crystals?” The man whom Gu chengfeng had addressed as “brother Dong Dao” smiled slightly upon hearing this.
He removed the storage ring on his hand and tossed it over.
“Many thanks, brother Dong Dao.” Gu chengfeng cupped his fists at Gu Dong in thanks and opened the storage ring.
“BOOM!” Another wave of majestic spiritual energy swept out and instantly filled the entire mystic gold Pavilion.
The bright spiritual light shone on the talismans on the counter, illuminating the entire floor of the mystic gold Pavilion.
“I’m afraid there are more than 100000 spiritual crystals in here!” “Heavens, so many spirit stones.
It would be great if they were all given to me!” “Give it to you? Do you want me to buy the White Cloud City for you?” Everyone exclaimed.
One of the voices caught their attention.””I’m the only one who can think of this.
These people can take out more than 100000 spiritual crystals so easily.
Where did they come from?” As the voice spread, everyone revealed a thoughtful expression.
“Their surname is Gu, could it be … That Gu family!” Very quickly, someone thought of something and his expression turned into one of fear.
The others also quickly realized what the Gu family was referring to.
“It’s the Gu family, one of the three Giants in the southeast.
No wonder they can take out so many spiritual crystals at once!” “I heard that the Gu clan has a demon-suppressing troop made up of 100 sea of consciousness realm Warriors.
They specialize in guarding the demon land, and every two years, they need to change a batch of Ji realm relics.
It seems like these people are here to look for Pavilion master Dong to purchase Ji realm relics.” There was clearly someone with an extraordinary status in the crowd who revealed some secrets.
Hearing that person’s words, everyone was even more shocked.
A hundred sea of consciousness realm demon suppression guards? Such a force was too terrifying! Gongzi Liang was also a little shocked.
In the outside world, a person in the sea of consciousness realm was enough to suppress an entire dynasty.
But in the Gu family, he was only a member of the demon-suppressing guard.
Through this information, gongzi Liang was able to catch a glimpse of how terrifying a powerhouse like an aristocratic family could be.
………… At the same time.
As the crowd discussed Gu chengfeng’s background from the Gu clan, their gazes were instantly filled with pity when they saw the shock on gongzi Liang’s face.
From their point of view, gongzi Liang was obviously frightened by Gu chengfeng’s background.
But now, Gu chengfeng did not seem to intend to let the matter rest.
“Sigh, of all people to offend, to offend the Gu family …” A cultivator shook his head and voiced the thoughts of the others.
In their opinion, even if Gong Ziliang really took out 60 Supreme realm precious artifacts, he wouldn’t be able to take away a single spirit crystal.
On the other hand, gongzi Liang concealed his shock, as if he knew that there was no hope of escaping.
He stood there with his mouth shut, deep in thought.
Seeing this, Gu chengfeng did not rush him.
In any case, in his opinion, it was a sure thing that this guy in front of him would not be able to take out a supreme class precious artifact.
The longer he delayed, the more embarrassing it would be.
After a while, gongzi Liang finally lost his cool and said,”Your spiritual crystals are not enough!” “These spirit crystals can’t buy my supreme class precious artifact!” Not enough crystals? Was he preparing to increase the price? Gu chengfeng could not help but laugh when he saw that Gong Ziliang had been holding it in for so long before coming up with such an explanation.”Oh, then how much do you think it will be enough?” In his heart, Gu chengfeng was already anticipating how high the price gongzi Liang would bid.
In the eyes of the crowd, Gong Ziliang was forced to a dead end.
Otherwise, how could he come up with this trick of raising the price at the last minute?

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