Gu lianren did not expect Gu chengfeng to be so blind to the situation.
Even if that little thief bullied Dong Tianbao with reason, it was his business.
There was no need for outsiders like the Gu family to point fingers at him.
As for Gu chengfeng’s words, when placed on Dong Tianbao, it was no different from accusing him, the Deputy Pavilion master, of not knowing people well and being deceived.
Sure enough, when Gu lianren looked up, she saw that Dong Tianbao’s face had already darkened.
Gong Ziliang glanced at Dong Tianbao and saw that the latter was obviously angry.
However, due to his status, he could not flare up.
“For the sake of this discount card, I’ll do a good deed today and help you vent your anger.” Keeping the discount card, gongzi Liang looked at Gu lianren first.
At this moment, he finally understood that the guy he thought was a fool was not a fool.
At the very least, he was much smarter than Gu chengfeng.
“Tsk, tsk, you’re such a beautiful woman, but you have to dress up as a man.” Furthermore, after seeing through Gu Lian ‘er’s clothing, gongzi Liang realized that in terms of looks, Gu Lian’ er was not much inferior to Lin anruo.
Of course, Lin anruo’s innate charm was something that Gu lianren could never compare to.
But in Gu Lian Ren’s eyes, Gong Ziliang saw a toughness that was rarely seen on women.
“Is this the reason why you don’t like to dress up in red and dress up as a man?” Gongzi Liang thought for a moment and shifted his gaze to Gu chengfeng, who had offended someone but was still unaware of it.
He said indifferently,””Oh, if I really take out 60 supreme class precious artifacts, what would you do?” As soon as he said this, Gu lianren immediately became anxious.
In her opinion, it was impossible for Gong Ziliang to take out 60 supreme class precious artifacts.
The reason why he said that was because he felt that Gu chengfeng’s words had made him lose face.
But if it was just him and Gu chengfeng being angry at each other, it would be fine.
Now, this matter involved Dong Tianbao.
If he couldn’t take out these supreme class precious artifacts, Dong Tianbao’s face would be lost here.
Just as he was about to send a voice transmission to Gu chengfeng, asking him to take a step back and give the other party a way out.
“Hmph, if you can bring me 60 supreme class precious artifacts, then I’ll buy them all at the highest price in the market!” Gu lianren was too late to stop him.
As Gu chengfeng spoke, he had already taken off the storage ring on his hand.
As he spoke, he opened a corner of the storage ring, revealing a mountain of spiritual crystals.
Just as Gu chengfeng opened the storage ring, the commotion here finally attracted the attention of those people at the counter.
“Hiss, so many spirit crystals.
My eyes are going to be dazzled.” “Who is that person? How can he take out so many spirit crystals at once?” “One spiritual crystal can be exchanged for 10000 spiritual stones.
That man has more than 100000 spiritual crystals in his storage ring.
That’s … One billion spiritual stones!” When the words “one billion spirit stones” came out of the mouth of a spirit-forging stage cultivator … Everyone on this floor was shocked by this number, and they were stunned.
It also made the originally noisy attic suddenly quiet down.
After all, a city like the White Cloud City’s annual income from various aspects, big and small, was only about a hundred million spiritual stones.
In other words, the spiritual stones before them were equivalent to ten years of income for the White Cloud City! “Is this person planning to buy the White Cloud City?” Suddenly, a figure in the crowd broke the silence and brought everyone back to their senses.
As the voice spread, countless gazes were immediately cast on that person as if they were looking at an idiot.
However, after that person said that, everyone started to get curious.
What was this person going to buy with so many spiritual stones? In groups of twos and threes, the crowd began to discuss in low voices, arguing over their own ideas.
He heard everyone’s discussion.
Gu chengfeng immediately thought of an idea.
He coughed lightly to attract everyone’s attention, then raised the storage ring in his hand and said,””Everyone, I made a bet with this young friend just now.” “If this little friend is able to take out 60 Ji realm precious artifacts at once, then I will use these spirit stones to buy all of his Ji realm precious artifacts!” “However, if this little friend is unable to take out so many Ji realm precious artifacts, then this Gu will not make any excessive requests.
Just kowtow to this Gu 60 times as an apology.” Upon hearing Gu chengfeng’s words, those people were first shocked by the fact that Gu chengfeng had taken out a spiritual crystal equivalent to one billion spiritual stones and gambled.
However, everyone immediately realized that something was wrong.
Although the number of spiritual crystals looked frightening, it was still too much.
However, with the rarity of a supreme class precious artifact, the market price of a tribulation passing stage supreme class precious artifact was as high as tens of millions of spirit stones.
One billion spirit stones, at the very most, would only be enough to buy 20 or so tribulation passing stage Supreme realm treasures.
But now, Gu chengfeng was going to use this one billion spirit stones to buy 60 supreme class relics.
This kind of bet already made everyone feel that Gu chengfeng was not being honest.
Then, he heard Gu chengfeng say that if Gong Ziliang couldn’t take out a supreme class precious artifact, he would have to kowtow to him 60 times.
At that moment, everyone felt contempt for Gu chengfeng’s actions.
“Old Gu!” Gu Lian Ren’s pretty face was even colder as she prepared to make Gu chengfeng take back what he had just said.
However, just as he opened his mouth, Gu chengfeng said firmly,””Young lady, chengfeng has risked his life for the family for many years to obtain these spiritual crystals.” “It was chengfeng’s idea to use it as a bet, and it has nothing to do with the Gu family!” “Young lady, you only need to manage the handover with the sky treasure Pavilion master!” Gu lianren’s chest heaved up and down.
Gu chengfeng’s words had completely blocked off her position to stop him.
Just as Gu chengfeng had said, he had risked his life to obtain those spiritual crystals.
Even if the head of the Gu family were here, he had no right to interfere with how Gu chengfeng used them, let alone Gu lianren.
Seeing that Gu Lian Ren had nothing to say, Gu chengfeng looked at gongzi Liang with pride.”What do you think, my young friend Liang?” “Are you going to accept the bet or not?” Gongzi Liang was not clear about the price of a Supreme realm relic.
However, he still knew the value of one billion spiritual stones.
For example, the Tianxuan sect that he came from, as a mid-tier sect, only had 20 million spiritual stones in total.
As for the high-class sects, due to different circumstances, their foundations would be different, but there would not be much of a difference.
They would only be in the range of 100 million to 200 million.
As for the dynasties, compared to the sects, they could take out more spirit stones with the income of taxes, which was hundreds of millions.
In this way, Gu chengfeng’s spiritual crystals were at least equivalent to the heritage of two or three dynasties.
For Gong Ziliang, 60 supreme class relics would only take him three days to kill the boss.
Three days for a billion spirit stones! This business was worth it! After analyzing the result, gongzi Liang was about to agree.
“Brother Liang, our Pavilion is selling an extreme tribulation stage precious artifact to the Gu clan’s demon suppression guard for 48 million spirit stones each.” Suddenly, Dong Tianbao’s bold reminder came from beside him.

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