e wore pelerine’s hood.

Erich said.

“You’ll come to your senses when you calm down.
I’ll get back to you, so wait.”

“You don’t have to.
I may not have been sane, but the Duke was sane.”

Claire spoke coldly and bowed in the most elegant gesture possible.

She was fussy in many ways.
But what can she do with what has already happened?

If I drink alcohol again, I am a beast, beast.’

About two months after saying that, it was her tongue and stomach that suddenly started to think differently and now this was the case.

She jumped out of her carriage and, without looking back, entered the alleyway that leads to Baron Delford’s house.

The Delford’s Baron townhouse was a small two-story house with a palm-sized garden and a wall next door.

The capital city was far from this territory.
It was purchased by many aristocrats to live while their children were studying at the Academy.

House prices in the capital were sky-high, so it was great for a poor Baron to maintain this much.

“Master! Master! Where have you been?”

The butler rushed out.
Claire said, lowering her hood.

“Give me some bath water.
I didn’t do anything yesterday.”

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Claire replied indifferently, thinking that he must have been worried because she had stayed out without a word yesterday.
She even changed her clothes.

But the butler shook his head.
Though still a young host, he was rarely worried about Claire.

It’s not because he doesn’t care and love Claire, but because she has been his owner since she was young and wasn’t considered to be cared for.

“No, I don’t care about what master did yesterday.
There seems to be something going on with Miss Elisha.”


Claire walked quickly to the second floor where Elisha’s room was.
The butler followed after her and said,

“She came in late yesterday, alone.”

“What? What about Masa?”

Masa came only in the morning.
He’s been looking for you all night.

“And about Elisha?”

“She’s back, and she’s gone straight into the bedroom, locked the door and won’t come out.
Well, I can hear her crying.….”


Although her body felt indescribably uncomfortable, Claire immediately headed to Elisha’s room.

When I listened, there was a sobbing sound that I could really hear outside the door.

Thump thump.

Claire knocked hard at the door.

“El, it’s me.
Please open the door.”

The screams through the door ceased.

Contrary to her anxiety, Elisha came busily to open the door.
The black cape, covered with dust and mud stains, was covered to the tip of her head.


“What’s the matter, Ellie?”

Elisha opened her door just a little bit and she grabbed Claire’s arm.
If the door opened a little, it was as if she won’t be able to hide from the outside.

All the shutters in her room were closed and the curtains were drawn.
Plus, Elisha had pushed all the furniture she could move and had the windows closed.

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When Claire came in, it was not until she locked the door that Elisha managed to pull the cloak down her head.

“El, you… … ?”

Claire was shocked to see Elisha’s face

The white and fine face was filled with bruises and scars.
There was a tear in the arm, and blood was on the hem of the dress.

Now that I saw it, the stain on the cape, which I thought was a mud stain, was also bloodstained.

“What’s the matter?”

Claire took a deep breath and asked.

Yesterday was the Coming-of-Age Day for Elisha and other Academy graduates.
It was her debut day in society.

Claire came to the capital to attend the debut party.

Yesterday, Elisha looked the prettiest in the world.

Claire was able to leave her alone because she heard that Elisha would have her last party with her friends in the dormitory at night.

But what’s going on?

Elisha grabbed her arm and hung on.

“Unnie, unnie.
What should I do?

Tears welled up in the big sky blue eyes.

“I saw something I shouldn’t see.”


“I can’t say, I can’t say, I can’t say.”

Elisha swallowed her breaths and barely spoke.
She then sat down on the floor and +-breathed.

Claire sat crouching in front of her and hugged her.

“It’s okay, El.
tell me what’s going on, your sister will take care of it.
What did you see?”

“No, I can’t speak.
My sister is also at risk.”

She trembled and grabbed Claire’s arm.

“Everyone will die if it becomes known that I saw them.
You have to run away, sister.”

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