Chapter 92: Instant Kill!

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When Chi Song saw the Overlord Body Vajra in the scene, he was so happy that he almost knelt on the ground and kowtowed!

The heavens were helping his Crimson Flame Sect!

Who could have imagined that there was actually such a ferocious beast in the depths of the Myriad Spirit Ruins?

Moreover, Gong Ziliang had encountered it now?

“No matter how strong you are, you can’t beat this Overlord Body Vajra!”

Chi Song looked at Gong Ziliang on the screen and sneered.

It was as if he was waiting to see Gong Ziliang’s head beheaded.


Looking at the constantly roaring Overlord Body Vajra in front of him, Gong Ziliang did not have any timid thoughts.

“Little thing, look at the sword!”

Gong Ziliang flipped his hand, and with a wave of cold air, an extremely cold aura quickly descended in the entire mine!

At the same time, in the endless cold air, the red weapon, the Heavenly Frost Sword, appeared in Gong Ziliang’s hand again!

“Sun Moon Sword Technique, first move! Sunrise! Purple Cloud!”

Looking at the Overlord Body Vajra in front of him, Gong Ziliang clicked his tongue.

A golden light suddenly flashed on the Heavenly Frost Sword!

The light became brighter and brighter.

In the end, it was like a small sun that shone on the entire mine, causing the temperature to increase from extreme cold!

As time passed, this small sun became even more magnificent!

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Finally, accompanied by a sharp sword cry, this sun actually released sword qi that blasted at the Overlord Body Vajra!

Every sword qi was more than ten meters tall!

Terrifying sword light accompanied by high temperature tore through the thick fur on the Overlord Body Vajra!

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“What… What kind of martial technique is this? It can actually break the defense of the Overlord Body Vajra?”

“This, this, this, this… Even an ordinary second-stage Illusory Core Realm cultivator can’t do this!”

“This martial technique has to be at least Profound-rank!”

“However, our Profound Heaven Sect doesn’t have such a martial technique!”

“So powerful! So powerful! This martial technique… has already surpassed the range of Martial Intent, right?!”

The group of elders looked at the Sun Moon Sword Technique that Gong Ziliang used and their eyes almost popped out!

For a martial technique to cultivate to the level of Martial Intent, an ordinary person would need to spend at least dozens of years!

Even a genius would need to spend more than ten years!

Peerless monsters and peak geniuses could reach the level of Martial Intent in a few years.

However, that also required a martial technique that matched their cultivation techniques!

The sword technique that Gong Ziliang was using now was very likely to have reached the peak of Martial Intent!

It had even surpassed the level of Martial Intent!

How was this possible???

Even if he started cultivating as a fetus, it was impossible to reach this level!

“How did he do it…”

The elders looked at each other, speechless for a moment.

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Who knew what these elders would think if they knew that Gong Ziliang had only practiced this Sun Moon Sword Technique for less than half a day.

“As expected! A Level 26 martial technique is almost about to surpass the level of Martial Intent…”

Gong Ziliang felt the Sun Moon Sword Technique as agile as if he was using his fingers.

The various combinations and changes in martial techniques were simply done casually without any thought!

This degree was really about to surpass the level of Martial Intent!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The intense pain made the Overlord Body Vajra roar involuntarily!

At this moment, a trace of fear finally appeared in its eyes!

It looked at Gong Ziliang, and the shock in its eyes was not concealed at all!

Was this still the human it had devoured previously?

This was too terrifying!

Why did this small body contain such terrifying power?

At this moment, the Overlord Body Vajra no longer had any fighting spirit.

It understood that if it did not run, it would probably die here!

However, just as it turned around, it saw the sun hanging in the mine suddenly descend and smash towards it!

At this moment, there was nothing else in its pupils!

Everything turned into light!

At this moment, the Overlord Body Vajra turned into light!


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The scene in the mine cave was perfectly displayed on the screen.
The elders outside the ruins stood up at this moment.
Everyone looked at the endless light in this scene and did not speak for a long time.

When the light disappeared, they saw the appearance of the mineral vein and could not help but gasp.

At this moment, the walls of the mine seemed to have experienced an intense temperature.
They were burned until they were black.

The figure of the Overlord Body Vajra had long disappeared without a trace!

In its place was a pair of tall black ashes!

Although these elders did not want to admit it, they had no choice!

These ashes were probably the previous Overlord Body Vajra!

“One move, instant kill!”

First Elder Liu looked at the scene and took a deep breath.
At the same time, his eyes became moist.
“My Profound Heaven Sect is bound to rise in this lifetime!”

“What… What an impressive Profound Heaven Sect!”

Chi Song looked at the Overlord Body Vajra who had been instantly killed in the scene and was also shocked speechless for a long time.

After Chi Song reacted, he clapped at First Elder Liu.

“The Profound Heaven Sect really concealed their strength well! They have such an outstanding disciple and actually arranged an outer sect disciple outfit for him.
They’re really… treacherous!”

Chi Song’s face was red.
He thought for a long time but could not think of any other words.
In the end, he could only grit his teeth and say.

“Old bastard, there are many things you don’t know!”

When First Elder Liu heard Chi Song’s words, his face also reddened.

After all, the status of an outer sect disciple was not deliberately arranged.

He was a true outer sect disciple!

It was just that their Profound Heaven Sect had never discovered Gong Ziliang’s potential!

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However, how could First Elder Liu admit it now?

Instead, he sneered and looked at Chi Song in extreme satisfaction!

Gong Ziliang did not know that the outside world was in an uproar because of him.

At this moment, his gaze had already landed on the Overlord Body Vajra that had been burned to ashes!

In Gong Ziliang’s vision, a large number of shiny items flickered around the ashes!

Clearly, this Overlord Body Vajra had dropped equipment!

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully killing the Level 20 Boss, Overlord Body Vajra.
Reward: 10,000 ingots!]

Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang hurriedly came to the side of the pile of ashes.

As expected, there was a pile of shiny equipment here!

With the previous experience, Gong Ziliang reached out to touch it and immediately heard the system notification.

[Ding! You have picked up [Diamond Armor (Orange) ]*1.
It has automatically been equipped on you!]

“Diamond Armor? I wonder how much better it is compared to the equipment dropped by a Level 10 Boss…”

After hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang immediately opened his bag and clicked to check the equipment attributes.

[Diamond Armor (Orange)]

[Level: 20]

[Attribute: Defense +32%]

[Special Attribute: There is a 2% chance of avoiding injury when attacked!]

“Damn, you son of a watermelon!”

“This is good stuff!”

Looking at the attributes of the Diamond Armor, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up!

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