Chapter 91: Level 20 Boss, Overlord Body Vajra!

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“Eh! Where did that kid go?”

“Why doesn’t his figure appear in this scene?”

“What’s going on?”

“Fortuitous encounter?”

Outside, the gazes of the elders were all on Gong Ziliang.

After all, as the only disciple who had the right to enter and leave the five peaks, every action of Gong Ziliang affected everyone’s hearts!

However, the scene after Gong Ziliang entered the secret room was automatically blocked!

These elders could not see it!

Therefore, they did not know what Gong Ziliang had obtained in the secret room.

“There’s an image!”

Finally, as the back wall of the secret room was broken by Gong Ziliang’s punch, his figure appeared again in this scene.

“This is…”

The scene followed Gong Ziliang.
Therefore, the elders could still see what was on the back wall.

“Spirit stone mine!”

Looking at the spirit stones in front of him that were flickering until his eyes shone, Gong Ziliang directly took a deep breath!

This was a spirit stone mine!

Senior Xuan Daozi was indeed talking about this spirit stone mine!

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When he arrived here, Gong Ziliang could feel an extremely violent spiritual qi crazily drilling into his body!

This was the spiritual qi accumulated in the spirit stone mine for a thousand years!

Now that Gong Ziliang had opened a gap, this spiritual qi naturally started to attack him!

“Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Come to me, baby!”

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Gong Ziliang felt that his spiritual qi was increasing very quickly.
He hurriedly took out the Experience Pill and started to swallow it!

One, two…

Just as Gong Ziliang ate two experience pills, the spiritual qi stored in the surroundings began to slowly decrease!

Only then did Gong Ziliang put the Experience Pills back and begin to adjust his state!

“Two levels up, not bad!”

Sensing that his current strength had already reached the eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm, he nodded in satisfaction.

After all, this spiritual qi was only accumulated by the spirit stone mine for a thousand years.

It was already not bad that it could help him increase his level by two!

“I wonder if the legendary spirit crystal mine is here…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the surrounding spirit stone mines and began to search with the clues that he had heard from Zhao Zhirou!

“Hahaha! Well done, rascal!”

Outside the Myriad Spirit Ruins, First Elder Liu looked at the spirit stone mine Gong Ziliang had discovered and immediately smiled happily, feeling extremely excited!

Being able to discover a spirit stone mine meant that their trip here was not a loss!

More importantly, it could anger Chi Song.

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No matter how he thought about it, it felt like a huge profit!

“Old thing, don’t be happy too soon!”

Chi Song stood opposite and looked at First Elder Liu’s proud appearance.
He was so angry that he almost bit him to death!

If he had known that this would happen, he should have killed Gong Ziliang before he entered the Myriad Spirit Ruins!


However, just as Gong Ziliang was searching in the spirit stone mine, before he could carefully look around, a furious roar sounded from the depths of the spirit stone mine!

At the same time, a ferocious and wild aura transformed into a violent wind that attacked Gong Ziliang!

Gong Ziliang could completely sense the power coming from the violent wind.
He immediately focused his mind and looked into the spirit stone mine!

He remembered that Senior Xuan Daozi had said that there was a beast guarding this spirit stone mine!

“What’s going on?”

“What’s that sound!”

This furious roar was naturally heard by the elders outside!

Immediately, First Elder Liu and the others stood up nervously.

It was as if the people inside were not Gong Ziliang but themselves!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Finally, accompanied by approaching footsteps, Gong Ziliang could see a huge black figure walking out from the spirit stone mine step by step!

Finally, when this figure arrived in front of Gong Ziliang, he finally saw what it was!

The beast that Senior Xuan Daozi was talking about was actually a black gorilla!

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Perhaps it was because this gorilla had been staying in the spirit stone mine, but its body was ridiculously strong!

Gong Ziliang estimated that it was actually ten meters tall!

What was even more terrifying was that his forearm was thick and powerful.
With a violent posture, it was as if even an ordinary Illusory Core Realm expert could not block his punch!

“Oh no! This is the Overlord Body Vajra!”

When the elders outside the ruins saw the appearance of the gorilla, they could not help but feel as if they had seen a ghost.

He hurriedly stood up.
“How is this possible! This Overlord Body Vajra must have been extinct a long time ago? There’s actually still one surviving in this Myriad Spirit Ruins?”

“That’s you!”

Looking at the Overlord Body Vajra in front of him, Gong Ziliang clenched his fists.

At the same time, the voice of the Legendary System sounded again.

[Ding! Level 20 Boss Overlord Body Vajra has been detected.
Please be prepared!]

[Ding! Level 20 Boss, Overlord Body Vajra, has been projected into the Personal Boss panel!]

The system notification made Gong Ziliang’s eyes flash slightly.

Personal Boss?

After the previous Personal Boss Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat, it was finally refreshed again.


However, the Overlord Body Vajra did not care about Gong Ziliang’s thoughts.

It roared in anger, and its strong and powerful front limbs struck its chest ruthlessly.

A deafening sound was heard!

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When Gong Ziliang heard this voice, he felt a little absent-minded.

Clearly, this Overlord Body Vajra was already beginning to release its ability!

“Ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm…”

Looking at the Overlord Body Vajra, Gong Ziliang could also sense his strength.

“Overlord Body Vajra! How can it be the Overlord Body Vajra…”

Outside, when the elders of the Profound Heaven Sect saw the Overlord Body Vajra appear, they all stood up.

It was as if they had seen something unbelievable!

“Overlord Body Vajra! It’s an extremely ferocious beast!”

“With its terrifying strength, it has the ability to fight across realms…”

First Elder Liu was similarly unable to sit still.

His gaze carried an anxious expression as he looked at Gong Ziliang, “Even if such a ferocious beast is only at the ninth-stage Meridian Opening Realm, I’m afraid that even two first-stage Illusory Core Realm cultivators will find it difficult to subdue it! How can there be such a ferocious beast in this Myriad Spirit Ruins! It’s really unbelievable!”

The other elders of the Profound Heaven Sect also revealed worried expressions.

“Legend has it that this Overlord Body Vajra loves to eat humans.
All the humans that it killed would be eaten until only one arm and leg were left…”

When they recalled the ferociousness of the Overlord Body Vajra recorded in the ancient books, these elders were secretly anxious.

They wanted to rush in and help Gong Ziliang!

If Gong Ziliang fell into the hands of the Overlord Body Vajra now, it would be a blow to their Profound Heaven Sect and to all the disciples of the sect!

They could not take the blow!


While First Elder Liu and the others were worried, Chi Song and the others opposite could be said to be smiling happily.

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