He had received news in advance that the Holy daughter of the Gu family had come with Gu chengfeng.
As expected, Dong Tianbao soon saw a handsome young man.
Although he was dressed as a man, Dong Tianbao had seen countless people and his eyes were sharp.
He saw through Gu lianan’s disguise at a glance.
Just as Dong Tianbao saw through Gu lianren’s identity, Gu lianren’s gaze landed on gongzi Liang, who was standing in front of him.
“Ya, this little thief really came to the heavenly treasure Pavilion!” Gu lianren was a little surprised.
Although the main entrance of the sky treasure Pavilion welcomed guests from all over the world, even ordinary people could enter the pavilion to broaden their horizons.
However, when she entered just now, Gu Lian Ren saw that Dong Tianbao, the Vice Pavilion master of the sky treasure Pavilion, was having a friendly conversation with gongzi Liang.
The significance of this was extraordinary.
After Gu chengfeng entered, his attention was focused on Dong Tianbao and he did not notice gongzi Liang.
It was only when he was about to introduce Gu lianren to Dong Tianbao that he followed Gu lianren’s gaze and saw Gong Ziliang, who was staring at them with a surprised expression.
She thought about how she had been scolded by Gu lianren because of this guy.
Gu chengfeng immediately narrowed his eyes and his expression darkened.
The disturbance caused by gongzi Liang on the street earlier was only a small interlude.
No matter if it was Gu lianren or Gu chengfeng, they didn’t take it to heart and had almost forgotten about it.
But now, seeing young master Liang again in a place like the sky treasure Pavilion, Gu Lian Ren and Gu chengfeng immediately had different thoughts.
Gu Lian Ren did not think so much.
Back then, Gong Ziliang had looked for her to ask for directions and to find a place to trade numinous treasures.
Although Gu lianren was surprised to see him here, she did not find it too strange.
However, Gu chengfeng had previously announced that a person like gongzi Liang did not even have the qualifications to enter the sky treasure Pavilion.
Now, not only had he openly entered the sky treasure Pavilion, but he was also chatting and laughing with the Vice Pavilion head, Dong Tianbao.
Wasn’t this a slap to his face? Furthermore, the reason why Gu chengfeng had told Gu lianren about those people was not purely for the Gu family.
In fact, he was only doing this for money.
He had obtained the promise from the celestial realm ancestor of the bi Fang Empire that after the fall of the Gu clan, he would obtain a place for himself in the bi Fang Empire.
He had also sent someone to give him some benefits in advance.
Only then did Gu chengfeng agree to negotiate with Gu lianren during the process of retrieving the goods.
If it was in the past, when the Gu family was at its peak.
As an elder of the Gu clan, Gu chengfeng would never betray his clan for some small benefits.
But now, that Nirvana stage ancient ancestor was about to fall.
Gu chengfeng, who was well aware that there was no end to the eggs buried under a overturned nest, could not help but have some other thoughts.
In fact, there were many people like Gu chengfeng in the Gu family who had secretly contacted external forces to find a new family.
However, Gu chengfeng did not expect that the first time he mentioned Ma Yuan, he would be reprimanded by Gu Lian Ren in the name of the ancient ancestor.
Even though Gu chengfeng knew that the reason was not because of this guy in front of him.
But in such a short time, they had met twice in a row.
In addition, at this moment, Gong Ziliang was looking at Gu lianren without hiding his gaze.
All of this made Gu chengfeng feel that something was not right.
“Could this guy have been sent by some force to seduce Lian Ren?” Gu chengfeng could not help but think in this direction.
If Gong Ziliang was just an ordinary genuine force warrior, Gu chengfeng would not have taken him to heart.
But who was Dong Tianbao? Putting aside his sea of consciousness realm cultivation base … The sky treasure Pavilion behind him was the true Overlord of the middle state! In the pavilion, there were five Nirvana stage cultivators who were comparable to the Gu family’s ancestor.
Even the three magnates of the southeast Region: Even if the Gu family, nine Dragon Holy Land, and Tian Gang orthodoxy were to join forces, they would still not be able to match up to him.
For such an existence, even a piece of mud at his feet was more valuable than profound gold.
Not to mention, he was a living person who could stand in front of Dong Tianbao and talk cheerfully.
Many thoughts flashed through his mind.
Gu chengfeng felt that it was better to probe that guy’s background first.
Gu chengfeng’s gloomy expression was seamlessly transformed into a smile.
He pretended to be surprised and said,””Eh, sky treasure Pavilion’s master, this is …” With Gu chengfeng’s reminder, Dong Tianbao finally shifted his gaze away from Gu Lian Ren.
After some thought, he introduced her to Gu chengfeng,””This is young master Liang, and he has come to sell this Pavilion master a Supreme realm precious artifact.” After hearing Dong Tianbao’s introduction, Gu chengfeng suspected that there was something wrong with his ears.
He had mistaken “buying supreme class relics” for “selling supreme class relics”.
The forging technique for peak level magic treasures like supreme class precious artifacts was not difficult, and even some high-tier sects had it.
It was hard to gather materials.
In particular, there were a few special types of dark gold that could only be produced in a few mines in the middle state.
And those mines were all businesses under the name of sky treasure Pavilion.
It was precisely because of this that the sky treasure Pavilion, which controlled the black gold mine, was able to monopolize nearly 90% of the market’s Ji realm precious artifact trade.
Even the Gu clan had no choice but to spend a large sum of money every two years to purchase a supreme class precious artifact from the sky treasure Pavilion.
Seeing Gu chengfeng’s expression, Dong Tianbao immediately regretted it.
Whether or not gongzi Liang had a supreme class precious artifact on him, or if he did, and how many, he had yet to find out.
What if Gong Ziliang couldn’t take out a supreme class precious artifact later, or if he could get one or two defective ones? wouldn’t he become a joke in front of the Gu family? Although Dong Tianbao could not see through gongzi Liang’s abilities, he still thought too much about it.
Young master Liang came from a prestigious Holy Land, and it was impossible for him to take out too many extreme realm precious artifacts.
After all, the source of the creation of a supreme class precious artifact was firmly held in the hands of their own heavenly treasure Pavilion! At the thought of this, Dong Tianbao smiled apologetically and said to Gong Ziliang,””This good brother, could you delay the transaction of the Ji realm precious artifact for a moment and allow this Dong to first deliver the items that the Gu clan needs?” Gongzi Liang had wanted to say first come, first served, but seeing that Dong Tianbao was sincere and did not put on a tough attitude, he nodded in agreement.
He wasn’t in a hurry.
Moreover, Dong Tianbao had previously asked him if he was a member of the Gu clan because he had mentioned a Ji realm precious artifact.
It was obvious that Dong Tianbao wanted to do business with the Gu clan members in front of him, and that was the Ji realm precious artifact.
It just so happened that Gong Ziliang wasn’t too sure about the price of a supreme class precious artifact, so he could just take a look first.
From Dong Tianbao’s attitude towards gongzi Liang, Gu chengfeng could sense something.
“It seems like this little thief’s identity isn’t as exaggerated as I thought.” Gu chengfeng was not as nervous as before, but when he thought of the promise made by the bi Fang dynasty’s grand ancestor, a cold light flashed in his eyes.
“The master of sky treasure Pavilion is open to do business, so we have to pay attention to first come, first served.
We, the Gu family, can’t break the rules of the master of sky treasure Pavilion.” “Sky treasure Pavilion’s Pavilion master should first complete the transaction of this good little friend’s Ji realm precious artifact.” Gu chengfeng was certain that this young master Liang would not be able to take out too many supreme class precious artifacts.
This way, he would be able to use the number of supreme class precious artifacts that the Gu clan had ordered to properly ridicule this person! He wanted to make him lose all his face in front of Gu Lian!

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