Chapter 84: Provocation! Whoever Flees Is a Coward!

Therefore, more than half of the Illusory Core Realm elders were sent out.

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They were prepared to use this to snatch the mineral veins here!

However, this sudden barrier could be said to have broken all the plans of the Crimson Flame Sect!


Seeing this scene, Chi Song and the others were left speechless.
On the other side, First Elder Liu could not help but roar with laughter, almost laughing!

He was originally worried that the Crimson Flame Sect would cause trouble in the Myriad Spirit Ruins with their large numbers.

Who would have thought that this Myriad Spirit Ruins actually had the ability to prevent cultivators at the Illusory Core Realm from entering!

With this, their Profound Heaven Sect did not have to worry too much!

“It seems that the ruins this time are the home ground for you juniors!”

First Elder Liu turned around and looked at Li Dan behind him, having high hopes for him, “I’ll leave the Myriad Spirit Ruins to you!”

“I understand!”

Li Dan nodded and cupped her hands to First Elder Liu before taking the lead and walking towards the small path.

On the other hand, Chi Huo, who had his eyes closed, also opened them.

In an instant, a red flame surged out of his body.
It was extremely hot!

Without waiting for Elder Chi Song to speak, Chi Huo walked towards the small path!

After the top figures of these two sects entered, the other disciples moved and walked towards the ruins.

“Let’s go too.”

Gong Ziliang and Lin Xiao were also in this group.

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Although Gong Ziliang was not afraid of Chi Huo and the others who were at the ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm, he still understood this principle.

Instead of fighting to enter, it was better to follow the other disciples of the sect and take advantage of the situation!

When he reached inside, he could fight however he wanted without any Illusory Core Realm cultivators!

“Oh? It’s him!”

However, just as Gong Ziliang and Lin Xiao walked over side by side in front of the two sects.

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A surprised sound came from the two sects!

The Profound Heaven Sect was puzzled by First Elder Liu.

When he saw Gong Ziliang, his eyes immediately lit up.

He had a very deep impression of Gong Ziliang!

Be it when he comprehended Sword Intent in the sect or when Zhao Zhirou said that she was saved by Gong Ziliang later on, both events gave First Elder Liu a huge shock!

“How did his cultivation level… increase so quickly?”

However, when First Elder Liu saw Gong Ziliang this time, he was still stunned by the faint Meridian Opening aura on his body!

Most importantly, the aura of the Meridian Opening Realm seemed to be quite strong?

He was at least at the fifth-stage Meridian Opening Realm!

Fifth-stage Meridian Opening Realm?

How was this possible!

Didn’t Zhao Zhirou say last time that this brat was still in the Qi Refinement Realm?

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Why had he suddenly reached the fifth-stage Meridian Opening Realm, or even higher?

He could not cheat when it came to cultivation, right?

While First Elder Liu’s face was filled with question marks, someone from the Crimson Flame Sect opposite also recognized Gong Ziliang.

“Elder, it was this kid who killed two of our Crimson Flame Sect’s disciples previously!”

The person who spoke was none other than Xiao Li, who had witnessed everything in the inn!

He was talking about the two Meridian Opening Realm disciples that Gong Ziliang had encountered at the inn who wanted to silence him!

It was also thanks to a disciple at that time that Gong Ziliang found Zhao Zhirou and saved her!

“That’s him?!”

As soon as Xiao Li said this, it immediately attracted the attention of many disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect!

The two dead disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect had a very good relationship with them!

After hearing that the two of them had been killed, these disciples desperately wanted to find the murderer and avenge them!

They did not expect to encounter him here today!

“I heard that the juniors were killed by a Qi Refinement Realm guy! How embarrassing!”

“Qi Refinement Realm? With this realm, I’m afraid that after entering, he won’t even know when he died!”

“Kid, make sure you survive.
Remember, the person who will kill you later is Wang Meng of the Crimson Flame Sect!”

“Hehehe! Kid, you’re not afraid to enter, right?”

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When the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect heard Xiao Li’s words, they all looked at Gong Ziliang!

With that evil look, anyone could tell that they were ruthless!

“Senior Brothers, this kid is not simple!”

“I personally saw him instantly kill that Meridian Opening senior brother!” Xiao Li saw that the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect wanted to kill Gong Ziliang one after another and hurriedly said.

“Ah? He instantly killed a fifth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator…”

As expected, after hearing Xiao Li’s words, these Crimson Flame Sect disciples all calmed down.

“Senior Brother Chi Ming, what do you think?”

At this moment, a disciple looked towards a young man in a red robe who was holding a longsword at his waist.

This young man’s aura was monstrous.
Even in the crowd, he was very extraordinary!

His strength had already reached the eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm and was only a step away from the ninth-stage!

“You still need Senior Brother Chi Ming to deal with a small fry?”

“Senior Brother Chi Ming’s goal is to chase after Senior Brother Chi Huo! How can he have the time to deal with such a small piece of trash!”

Beside this Senior Brother Chi Ming, a few disciples spoke like lackeys.

“Right, right, right.
I spoke too much.
Senior Brother Chi Ming’s target is Chi Huo, Li Dan, and the others.
There’s no need for Senior Brother Chi Ming to deal with such small characters…”

“Senior Brother Chi Ming doesn’t need to deal with such trash!”

“Therefore, leave such small characters to us!”

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Immediately, the lackey’s words attracted the agreement of many disciples, who all smiled and said.

“He’s just an outer sect disciple.
Moreover, he’s in the Qi Refinement Realm.
Killing him will waste my time!” After hearing the disciples around him kick up a fuss, Chi Ming also replied.

Just as others had said, his target was top geniuses like Chi Huo and Li Dan.

He did not take the others seriously at all!

However, Chi Ming still subconsciously looked in Gong Ziliang’s direction.

As soon as he looked, he met Gong Ziliang’s gaze!

“Hahaha! Then I’ll wait for you to kill me! At that time, whoever flees will be a coward!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the way the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect gritted their teeth at him.
Not only was he not nervous, he directly laughed.

“This kid!”

This smile directly stunned all the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect.

When they reacted, their expressions became even angrier!

Good lord!

This kid was already warned by us, but he actually laughed so loudly.
He completely did not take us seriously!

This was too arrogant!

“I didn’t expect your reputation to be so high now.”

Lin Xiao watched from the side as the Crimson Flame Sect disciples bared their fangs and brandished their claws, wishing they could immediately pounce over and fight with Gong Ziliang.
He could not help but feel shocked..

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