanced than the low-level and middle-level experience pills he had taken before, it was still a high-level experience pill.
However, the way to increase his level was still by relying on the spiritual energy in the medicinal pills.
On the other hand, gongzi Liang’s body of origin was already an inborn Dao body.
He needed to absorb energy of a higher level than spirit Qi to improve.
After understanding the reason, Gong Ziliang immediately understood that the origin pill mentioned by the system should be a pill with the power of origin.
However, when he thought about how the origin pill required high level experience points to be synthesized, he felt a headache coming on.
According to the introduction of the synthesis system, a higher-grade origin pill required three high-grade pills to be synthesized.
Then, he remembered that the fastest way to get experience pills was to spend money to buy a big gift bag of experience pills.
Gong Ziliang immediately understood the system’s purpose! He was forcing himself to spend money! However, after some calculations, he realized that a big gift pack of experience pills was priced at 99 Yuan.
There were many intermediate experience pills in it.
If he could synthesize an origin pill, he would be able to produce a mid-grade pill.
In other words, 99 Yuan was enough to upgrade one level! It’s a profit! Gongzi Liang’s eyes lit up.
His daily income from farming gold now added up to about 150 yuan.
If he could buy two gift bags in three days, he would level up twice.
At this rate … In one and a half months, he would be able to level up from level 80 to the maximum level! In that case, it was not unacceptable to young master Liang.
At that thought, gongzi Liang took out all the experience pills and their fragments from his bag.
He threw them into the synthesis system, and in a short while, six high-tier experience pills were synthesized.
It was just enough to synthesize two origin pills! “With two origin pills, I can advance to level 82.” “At that time, I can go to the 90th floor of the limitless tower and earn a lot of money from him!” “I’ll use this money to buy a big gift pack of experience pills, continue synthesizing origin pills, and level up before challenging the limitless tower …” He thought.
Synthesis system + infinite tower.
In gongzi Liang’s eyes, this combination had become a perpetual motion machine that could allow him to increase his level endlessly! As he thought about this, Gong Ziliang took out three high-tier experience pills and placed them into the synthesis system.
With a flash of light, gongzi Liang stared at the furnace excitedly, ready to welcome the birth of the first origin pill.
[Ding! [It’s a pity that the origin pill’s synthesis has failed!] The next moment.
The system’s voice was like a bolt of lightning that struck Gong Ziliang’s mind.
“We … We failed?” he thought.
Suddenly, Gong Ziliang thought of something and opened the furnace.
He saw that the three high-level experience pills that he had put in earlier had disappeared without a trace.
There were only some black pill dregs and fragments lying at the bottom of the furnace.
“System, F * ck you, you’re a watermelon pineapple!” Looking at the black pill residue and fragments, gongzi Liang almost went berserk on the spot.
When he was strengthening the blazing Dragon Sword, he had failed once.
However, that would just be a waste of strengthening stones.
However, this time, the high-leveled experience pills that he had painstakingly obtained were all shattered! His heart ached so much that he couldn’t breathe! The most important thing was that this failure had also broken the perpetual-motion engine mode that he had conceived.
Perhaps a gift bag bought with a month and a half’s income might not even be able to synthesize an origin pill! If that was the case, would he still need to use his head to level up? In the end, Gong Ziliang pointed his finger at the scamming system and said coldly,””System, I need an explanation!!!” 

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