This way, he could collect more information.
When he returned to the headquarters to investigate, they might let him off the hook.

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Just as Dong Tianbao was prepared to sacrifice himself for the heavenly treasure Pavilion, gongzi Liang could not figure out what Dong Tianbao was up to when he saw his expression, which looked as if he was about to be executed.

However, he didn’t think too much about it and said,””Pavilion master Dong, if I can provide you with Ji realm relics for a long period of time in the future, do I have the authority to decide who I want to sell them to?”

This kind of behavior was not rare in Gong Ziliang’s previous life.

Moreover, those who played with the rules in the business world were more and more ruthless.

However, Dong Tianbao had obviously never encountered such a situation before.
He thought for a while and then replied,””I should be able to.”

Dong Tianbao immediately reacted to gongzi Liang’s words.

Providing him with a supreme class precious artifact for a long period of time?

This … Wasn’t he here to compete with the sky treasure Pavilion?

How did they suddenly become business partners?

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Just as Dong Tianbao was feeling surprised, he heard gongzi Liang continue,””That’s good.
In the future, I’ll be able to take out 20 sea of consciousness tier extreme grade precious artifacts every month.

” 100 million spiritual stones for each item!”

This quantity and price was the final decision that gongzi Liang made after considering the frequency at which the Gu clan replaced their Supreme realm precious artifacts.

He could naturally take out even more supreme class precious artifacts.

However, doing so would only destroy the market.

Every month, he would have 20 sea of consciousness tier extreme grade precious artifacts, so that would be 120 in a year?

Dong Tianbao, who was familiar with the difficulty of forging supreme class precious artifacts, quickly calculated this number and immediately shouted ‘impossible’ in his heart!

Even with the resources of the sky treasure Pavilion, under the most ideal circumstances, the number of precious artifacts that could be forged in a year would only be less than 120!

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If gongzi Liang could really take out so many, it was enough to show that the power behind him was not inferior to the sky treasure Pavilion!

However, if that was the case, why would gongzi Liang still sell these precious artifacts to him?

Moreover, each one only costs 100 million spiritual stones?

At this price, if it was sold by the sky treasure Pavilion, excluding the cost of labor and profound gold, there was almost no profit space.


For a moment, Dong Tianbao’s head was full of question marks.

Before Dong Tianbao could come up with a reasonable explanation, he heard a scream,””One … One hundred million spirit stones?” he asked.

“No, you can’t sell it like this!”

The one who screamed was naturally Gu chengfeng.

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He had just spent 12 billion spirit stones to buy 60 supreme class relics from Gong Ziliang.

Now, gongzi Liang wanted to sell them to sky treasure Pavilion for 100 million each.

In other words, he had lost six billion spiritual stones!

“My supreme class precious artifact will naturally be sold however I want.
I’ll sell as many as I want.”

Fellow Daoist Gu, you should think about yourself first.
Where are you going to get the spirit stones to return to fellow Daoist Dong Dao and the others?”

After Gong Ziliang said that …

Gu Dong and the other three immediately reacted.

The four of them had just lent all their spirit crystals to Gu chengfeng to buy 60 supreme class relics.

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But now, the price of a Supreme realm precious artifact had been cut short by Gong Ziliang.

Even if Gu chengfeng were to sell all 60 supreme class precious artifacts, the spirit stones he would get would not be enough to cover their losses!

She could no longer return to the Gu family.

If they ran out of spiritual crystals, their daily cultivation would become a problem.

Instantly, the four of them looked at Gu chengfeng with eyes that were filled with killing intent.

Gu chengfeng felt a chill on his neck.
However, the problem at hand was that the right to price supreme class precious artifacts was in the hands of gongzi Liang.

If they wanted to stop their losses, they could only beg gongzi Liang to raise the price.

For the spirit stones!

Gu chengfeng gritted his teeth and prepared to bow down to gongzi Liang.

Suddenly, gongzi Liang said to Dong Tianbao,””However, I have a condition.”

Gu chengfeng, who had already opened his mouth, immediately swallowed back the words he was about to say.

That’s great!

This mongrel was full of evil tricks.
How could he sell a supreme class precious artifact to the sky treasure Pavilion at such a low price?

Just wait and see.
He would definitely raise conditions that Dong Tianbao would not be able to accept!

This way, he would be able to stabilize the price of his supreme class precious artifacts!

Gu chengfeng thought happily.

Dong Tianbao’s heart tightened as well.
In his heart, he had already anticipated the conditions that gongzi Liang might raise.

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For example, he could use a supreme class precious artifact to exchange for the black gold mine under the sky treasure Pavilion’s name, reducing the market competitiveness of the sky treasure Pavilion from the source.

Or, they could sign an agreement that would last for a few years.
After a few years, they would let the sky treasure Pavilion take the initiative to give up a part of the market.

Or perhaps …

“My condition is that any faction that buys these Ji realm precious artifacts can not buy these Ji realm precious artifacts from any faction other than the sky treasure Pavilion, nor from any individual!”

The next moment.

Dong Tianbao’s first reaction upon hearing Gong Ziliang’s conditions was: Just this?

His second reaction was to turn around and look at Gu chengfeng.

Although gongzi Liang did not specify who the ‘forces and individuals’ that he mentioned were, he did not know who they were.

However, other than Gu chengfeng, who had just spent 12 billion to buy 60 Supreme-grade relics, Dong Tianbao could not think of anyone else who could take out this standard Supreme-grade relic.

As such, Gong Ziliang cut the price of the Supreme class precious artifact by half.

He also used his authority as a business partner to seal off Gu chengfeng’s channels for selling supreme class precious artifacts.

This wasn’t just about killing!

He also wanted to kill his heart!

There were only a few powers in the southeast Region that had the ability to take down an extreme level sea of consciousness precious artifact.

Dong Tianbao had maintained a good relationship with those families.

As long as he hinted to Gu chengfeng, even if Gu chengfeng had the courage to cut his losses and sell this batch of supreme class precious artifacts for a price lower than a hundred million spirit stones …

Those forces would definitely not dare to take over at the risk of offending Dong Tianbao.

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As a result …

Gu chengfeng had spent 12 billion spirit stones to purchase these 60 supreme class artifacts.

The rest could only rot in his hands.

This was an Open Conspiracy!

Without any fancy tricks, he just used the resources in his hands to crush Gu chengfeng.

Even if Gu chengfeng knew that gongzi Liang was targeting him on purpose.

He even knew what Gong Ziliang was going to do next.

However, he could only watch as he was forced into a dead end!

After thinking this through, Dong Tianbao’s mind shuddered and he was confused.

Gongzi Liang’s actions had indeed sealed off Gu chengfeng’s channel of turning extreme grade precious artifacts into spirit stones.

But at the same time, young master Liang’s losses were not small either.

The extreme state of the sea of consciousness precious artifact that was to be handed over to the sky treasure Pavilion would cause gongzi Liang to lose at least two billion spirit stones every month.

From Dong Tianbao’s point of view, gongzi Liang was killing 1000 enemies but losing 1500 of his own!

“Could it be that brother Liang and that Gu guy have some kind of life and death feud?”

Thinking of some of his previous discoveries, Dong Tianbao made a guess.

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