Chapter 94: Toying With The Devil

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The surrounding spirit stones could not even withstand this terrifying pressure and actually exploded one after another!

[Ding! Bonus Level 20 Wild Boss: Spirit Crystal Vajra!]

[You can get a Lucky Charge Red Packet after killing a Wild Boss.
The higher the level of the Wild Boss you kill, the greater the value of the red packet.]

Illusory Core Realm!

Looking at the Spirit Crystal Vajra in front of him, Gong Ziliang immediately became a little serious.

Based on the spirit crystals gathered on this devil, there was definitely no cultivator in the Illusory Core Realm who could compare to its spiritual qi storage!

Moreover, the strength of the Vajra was one of the best among all the ferocious beasts.

This battle was very difficult to fight!

“This is… a devil of the Illusory Core Realm!”

Outside the Myriad Spirit Ruins, when the elders saw this scene, their voices trembled.

This was especially true for First Elder Liu.
He seemed to know more about the situation, and an unbelievable expression appeared in his eyes!

“Could it be that what I’ve read in the ancient books is true?”

“My Profound Heaven Sect is really only a branch of the Myriad Spirit Sect a thousand years ago…”

“The Myriad Spirit Sect a thousand years ago disappeared precisely to suppress the ancient devil race…”

First Elder Liu muttered to himself in a voice that only he could hear.

“Oh no! Quickly run! The ancient devils are all extremely ferocious characters!” After First Elder Liu reacted, he shouted at the screen.

Hearing First Elder Liu’s words, the other elders of the Profound Heaven Sect all turned their heads to look at him.
Their gazes were slightly puzzled.

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“First Elder Liu, what is this ancient devil race?” The other elders looked at him and asked in confusion.

As elders of the Profound Heaven Sect, although they appeared to be very famous in the southern territory, this world was too big!

These elders had stayed in the Profound Heaven Sect for their entire lives but had never heard any news about the ancient devils.

“I originally thought that the ancient devil race was just a legend!”

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When First Elder Liu said this, his expression was extremely heavy.

“In the ancient books, there’s not much information about the ancient devil race! The sentence that left the deepest impression on me is…”

“The ancient devils were born with the ability to suppress humans, so they could not unleash 30% of their original strength!”

When they heard this, all the elders present gasped.

“He can’t even unleash 30% of his strength?”

Good lord!

This ancient devil race’s evaluation was too high!

Didn’t that mean that the human cultivators were as weak as chickens in front of them?

“It’s over! This brat actually encountered a demon.
He’s finished now…”

This time, even First Elder Liu did not think highly of Gong Ziliang.

This ancient devil race was really powerful!

Even if he, a True Martial Realm cultivator, faced it, he would probably have to experience a bitter battle!

“It’s my fault! It’s all my fault! I should have directly brought this brat to the inner sect back then!”

First Elder Liu touched his beard and seemed to have instantly aged dozens of years!

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Gong Ziliang could already be said to be the hope of the entire Profound Heaven Sect rising!

Now, to see such a genius die with his own eyes, it was simply worse than killing him!

“First Elder Liu…”

Everyone looked at First Elder Liu’s pained expression and were moved.
For a moment, they did not know what to say…

“Sword Drawing Technique!”

In the ruins, Gong Ziliang could not care less.

Although he could also sense the suppression of the Spirit Crystal Vajra, as if countless people were telling him to quickly escape,

Gong Ziliang was very confident in his strength.


That was what the opponent should do!

“What I need to do is kill it before it escapes!

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang held the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand tightly!

The Heavenly Frost Sword in Gong Ziliang’s hand released a flash of light, and it immediately revealed the shape of a dragon that was like a cold aura!

For a moment, the Sword Drawing Technique that Gong Ziliang used at this moment was simply not like an incomplete method, but like a complete one!


Immediately after, a cold dragon emitted from the Heavenly Frost Sword and roared as it rushed towards the Spirit Crystal Vajra.


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Even though the defense of the Spirit Crystal Vajra was unparalleled, after being hit by this cold dragon, its body also took two steps back and let out a painful cry!

After the surrounding cold dragons were eliminated, Gong Ziliang shockingly saw that the damage from his attack had actually shattered a few spirit crystals on the Spirit Crystal Vajra!

The attributes of the Heavenly Frost Sword happened to counter the devils.

This actually made the devil look at the Heavenly Frost Sword with vigilance!

“It’s effective!”

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang was slightly happy.

“Again, again!”

Looking at the timid Spirit Crystal Vajra, Gong Ziliang took the initiative to attack.
He directly slashed with the Heavenly Frost Sword!

“This, this, this…”

At this moment, outside the Myriad Spirit Ruins, the elders of the Profound Heaven Sect were all stunned!

They watched as Gong Ziliang suddenly slashed at the Spirit Crystal Vajra with the Heavenly Frost Sword.
Their expression immediately became very strange, and they looked at First Elder Liu.

“First Elder, are you sure that the ancient devils suppressed the humans? Could it be that you’ve remembered wrongly?”

“First Elder, could it be that your eyes are blurry and you’re seeing things?”

“This kid is really too ferocious!”


Outside the Myriad Spirit Ruins.

The elders of the Profound Heaven Sect looked at the scene of them holding the Heavenly Frost Sword and slashing at the Spirit Crystal Vajra.
All of them seemed to have been struck by lightning and stood there blankly without moving.

Didn’t he say that he could only unleash 30% of his strength?

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Good lord!

Did this look like he could only use 30% of his strength?


“I’m in the True Martial Realm.
How can I be blind?!”

When First Elder Liu heard this, he immediately blew his nose and glared!

He directly patted his hand, scaring the surrounding elders.

“However, this stinking brat is indeed very abnormal! How can he fight like this when facing the devils?”

First Elder Liu looked at Gong Ziliang in the scene in front of him and scratched his head.

He could not understand it at all!

How did this brat do it?!


In the Myriad Spirit Ruins, Gong Ziliang had already fought with the Spirit Crystal Vajra for more than ten rounds.

It had to be said that this Spirit Crystal Vajra was really powerful!

Relying on the powerful defense of the spirit crystal on its body and the terrifying strength that was like a diamond, it was simply as terrifying as a small mobile fortress!

Most of the sword techniques that he had attacked it with were also blocked!

“I don’t believe you can withstand it forever!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Spirit Crystal Vajra without a change in expression.

He waved the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand, and the rising purple light that was dealing with the Overlord Body Vajra appeared again!

Immediately, a small sun appeared in the nest!

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