I am already dad at college

Show my cooking skill to my wife

”Is the baby obedient? ”

Lin Xuan glanced at Yang Ziyi next to him, and had to say that Yang Ziyis figure is indeed very good.

she look like he didn give birth

”The babies are okay, both babies are considered obedient. ”

”Twin? ”

Lin Xuan was overjoyed. He thought he had only one child, but he didn expect it to be two children.

That said, he is now the father of two children.

”Im going to the maternity store to buy some milk powder for the babies, the diapers are wet. ”

”Im going with you. ”

Although he is still a student, he also found a part-time job during college and made some money.

Later, you can also pay yourself to buy milk powder for your babies.

Not long after, Yang Ziyi took Lin Xuan to the maternity store.

Lin Xuan didn know what brand to buy for babies milk powder and wet diapers, so he could only follow Yang Ziyi to see her choice.

”There are two babies, so I have to buy two cans of milk powder every month, and this milk powder can be bought too cheaply. One can of milk powder is 300 yuan, and two cans are 600 yuan. ”

Yang Ziyi explained to Lin Xuan while choosing.

Hearing her explanation, Lin Xuan nodded.

According to their standards, the average teachers salary is only 5,000 yuan a month.

The babys milk powder costs 600 yuan a month, plus wet diapers, and those who usually buy clothes for the babies, presumably about 2,000 a month. If you also ask a confinement wife to help take care of the children, it will take almost a month. Around 4000.

After such calculations, Lin Xuan understands that it is not easy for Yang Ziyi to take care of children.

But fortunately, I now know that he will not leave these two children to Yang Ziyi alone. He is the father of the children, and he will also take care of the children with Yang Ziyi.

”Zi Yi, let me pay the money. ”

When Yang Ziyi had selected everything, Lin Xuan said immediately.

”No, Ill pay the money. You
e just a student, where did you get so much money. ”

Yang Ziyi shook her head.

”At any rate, I am also the father of two babies. Anyway, I will pay the money. Don refuse. ”

Lin Xuan snatched the milk powder cans and wet diapers from Yang Ziyi, quickly took them to the cashier, and asked the cashier to scan the code, then took out his mobile phone and opened the vx payment.

Waiting for the cashier to put things into the shopping bag, Lin Xuan carried the bag, looked at Yang Ziyi, and said softly: ”Ziyi, lets go. ”

Seeing Lin Xuan with a touch of tenderness in her eyes, Yang Ziyi trembled in her heart and followed Lin Xuan with a hum.

Although Yang Ziyi is a teacher, the school only covers food, not housing, so Yang Ziyi lives far away from the school.

After walking for almost ten minutes, the two of them arrived at their destination.

Looking at this community, Lin Xuan frowned slightly, the environment here is not very good.

There is a square here, and the aunt nearby is also going to the square, afraid that she will dance the square dance at night.

Such an environment not only affects Yang Ziyis rest, but also disturbs the two children.

”The house here is quite cheap. It costs 700 to 800 yuan a month, so I chose here. ”

Yang Ziyi saw Lin Xuan frown and explained.

”Ok. ”

Yang Ziyi led Lin Xuan into one of the buildings and came outside a room on the third floor.

He took out the key and opened the door.

”Miss Yang, you are back, who is this? ”

Just when Lin Xuan was come in, a middle-aged woman in the room came out, and when she saw Yang Ziyi coming back, she said hello with a smile.

When she saw a man standing beside Yang Ziyi, she curiously said.

”Mother Wang, this is the father of the babies. ”

”Babys father? ”

”Mother Wang, I will talk to you another day about this matter. You can go back first. We will take care of the children. ”

”Thats okay, if you have anything, call me. ”

Wang Ma glanced at Lin Xuan, remembered Lin Xuans appearance, and then took her bag and left the rental house.

”pa, da~~~ ”

In the room, the babies heard their mothers voice and babbled on the bed.

”Lin Xuan, sit down first, Ill go see the child. ”

”okay. ”

Lin Xuan put the shopping bag on the table and looked at the environment of the rental house.

After taking a look, Lin Xuan went outside the bedroom and watched Yang Ziyi coaxing the baby inside.

”Is this my child? ”

Looking at the two cute little babies, Lin Xuan felt as if his heart was about to melt.

His feet walked into the bedroom involuntarily.

Waa waa waa~~~~

The baby was shocked when he saw a stranger coming in, and yelled in his mothers arms.

Hearing the babys cry, Lin Xuan panicked and explained helplessly: ”Baby, don cry, I am a father. ”

”Baby, don cry, he is your father. ”

Hearing the babys cry, Yang Ziyi hurriedly coaxed the baby and comforted them softly.


One of the babies stopped crying and looked at Lin Xuan curiously.

”Its okay for Dabao, Erbao is a little bit scared of life, and when he sees strangers, he feels afraid to cry.

(T/N:Dabao and Erbao is first child and second child )

”This is Dabao,Dabao is the older brother, and Erbao is the younger sister. ”

Yang Ziyi glanced at Lin Xuan and explained to him.

Dragon and phoenix? (its Twin)

Lin Xuan looked at Dabao, that little face was almost the same as the one when he was a child.

This made him feel a little touched, and came to Dabao with a gentle smile, looked at Dabao, and stretched out his hand: ”Dabao, let Dad hug, okay? ”

Dabao looked at the hand extended by his father, and also extended his little hand, grasping Lin Xuans thumb all at once.

Its soft and cute.

This is the only thought in Lin Xuans mind.

”Ziyi,can I hug the child? ”

Lin Xuan looked at Yang Ziyi

”sure. ”

Looking at Dabao and willing to get close to Lin Xuan, Yang Ziyi smiled and nodded.

Lin Xuan was overjoyed and hugged Dabao in his arms.

Perhaps because of the wrong holding method, Da Bao was twisting his body in Lin Xuans arms.

”Lin Xuan, its wrong to hold a child like this, you should hold it like this. ”

Because the month old baby,the spine has not yet developed, and the head cannot be lifted, hold it horizontally, so that the babys head rests on the adults elbow, and one hand of the adult embraces the babys shoulder while the other Hold the babys buttocks with your hands.

(T/N:those who planing to have baby this is the guide.)

This position is the most comfortable for the baby and it is also good for the babys development.

Yang Ziyi held Erbao , stood up, and explained while demonstrating.

Lin Xuan listened to Yang Ziyis explanation very seriously, holding Dabao in the way she said, as expected, as the posture changed, Dabao leaned firmly in Lin Xuans arms.

Looking at Dabao in his arms, Lin Xuan couldn help but smile.

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