If you really feel regretful, then let me succeed once! As if Gong Ziliang’s anger received a response, the system sent another notification.
[Ding! [The system has detected that the host has failed to synthesize the origin pills 13 times in a row.
The title [crazy core-shattering devil] has been obtained.
Do you wish to wear it?] Crazy core-shattering devil? Title? Damn system! Even if you’re not a human, can you not be such a dog?! Gong Ziliang was so angry that he wanted to smash the fusion furnace in front of him into pieces like it was a stupid system! However, the system was a dog.
It could anger you to death, but you couldn’t do anything to it.
He wouldn’t be able to destroy the furnace, and even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to use the fusion function in the future.
He would be the only one to lose.
At the thought of this, Gong Ziliang suppressed the urge to vomit blood and clicked on the title that the system had made up to mock him.
[Crazy core-shattering demon] Level 1: obtained after failing 13 times in a row in pill synthesis.
Increased by 5.5 points to Level 2 after failing 26 times in a row.
[Attribute: after wearing it, it increases the success rate of pill synthesis by 10%!] ??? When gongzi Liang saw the attributes of the title, he rubbed his eyes, thinking that he had failed too many times and was hallucinating.
However, when he looked at the attribute line, word by word … It was confirmed that the title of ‘unlucky fool’ could indeed increase the success rate of the pill synthesis.
Gongzi Liang suddenly realized that the system seemed to have turned over a new leaf and had given him something good.
Although the probability of an increase was only 10%.
However, this title also had the effect of 10 synthesis times and one success rate! This was the most important thing! “Wear it, wear it, immediately put it on for me!” Gongzi Liang was in high spirits and immediately wanted to pay for another batch of level pill gift bags.
With this title, according to the most unlucky situation, he could only do it once.
10 times of synthesis would require 30 high level pills.
In terms of the gift bag, it was less than 900 Yuan.
Compared to directly buying the origin pill gift bag, he could save more than 100 yuan.
And if he was lucky in the middle and the synthesis was successful once or twice, he would save even more money! Of course, after the 13 consecutive defeats, Gong Ziliang no longer had any hope for his character.
However, even if the other nine times all failed, the number of failures would still add up and upgrade the title.
From the looks of it, if he succeeded, he would have the medicinal pill.
If he failed, his title would be upgraded.
“The system might take away my full points, but I definitely won’t make a loss!” Gongzi Liang could only console himself in his heart.
Then, he remembered that the system had mentioned before that there was more than just the probability of pill synthesis.
The other equipment, including synthesis, upgrade, and strengthening, had a set probability.
“So, this title of mine will also have an effect when I wear it while forging equipment?” This was extremely important to Gong Ziliang.
If the title [crazy core-shattering devil] could increase the chances of forging equipment … Then, in reverse, the number of failures of equipment synthesis could also be used to upgrade the title level.
In his bag, there were a lot of parts of the “Azure demon set” that he had obtained from the boss Wu Zhiqi.
They were all green and white grade equipment, so they wouldn’t be able to be exchanged for many ingots even if they were recycled.
They might as well be used as cushions.
“No, the attributes of [crazy core shattering demon] are only effective when refining pills.” Very quickly, the system’s reply shattered Gong Ziliang’s dream.
With no loopholes to exploit, gongzi Liang resigned himself to his fate.
After some thought, gongzi Liang squandered the remaining 1000 plus points he had and bought 12 grade pill gift bags.
[Ding! [Congratulations …] [Ding! [Congratulations …] …… It wasn’t that he had to synthesize an origin pill.
However, leaving the money there would only be eating dust.
At this point, he had ignored Gong Ziying’s resentment.
He might as well use it to level up.
In any case, with the title of [crazy core shattering devil], the points he spent would not disappear with the broken pills like before.
It was just in another form, existing by his side.
Or the origin pill.
Or the experience gained from titles.
Moreover, if he was really lucky, he could use the grade pills in these 12 gift bags to synthesize two origin pills.
One wave of the limitless tower would more or less be enough to earn back the principal and interest.
[Ding! [What a pity …] [Ding! [What a pity …] [Ding! [What a pity …] This time, when he heard the system’s regretful voice, Gong Ziliang’s heart was no longer as agitated as before.
The wind and clouds were light, and the waves were calm.
Break it, slowly break it.
Anyway, I have a minimum wage! However, on the ninth attempt, he still failed.
Only then did he finally feel a slight fluctuation.
Fortunately, the attribute of the title [crazy core shattering devil] finally came into play for the tenth time.
[Ding! [Congratulations, you have successfully synthesized the origin pill!] These short words sounded like heavenly music to gongzi Liang! Including the 13 consecutive failures before he got the title.
And the nine times after that.
He had spent more than 2000 Yuan on the gift bag alone to get this pill after 23 synthesis attempts! Gongzi Liang was so touched that he was on the verge of tears.
Lifting the lid of the furnace, with the gratification of an old father, gongzi Liang solemnly pinched out a pill the size of a longan with a golden stripe on it.
A rich pill fragrance wafted out from the pill, causing the pores on gongzi Liang’s origin source body to open up.
He could not help but recall a description he had read in an online novel in his previous life: It was as good as eating a ginseng fruit! However, Gong Ziliang knew that the effects of the origin pill might not be inferior to the legendary ginseng fruit.
Although the ginseng fruit was an innate spiritual root, the fruit it bore was nothing more than the essence of heaven and earth.
After eating it, one could rely on the huge amount of essence energy to fill their body and forcefully increase their cultivation.
Great strength creates miracles! However, the origin pill was different.
As a pill produced by the system, this thing was a rule-grade pill.
Regardless of cultivation level, cultivation technique, or innate ability, as long as one swallowed the pill, regardless of whether one was a God or an immortal, it would simply and violently increase one’s cultivation level! He dispelled all these thoughts from his mind.
Gong Ziliang took out a porcelain bottle and placed the origin pill inside.
He did not consume it directly.
It wasn’t that he didn’t want to eat it and wanted to keep it for a few more glances, but he planned to wait until he synthesized another one and then eat it all at once.
This way, he could directly level up to level 82 and open the 90th floor of the limitless tower, earning a wave of income.
Taking advantage of the good luck of the successful synthesis, gongzi Liang hurriedly put the remaining graded pills into the synthesis furnace batch by batch.
[Ding! [What a pity …] [Ding! [What a pity …] …… Regretfully, it was another wave of defeat.
Gongzi liangrao was already mentally prepared for this outcome.

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