Chapter 70: What’s Going On? Qi Refinement Beating Up Meridian Opening!

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However, what was terrifying was that an illusory Profound Sword condensed from spiritual qi slowly rose from the pattern and slashed at the five people of the Crimson Flame Sect with unparalleled strength.

The air seemed to have been torn apart by the sword, and it was filled with a destructive aura.

“Damn! Zhao Zhirou, if you want to risk your life, I’ll join you!”

“Blazing Sun Furnace Fist!”

A furious roar sounded on the battlefield.

Spiritual qi surged upwards and condensed into a dazzling sun.

The surrounding temperature began to rise steadily, making one feel suffocated.

At the same time, a fist burning with flames suddenly appeared from the pattern and threw a punch at the profound sword that slashed down from above!


An explosive spiritual qi collision squeezed together like a vacuum in everyone’s eyes.

As it could not fuse, it exploded!

At some point, the white-clothed woman was struck by this shock wave.
She spat out blood, dying her white clothes red.

On the other hand, a kiln was still burning on the battlefield.
With an unparalleled might, a red-robed figure with three scarlet flames carved on it walked out.

“Zhao Zhirou, although your Profound Heaven Sword Technique has reached the Great Success Stage, your cultivation level is only at the seventh-stage Meridian Opening Realm.”

“If Su Ling was here, I might have retreated.
Unfortunately, you don’t have the same deterrence!”

His furious voice spread throughout the battlefield.

Zhao Zhirou’s gaze darkened.
The surrounding White Cloud Kingdom soldiers gritted their teeth and prepared to die.

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“Zhong Hu, Senior Sister Su Ling will avenge me sooner or later!” Zhao Zhirou gritted her teeth.

However, she was replied with a cold laugh, “So what? That’s in the future.
My current mission is to kill you, the last ones to know the news.”

In an instant, dense killing intent appeared on the battlefield.

At this moment, Zhao Zhirou forced herself to stand up and said, “Go quickly! Someone will bring the news back.”

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However, the moment she finished speaking, the six people from the Crimson Flame Sect instantly formed an encirclement and stopped everyone.

Just one person among them was too much for these White Cloud Kingdom soldiers to withstand, let alone six.

If not for the fact that Zhao Zhirou had always been protecting them, they would have died in the hands of these Crimson Flame Sect disciples.

A sorrowful atmosphere spread out.

When Zhao Zhirou brandished her sword again, a hand suddenly rested on her bloodstained sleeve.

“That… Senior Sister, you should rest!”

A faint voice sounded from the side, causing Zhao Zhirou to subconsciously look to her side.

At some point, the black-robed youth who had suddenly appeared and killed the disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect had already appeared beside him.

“You are?” Zhao Zhirou asked curiously.

“I’m an outer sect disciple of the Profound Heaven Sword Sect, Gong Ziliang.
Greetings, Senior Sister!” Gong Ziliang smiled brightly.

Perhaps many years later, Zhao Zhirou had always remembered how gentle the smile of the most dazzling genius of the Profound Heaven Sect was when he smiled at her.

“You’re only in the Qi Refinement Realm.
There’s a major realm between you and him.
You’re not his match.
Leave quickly!”

At this moment, Zhao Zhirou was not particularly touched.
Instead, she was even more worried.

She had also seen the scene of Gong Ziliang killing a Meridian Opening cultivator.

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She had originally thought that only a core disciple of a low-grade sect could have such strength.

However, she did not expect that he was actually an outer sect disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect!

Such an outstanding disciple had not even entered the inner sect.
If he died here, that would be the sect’s loss.

However, in the next moment, a look of disbelief flashed across Zhao Zhirou’s beautiful eyes.

Massive spiritual qi seemed to have formed a vortex that condensed in this area and slowly revolved around Gong Ziliang.

In the blink of an eye, Gong Ziliang’s aura directly dispersed the other party’s Meridian Opening spiritual pressure.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang slowly raised one hand and condensed it into a fist.


A dragon roar sounded, roaring through the mountain forest, shaking the White Cloud Kingdom’s mortal soldiers until they were deafening, almost fainting!

An illusory golden dragon accompanied by a black tide appeared in midair.

His tiger eyes stared fixedly at the distant Zhong Hu.

“Martial Intent! Unfortunately, this is only the most ordinary martial technique!”

Seeing this, Zhong Hu sneered.

It was true that the other party was powerful, but he was only at the fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm.
However, to be able to kill a Meridian Opening Realm cultivator, he was indeed extraordinary.

At this moment, his strength seemed to be on par with his.

Unfortunately, he was only at the Qi Refinement Realm and was still a little inferior in the grade of martial techniques.

“Blazing Sun Furnace Fist!”

Powerful spiritual qi condensed on Zhong Hu’s fist, and a dazzling sun-like flame appeared and spread in the surroundings with a scorching temperature.

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A huge furnace seemed to have risen within a radius of 50 feet.

At this moment, a black-robed figure stepped into the furnace and threw a punch with the aura of an invincible beast king like a ferocious tiger.


It was like two huge rocks colliding.
The ground under their feet shockingly shattered by five feet.

An extremely domineering and incomparably terrifying holy power entered Zhong Hu’s body!


A muffled groan sounded.
Zhong Hu actually could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood and was sent flying 20 feet away by this punch.

This sudden scene made Zhao Zhirou’s lips move as shock appeared on her face.

Zhong Hu, who was at the eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm and had used a high-grade Crimson Flame Sect’s yellow-grade martial technique, was actually sent flying by a fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm disciple with a punch?

What was going on?

Zhao Zhirou felt that he was acting, but when she felt the injuries in his body, she realized that her Qi Refinement Realm junior brother was really powerful beyond belief!

“How is this possible!”

“How can your punch be so powerful!”

Zhong Hu stood up and wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang waved his hand helplessly.

I want to keep a low profile too, but my strength doesn’t allow me to!

“This kid is troublesome.
Everyone, attack!”

Sensing the condition in his body, Zhong Hu could not help but ask.

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He had already exhausted a lot of stamina when he fought Zhao Zhirou earlier.
Now, after a short encounter with Gong Ziliang, he understood that he would definitely not be able to take down this Qi Refinement Realm disciple from the Profound Heaven Sect alone.

Therefore, he could not be blamed for being ruthless.
After all, they had more people.

It could not be helped.
Having more people was also a tactical advantage.

In the next moment, the other five disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect rushed towards Gong Ziliang with extremely dense killing intent.

“Crimson Flame Sect, you’re going too far!”

Zhao Zhirou held the jade sword and wanted to support herself, but as soon as she stood up, she collapsed again.

Zhong Hu’s punch had already heavily injured her.

However, at this moment, Zhao Zhirou’s beautiful eyes widened.

The few Meridian Opening cultivators who even she found troublesome suddenly flew out at the same time.

The black-robed figure was like a peerless ferocious beast as he rushed into the crowd and threw a punch with a large amount of spiritual qi!

Immediately, a Meridian Opening cultivator was injured!

“What terrifying physique does this kid have? Did he cultivate a body-tempering cultivation technique?”

A disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect spat out blood.

He was clearly a trash Qi Refinement Realm cultivator, but his physique was so ferocious that they were immediately defeated upon contact.

One had to know that they were at the Meridian Opening Realm!

In front of this guy, it was as if they were at the Martial Body Realm.


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