Chapter 58: I Have Countless Nice Words, Can I Say Them?

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Seeing more than ten items that could be retrieved and other items in his bag, Gong Ziliang was speechless.

He really wanted to slap himself to death.

[Level 10 Boss Core: It can be used for the advancement of beast-type pets.]

Good lord!

He had thought that it was a spirit core.


‘I haven’t even bought the Beast Riding Gift Bag, and you’ve already arranged for me to have an advancement inner core?’

‘I seriously suspect that you’re hinting at me to spend money on gift bags!’

Gong Ziliang exited the projection space of the Personal Boss.
He opened the interface again and saw that the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat had been killed.
There was also a notification on the back that the next spawning time was tomorrow.

Everything was as he had guessed.
Personal Bosses would only respawn once a day.


Gong Ziliang entered the Wild Boss Projection.

With a white light, under the Fire Cat Mountain Valley, the stream appeared again.

On the tree was the Fire Cat King.


Leaves scattered!

At this moment, the Fire Cat King descended from the sky and landed in front of Gong Ziliang with boundless dust.

Compared to the heavy pressure when he first saw it, at this moment, Gong Ziliang did not feel like he was on a mission when he faced the Fire Cat King again.

It was to the extent where there was a type of innermost confidence.

That was necessary.

‘You, a fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm Fire Cat King, still want to fight a sixth-stage Qi Refinement Realm cultivator like me?’

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‘Remember back then?’

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‘I, a Martial Body Realm cultivator, can already beat you up!’

“Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike!”


A dragon roar sounded.

A red light accompanied by the spiritual qi of baptism flashed on the hilt of the Heavenly Frost Sword that Gong Ziliang was holding.

The sword was unsheathed, and a powerful sword qi rose from the ground.
Gong Ziliang’s figure was difficult to capture, and he directly attacked the Fire Cat King.


A sword scar appeared on the forehead of the Fire Cat King before it slowly expanded to its entire body!

With a bang, the Fire Cat King was torn into pieces and fell to the ground, dropping a pile of items.

“Damn! So ferocious!”

Gong Ziliang looked at this scene with an unbelievable expression.

He knew that with his current strength and the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike, he indeed did not feel any pressure when facing this Fire Cat King.

However, he did not expect it to be so easy.

He only wanted to try a low-grade martial technique.
With a slight force, the Fire Cat King could not withstand it.

“It seems that I’m invincible in the Qi Refinement Realm!”

Gong Ziliang said leisurely, showing his “loneliness”.
Then, he picked up the items that had just dropped.

However, when Gong Ziliang obtained the first item, his expression immediately changed.

[Ding! You have picked up the Fire Cat King’s spirit core*1]


Immediately, Gong Ziliang cursed uncontrollably.

It was the Fire Cat King’s spirit core!

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That was a precious thing that could allow him to directly break through to the Qi Refinement Realm!

He had really suffered a huge loss these few days!

His friends had misled him!

At this moment, Shangguan Yan’s face flashed in Gong Ziliang’s mind.

Investigate your head!

Lin Xiao, damn you!

Why did we drink?

All of you, damn it!

If he had found this function on the day he returned to the sect, in these two days, he might reach Level 20 and directly kick into the Meridian Opening Realm!

It was common knowledge that the Fire Cat King’s spirit core contained dense spiritual qi!

[Ding! You have picked up [Red Equipment Fragment ]*1]

[Ding! You have picked up [Low-level Experience Pill]*2]

[Ding! You have picked up 1 Million Copper Coins]

Gong Ziliang became speechless.

The sound of countless curses swept past him.

He had not fought the Boss for three days and had lost several times the resources!

After exiting the projection space, the Wild Boss, the Fire Cat King, had been killed.
There was still half an hour left before the refresh time.

In other words, as long as there were challenge attempts left, he could kill and drop items at any time.

If he could get a Fire Cat King’s spirit core every time, then…

‘Damn, you son of a watermelon!’

‘I’ve lost more than a billion copper coins in these three days!’

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Gong Ziliang was speechless.

That was something that many rich clans and families wanted!

All because he did not check and ended up drinking with Shangguan Yan and Lin Xiao, such precious resources were wasted?


Tsk, tsk!

In a fit of anger, Gong Ziliang entered the map of the Wild Boss, the Fire Cat King.

However, after using the remaining four challenges, not a single Fire Cat King spirit core dropped.
There were only copper coins.
The reward of four challenges added up to almost 2 million copper coins.

At this moment, the daily gold farming activity was activated.
As expected, he entered.

In half an hour, with his experience of killing chickens many times, even though the Mutated Chicken King’s level had changed, Gong Ziliang was no longer afraid.

His level had increased, and he had also learned the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.
With the cooperation of many skills, Gong Ziliang directly killed three Mutated Chicken Kings.

Among them, one was real and two were fake!

Gong Ziliang magically discovered that the Mutated Chicken King’s level had changed, and the vouchers that dropped had also changed!

A real Level 20 Mutated Chicken King dropped a $10 voucher!

Even if it was fake, there was still a $2 voucher!

With this trip, he directly obtained $14!

(Author’s Note: I forgot to change it to $2 last time.
Let’s just go forward like this.)

In that case, he was not far from the $28 Beast Riding Gift Bag.

As his strength increased, the speed at which he obtained resources also increased.

Even if he killed three fake chickens every day, he would get $6 in vouchers.

However, Gong Ziliang also considered his realm.
There was no need to guess.
Once his realm broke through to the Meridian Opening Realm, this Mutated Chicken King would definitely reach Level 30.

When the value of the vouchers increased, it would be even harder to kill chickens!

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Looking at the screen of gift bags again, Gong Ziliang felt that it would take an unknown amount of time to buy all of them.

Similarly, to what extent would his strength reach?

The next morning, the sun slowly rose.
Gong Ziliang also woke up from his sweet dream.

At the same time, he felt that his strength had increased by a bit after obtaining the Legendary System.

In just a week, he had gradually gone from a useless person to a low-key expert.

The speed of this increase was really just a bit!

He had to suppress it.

He had to go down the mountain to train again.

Perhaps he could meet her again.

When he thought up to here, Gong Ziliang left the outer sect courtyard and walked towards the Profound Heaven Sect’s Mission Pavilion again.

Profound Snow Peak, in the Elder Pavilion.

The jade bed that Shangguan Yan was lying on was still filled with a large number of spirit stones.

As for him, he was still unconscious.
However, compared to yesterday, his expression was much more relaxed.

The seven spiritual spirals in his body had also changed from the size of a rice grain to the size of a soybean, making one involuntarily raise their eyebrows.

It had to be known that ordinary Martial Body Realm cultivators only needed 49 spirit stones to break through to the Qi Refinement Realm.

However, Shangguan Yan had already consumed countless spirit stones!

“Sect Master, including the spirit stones we had yesterday, we’ve already spent a total of 100,000 spirit stones!”

Elder Li went forward to report..


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