hengfeng’s voice entered her ears.
After adjusting his emotions, gongzi Liang raised his head and looked at Gu chengfeng as if he was looking at a dead man.
This guy, I clearly didn’t provoke him, but he keeps targeting me! The most important thing was that he even wanted to steal his own extreme grade precious artifact! Alright, if I don’t make you unable to wear your underwear today, I’ll write the word ‘good’ backwards in the future! “I’ve said that your spiritual crystals are not enough!” “My supreme class precious artifact is at the rank of the sea of consciousness.” “I’ll charge you 200 million for each piece.
You’ll have to fork out 12 billion spirit stones to buy it.
” In the next moment, the voice that came out of young master Liang’s mouth was calm yet overbearing.
Gu chengfeng was taken aback.
He didn’t think that this guy in front of him would still be able to hold on even at this point.
However, in his opinion, gongzi Liang’s words could only fool outsiders … However, the Gu clan had been doing business with the sky treasure Pavilion for a long time.
Gu chengfeng was extremely familiar with the market and the production of supreme class precious artifacts.
Not to mention 60 sea of consciousness tier extreme grade precious artifacts, even if they were able to take out six, that would be something that only a major power comparable to the Gu clan could do.
In his heart, Gu chengfeng even began to admire him.
Shaking his head, Gu chengfeng decided to accompany him to the end! He glanced at the other three people behind Gu Lian.
Before he could say anything, the three of them already understood what he was thinking and immediately threw their storage rings over.
Gu chengfeng nodded to the three of them and opened their storage rings one by one.
In an instant, the spirit Qi on the first floor of the mystic gold Pavilion was so dense that it almost turned into spirit liquid and dripped down.
The cultivators in the area quickly circulated their cultivation techniques and began to absorb it.
Gu chengfeng could not be bothered with those cultivators.
After checking all the spiritual crystals in the three storage rings, he said,””Here are 700000 crystals.
As he spoke, Gu chengfeng removed another storage ring from his other hand.
In addition to a large number of spiritual crystals, there were also many elixir bottles and sealed brocade boxes.
With a wave of his sleeve, Gu chengfeng opened the pill bottles and brocade boxes.
A refreshing medicinal fragrance suddenly spread out from the medicinal pills in the pill bottles, as well as the medicinal plants in the brocade boxes.
“Low Earth grade soul locking pill!” “The flesh regeneration pill from the Taiyi green wood sect!” “A thousand-year red fruit.” “Heavenly spirit Kasaya” “……” Everyone’s eyes were wide open as they identified the names of the Spirit pills and medicinal plants.
Half of their faces were filled with shock, and the other half with envy.
“There are 150000 crystals here.” “Elixirs and spiritual herbs, worth 400 million spiritual stones.” With that, Gu chengfeng took off a storage jade pendant from his waist.
This time, Gu chengfeng took out weapons and magic treasures that looked extraordinary.
“These are worth 800 million spirit stones.” After putting down the storage Jade.
Under the numb yet anticipating gazes of the crowd, looking at Gu chengfeng and seeing what else he could take out … A light flashed on Gu chengfeng’s body, followed by a series of muffled “Bang Bang Bang” sounds.
A few supreme class precious artifacts were swallowed by him and smashed onto the ground.
“There are five supreme class precious artifacts here.
Three of them are at the Tribulation passing stage, and two of them are at the spirit forging stage.” “In addition, all the spiritual crystals, spiritual pills, medicinal plants, weapons, and Dharma Treasures!” ” 12 billion spirit stones is more than enough!” “Is it enough to buy your supreme class precious artifact?” After removing his Supreme realm precious artifact.
Gu chengfeng stood at the place with the densest spirit Qi and core Qi, and his domineering words made it seem as if gongzi Liang would be able to swallow all 100 supreme class precious artifacts in one go.

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