“Good brother, from now on, you are my great benefactor.”

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“As the Vice Pavilion master of sky treasure Pavilion, I will naturally follow the rules of the pavilion.
You get what you pay for.”

“After I’ve settled some matters outside of the deal, if brother Jiang has any requests in the future, whether it’s to climb a mountain of daggers or plunge into a pot of boiling oil, if I have the slightest word of refusal, I’ll be struck by lightning!”

Upon hearing Dong Tianbao’s words, Gong Ziliang immediately understood that there must be a story behind Dong Tianbao.

However, there was no reason for gongzi Liang to accept Dong Tianbao’s feelings.

He sold supreme class precious artifacts, while Dong Tianbao bought them with medicinal pills.

To Gong Ziliang, this was just a deal.

Moreover, even this business was of great significance to Dong Tianbao.

But at the same time, he also got the pill he wanted.

There was no such thing as gratitude between the two parties.

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At the thought of this, gongzi Liang lifted Dong Tianbao up with a wave of spirit energy.”Please get up, Pavilion master Dong.
You’re making me embarrassed to continue working with you.”

Dong Tianbao had wanted to kneel down, but the force that was holding him up made him unable to resist at all.

Dong Tianbao then remembered that the young-looking gongzi Liang was a heavenly God-level monster.
He was no match for him at all.

Left with no choice, Dong Tianbao could only obey and stand up.

Immediately after, Dong Tianbao thought of the number of supreme class precious artifacts that Gong Ziliang was going to hand over.
He felt that Gong Ziliang would definitely not lie to him about such a matter.

Because by doing so, other than offending him and the sky treasure Pavilion, gongzi Liang would not gain any benefits.

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However, out of professionalism, Dong Tianbao stared at gongzi Liang and said,””Good brother, it’s not that I don’t trust you,”

“It’s just that good brother also clearly knows the value of a supreme class precious artifact.

“Therefore, this Dong would like to ask one more question.
Is brother Liang sure that you can supply 300 supreme class precious artifacts every month?”

Dong Tianbao originally wanted to ask gongzi Liang where he got the profound gold to forge so many supreme class precious artifacts.

Even if he used his toes to think, Dong Tianbao knew that gongzi Liang would never tell him the answer.

It was as if someone had come to him and asked him for the locations of the black gold mines under the sky treasure Pavilion’s name.

“Only more, not less!”

Gongzi Liang spat out these words and met Dong Tianbao’s gaze.

The two of them looked at each other for a full minute.
In Gong Ziliang’s eyes, Dong Tianbao did not see any evasion, only an extremely calm calmness.

With a soft shout, he grabbed at the air with his palm and took back the pill bottle that he had thrown out earlier.
Using his spirit energy, he carried it to Gong Ziliang.”There are all sorts of earth grade upper level pills in here, a total of 120 pills.”

“There are also 10 heaven grade low level pills.”

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“Just treat it as a deposit.”

After saying that, Dong Tianbao glanced at the 20 supreme class precious artifacts that Gong Ziliang took out.”I’ll take these supreme class precious artifacts first.
I’ll personally send them back to the headquarters so that I can get more medicinal pills from the headquarters.”

“Don’t worry, brother Liang.
Sky treasure Pavilion has a teleportation formation between the central State and the Wu State.”

“It won’t take more than seven days to go and return.”

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In the past, when he cooperated with the Gu family and other forces to collect the resources they mined from the demonic land, Dong Tianbao only casually sent people to send the resources back to the headquarters.

But this time, the order from Gong Ziliang was too large.

Moreover, it also involved his own opportunity to make a comeback.
Naturally, Dong Tianbao did not dare to let others do it.

In fact, Dong Tianbao planned to go back this time and not tell anyone.

Otherwise, if the news were to leak out, there would be many more complications.

As for the profound Gold Pavilion in the White Cloud City, Dong Tianbao planned to close down for a few days.

Compared to the order from Gong Ziliang, the delay in business was not a big deal.

When he heard that Dong Tianbao was going to bring a supreme class precious artifact, he first made a trip back to the headquarters.

This meant that he would have to wait a few days before he could get the elixir.
A trace of urgency rose in Gong Ziliang’s heart.

However, gongzi Liang also understood that the pills that he could exchange his supreme class precious artifacts for would not be a small sum.

If Dong Tianbao did not go back and explain to the headquarters, the sky treasure Pavilion would definitely not easily take out so many pills.

Moreover, the divine seed in the myriad demon mountain had not made any more movements.

He would have to stay in the White Cloud City for as long as he didn’t appear.

Since he couldn’t leave, he could take advantage of the few days when Dong Tianbao was back to fight bosses and get some equipment.

Thinking of this, Gong Ziliang was about to agree.

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Suddenly, he caught another piece of information.

Just now, Dong Tianbao had said that his trip would not take more than seven days!

It would only take seven days to cross the billions of miles between the Central Plains and the Wu Plains!

This …

Gongzi Liang immediately thought of the possibility that there was a teleportation formation between the headquarters of the sky treasure Pavilion and Qingzhou.

Didn’t that mean that he would only need to spend a few days to return to the ancient dynasty through the teleportation formation?

With this thought …

Childe Liang immediately put the elixir aside and asked Dong Tianbao about the teleportation formation.

“The cyan Plains of the northern domain?”

Dong Tianbao pondered for a moment, then said,””Our Pavilion does have a few branches over there.”

“If I’m not mistaken, the great Xia Dynasty that you mentioned just happens to have a branch.”

Upon hearing Dong Tianbao’s answer, gongzi Liang was overjoyed.
He could not help but think of Shangguan Yan, Lin Xiao, and many other people.

“That’s great.

“When I come out of the divine Kingdom ruins, I can go back!”

Gong Ziliang clenched his fists tightly.
He thought of how he would tell Chu Yang and the others about his experience during this period of time after their reunion.
He reckoned that those three guys would be so shocked that their eyeballs would fall out.

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In the depths of a historical site in the northern region.

A black-robed figure had successfully circulated the spiritual energy in his body six times.

The moment the seventh dangerous reversal was completed successfully, the wild spiritual energy directly turned into a tide above his head and spread mightily around the ruins.

Ten li.

A hundred miles.

A thousand miles!

In the end, the spiritual Qi tide covered a range of 3000 and 600 miles before it finally reached its limit.

At this moment.

The black-robed young man under the tide opened his eyes and murmured,””The common people’s code of disorder has reached the level of the seven renegations.
I can finally break through to the God-refinement realm!”

A breakthrough should have been a happy thing.

However, when the black-robed young man raised his head and saw the spiritual energy tide covering the sky of the ruins, he could not see any joy on his face after sensing the scope of the tide.

“Sigh, when Xiao liangzi broke through to the spirit-refinement realm, he condensed a spiritual Qi vortex of 9900 miles.”

“The 3000-mile Whirlpool has the bearing of an ancient Saint.
The so-called ‘purple Qi from the East 3000 miles’ is the appearance of a Saint.”

“But compared to little liangzi, I’m still far behind!”

He thought of Gong Ziliang, the black-robed young man who was Lin Xiao, and could only smile bitterly.

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