I am already dad at college

Wife lete take care of baby tonight

Immediately afterwards, Lin Xuan felt a change in himself, as if he had become stronger and more powerful.

And vaguely, his abdominal muscles seemed to have become eight pieces.

Lin Xuan took off his clothes and looked at his abdominal muscles. As expected, he felt completely correct with him, as he had eight pack abdominal muscles.

And his appearance has become more handsome.

”Tsk tsk, I didn expect this reborn pill to have such an effect. When the system rewards another reborn pill next time, i can give it to Zi Yi. ”

Thinking of this, Lin Xuan pursed his lips and began to take a shower.

After Lin Xuan finished the shower, he remembered that he didn bring my clothes.

”This…. ”

Its almost ten oclock in the evening now, so I can make a trip to the dormitory.

”Forget it, just go out like this, clean up the room first, and then you can take care of the babies at night. ”

Lin Xuan walked out of the bathroom in shorts and came to Yang Ziyis room, and found that she was not there, and the light in his bedroom was on. Presumably Yang Ziyi should be tidying up the room in his bedroom.

Pushing the door open, looking at it, as expected, Yang Ziyi was in the bedroom making the bed for Lin Xuan.

”Zi Yi. ”

”Yeah~~~ ”

Yang Ziyi heard Lin Xuans voice, looked up, and found that Lin Xuan hadn put on a shirt, and his eyes blushed. She covered her eyes with her hands and looked through her fingers.

”You… why don you wear a shirt. ” Yang Ziyis face was red, and her tone became a little panicked.

”Could it be that he…he thought… ”

”But his body is very strong, and he has eight pack abs. ”

Lin Xuan smiled awkwardly and explained: ”Zi Yi, I didn bring my own clothes. Im going to wash that clothes later. I will go back to the dormitory tomorrow and bring my clothes with me. ”

”Oh oh. ”

While Lin Xuan said, he came to Yang Ziyis body, looking at her, still covering his eyes, looking at him from his fingers.

Lin Xuan Can help but want to tease her, showing her strong eight-pack abs, whispering softly: i Yi, do you want to touch it?

Hearing Lin Xuans words, Yang Ziyi stayed for a while, couldn help but stretched out the fingers of his right hand, and slowly touched Lin Xuans strong abdominal muscles.

”Is this a mans abs? Its so hard! ”

As soon as his fingers touched Lin Xuans abdominal muscles, Yang Ziyi was a little surprised.

Lin Xuan smiled and stretched out his hand, covering the hand that Yang Ziyi stretched over, and with a light touch, he directly hugged Yang Ziyis entire body into his arms.

Yang Ziyi exclaimed, trying to break free from Lin Xuans arms, but it was a pity that she can broke free.

Lin Xuan could only take himself into his arms.

Feeling the softness of Yang Ziyis body and smelling the scent of her body, Lin Xuan took a deep breath.

With a tenderness in her eyes, she looked down at Yang Ziyi and whispered in her ear: ”Ziyi, you see we also have a baby now, so I want to call you by another name, my wife, okay? ”

”Of course, you can also call me husband, if you don want to be husband, you can also call me brother, Darling, dear, you can call me whatever you like. ”

(T/N:In China you can call your husband like brother,This is due to cultural preference where intimate public affections between man and woman is frown upon. So by calling someone, ”elder brother ” makes them look like family, or related to avoid people frowning upon such relationships.)

Feeling the warmth coming from her ears, Yang Ziyi felt that her body had become a little soft.

Her heart thumped and thumped and became a little unable to think.

Seeing that she didn answer, Lin Xuan smiled slightly and said softly in her ear: ”Wife. ”

Hearing Lin Xuans voice, Yang Ziyi outlined a beautiful arc around her mouth, and accepted Lin Xuans name in her heart.

But let her call Lin Xuan her husband, Darling or something, she still couldn say it.

Just as she was thinking about how to break free from Lin Xuans arms, the babys cry came from the bedroom on the other side.

”Waa~~~Waa~~~ ”

This made her breathe a sigh of relief and quickly whispered: ”Lin Xuan, let me go, the baby is crying. ”

”No, my wife, you haven called my husband yet. When you call my husband, I will let you go. ”

This is an opportunity, how could Lin Xuan just give up like this.

”I… ”

”Wife, Im your man, what can you call me, come on, call my husband, I want to hear my wife call my husband. ” Lin Xuan said very domineeringly.

”This…. ”

Hearing the babys cry in the room, Yang Ziyi struggled inwardly. She understood that if she was not called Lin Xuan, he would definitely not let her go.

I had to scornfully said, ”husband… ”

In a word, a smile appeared on Lin Xuans face for an instant.

”yes. ”

”But, can you let me go? ”

”No problem, wife. ”

After getting a satisfactory answer, Lin Xuan slowly let go of Yang Ziyi.

Yang Ziyi gave Lin Xuan a white look, hurriedly ran out of the room and entered the bedroom where the babies were.

Lin Xuan let out a foul breath and left the room and entered the babies bedroom.

In the room, Yang Ziyi was coaxing Erbao.

”Wife, whats wrong baby? Are you hungry? ”

”No, the diaper is wet and dirty. ” Yang Ziyi shook her head, glanced at Erbaos wet diaper, and explained.

”Is the diaper wet and dirty? Er Baola smells bad? ”

Lin Xuan walked in and looked at Erbaos diaper wet, and it was really dirty.

”My wife, let me change the babys diaper and wet it, so you can guide me by the side. ”

Yang Ziyi thought for a while. Lin Xuan wants to take care of the babies by himself tonight, so he should teach him how to change their diapers.

”Okay, come here, I will teach you. ”

The first thing to do is to make preparations: you need to clean your hands to prevent the bacteria on the hands of parents from contaminating the diapers when changing diapers for the baby.

The top of the new diaper is placed behind the babys waist. When the babys bowel volume is large, a layer of cloth or paper should be placed on the new diaper to prevent the new diaper from being soiled when cleaning the babys buttocks.

Open the adhesive part of the dirty diaper, fold it, and pull down the front piece. You can use the front piece of the diaper to clean the babys buttocks. Grab the babys ankle and lift it up. Place the other hand on the dirty diaper so that the clean side faces. Hold your babys buttocks to prevent your babys dirty buttocks from staining the clean diapers.

Use a wet tissue or gauze soaked in warm water to clean your babys butt, and the folds of your babys legs and buttocks must be wiped clean.

The front piece of the new diaper is up until it covers the babys belly. It is best not to cover the babys belly button when the newborn baby uses diapers, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby.

In order to prevent your baby from feeling uncomfortable when using diapers, the diapers between the babys thighs should be flat.

When sticking diapers, stick them according to the babys body shape, not too tight, and then check whether all the laces are turned out, the laces are not beautiful, they are leak-proof, and they will leak urine if they are not turned out!

Be prepared to change the babys diapers, wet tissues and wet towels for wiping the babys butt.

Yang Ziyi explained to the side.

Lin Xuan listened carefully, and asked Yang Ziyi while changing the babys wet diaper.

Seeing that Lin Xuan didn show disgust because of the babys smell, Yang Ziyi pursed her mouth and nodded.

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