Ch 5 Kill the dragon with the power of instant death

I headed for the basement of the Gold Guts Bank with my guardian, Grida.

For some reason, this bank is an underground dungeon, where the property of those who deposited their money is hidden in underground rooms.

Small amounts of money are stored in the shallow levels, while large sums of money and rare items are stored in the deeper levels.

“Here it is.”

I maneuvered the trolley and came to the deep underground.

There was a rock door with a space in the center for a key.

“The key.”

“Oh, ah… are you sure this is the right place?”

Grida had never been here before.

Well, she’s not the one who deposited it.

“No problem.”

She gave me a big key and I inserted it into the keyhole.

The door opened with a loud clunk.

We went in and found a ridiculously large space.

“That’s it.”

There was a pedestal in the center, and a bright red stone sat on it.

The Great Sage’s Red Stone.
It is a key item in the first volume of My Heart.

It is a special item that holds an enormous amount of magical power.

Grida retrieves it and puts it away in her pocket.

This is…”

“I’m not interested in it.”

I don’t want to get involved in the main story in the first place.

I’d like to keep my association with Grida to this one time.
This person is a guardian at the school of magic and sorcery and is one of the key players in the main story.

If I get deeply involved with her, I will be forced to participate in the main story.
I don’t want that as I don’t want to die.

“You want to go back?”

Boy… Is it okay on the top?”

“Well, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

By now, the wizards of darkness are attacking in the guise of bank robbers.

But I had my maid, Ariadne, go to the guild and request backup.

If they knew the bank was being robbed, not only the guild but also the knights would have been mobilized.

With this difference in numbers, we should be able to win even if Harris is not here.

“Let’s go.”



… Hmm? Hmm?

“Hey Grida.
Did you hear something strange just now?”

“No, I don’t think so.
It’s all in your head, isn’t it?”

No, but it sure sounded like I heard someone’s voice…

Well, maybe it was my imagination.



Then I took the trolley back to the surface.

… But.

What’s… this…?”


The entrance to the bank was half destroyed.

Several people were injured, and many others were stuck in place.

In the center is a skeletal dragon.

“”Skeletal Dragon!?””

My voice and Grida’s voice overlap.

I remember that Grida is supposed to know a lot about monsters.

I have read the original story, so I know about them.

Yes, I know that monster.

But at the same time, I don’t know…

In the original story, skeletal dragons never appeared here…!

“It’s an S-ranked monster!? Why…”

I talk to a banker who is lying nearby.

“Hey! What’s going on here?”


After we went inside, we were attacked by dark wizards.

But then a large number of adventurers and knights entered and quickly overpowered the enemy.

That much was to be expected.

“A man in a black cloak appeared and gave Kozuru something to drink.
Then… a magic circle developed on Kozuru’s body, and with an explosion, that monster…”

It’s a summoning magic at the cost of… life.

One of the dark magic that was in the original story at the end of the book.

The man in the black cloak…? That didn’t appear in the original story!

“Turn around, you monster!”

Several wounded adventurers try to attack the skeletal dragon.


With just a shout, the adventurers are blown away, slamming into a wall and fainting.

A large number of knights, and even adventurers, could not defeat that monster.

“Oh, hey… boy.
What should I do…?”

Grida, the guardian, had no means of attack.

Of course, there was no way she could defeat the skeletal dragon.
The reality is, it’s not just the grida, it’s me as well.

Even though I am somewhat strong, I do not have the strength to stand up to the S-rank at this point.

If there was a way to turn things around, it would be the forbidden technique.

[Forced Estrus] [Absol

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